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Chapter 54 Part 1: Older cousin

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Ye Shijie waited for Jiang Li in a small building in the tea house next door. 

Early in the morning, he had entrusted someone to wait outside the Jiang residence to give a letter to Jiang Li’s servant girl.

Ye Shijie invited her to meet in the tea house’s small building.

Although the words were passed, Jiang Li still might not necessarily come personally.  

However, in the end Jiang Li still came. 

It was not yet time for school, it was also not that far from there to Ming Yi Hall.

A simple talk with Ye Shijie would not affect the school time.

Jiang Li came to keep the appointment after she had properly organized her things. 

In the tea house, Ye Shijie was wearing an ash-blue robe.

Although the color was plain, if one looked carefully, the material of the cloth was very fine.

The obscured pattern on the cuff was also a rare double-needle embroidery.

This youngster was born with thick eyebrows and big eyes, considerably handsome and bright.

It’s just that his gaze as he sized up Jiang Li had a somewhat vigilant look.  

“Elder cousin Ye.” Jiang Li said as she sat down across from Ye Shijie.

Apparently shocked by “elder cousin Ye” these three words, Ye Shijie blanked out for a moment and actually didn’t know what to say for a while.

Only after a long time did he open his mouth and spoke in a stiff voice: “Why did you help me yesterday”

In the midst of the ruckuss yesterday, Jiang Li suddenly appeared and helped Ye Shijie.

Towards this young lady who showed up when encountering injustice, he was very grateful.

But in the evening, as he was sitting under the lamp, he suddenly thought that something was wrong. The capital’s Jiang second miss, isn’t that his late aunt’s daughter, his younger female cousin

If someone else showed up to counter the injustice, perhaps Ye Shijie wouldn’t think so much.

But when the righteous person turned out to be Jiang Li, no matter what, Ye Shijie wasn’t convinced that it wasn’t a plot.

Tossing and turning for a night without any sleep, Ye Shijie decided to look for Jiang Li directly to have a chat and ask her clearly what’s going on. 

“I called you elder cousin Ye, don’t tell me you want me to see my own relative being blackmailed on the street while I look on without lifting a finger” Jiang Li spoke very naturally as if she was astonished at the reason why Ye Shijie asked such a simple question. 

Ye Shijie was again choked by Jiang Li’s righteous words.

Half a day later, he said in a cold voice: “Don’t joke, aren’t you looking down on us being merchants, so why talk about being relatives”

Jiang Li heard what was said and said in a weird tone: “Can you explain these words”

Ye Shijie glowered at her: “That year grandmother travelled to the capital to take you to Xiangyang.

But in front of the entire Jiang family, you berated my Ye family as lowly merchants and wanted to break off all relations!” Ye Shijie spoke till here and his chest violently moved up and down, seemingly very excited: “When grandmother went back, she immediately contracted a serious illness, she only got better after recuperating in bed for a year.

Now you talk about relatives, are you joking”  

Jiang Li stared at him, then blinking her eyes, she said with astonishment: “Did I say all these things before”

Ye Shijie: “…….”

“Perhaps elder cousin Ye remembered it wrong.” Jiang Li shook her head, “I don’t remember saying these.”

“You don’t remember” Ye Shijie sneered: “But all the people from our Ye family who were present remember!” 

“Ah, then it seems that I have indeed said these words.” Jiang Li secretly sighed.

No wonder the Ye family broke relations with the Jiang family.

If Jiang second miss had truly said these hurtful words towards Old Mmadam Ye, it would be strange if they could recover their relationship.

However, she wouldn’t vainly accept this accusation that originally didn’t belong to her.

Jiang Li asked: “But now I simply don’t remember anymore.

Dare to ask elder cousin Ye, when I said these words at that time, how old was I”

Ye Shijie coldly said: “Five years old.”

“Five years old.” Jiang Li frowned, “According to reason, this should be the age where one is aware of matters.

But I alone don’t remember this thing.

Elder cousin Ye doesn’t feel that there’s something odd with this matter”

“What excuse are you thinking of with these words” Ye Shijie stared at her.

Chapter 54 Part 2: Older Cousin

“I want to say, my age was small at that time.

Grandmother is also far away in Xiangyang.

My mother left early, father was busy with government affairs, many things were looked after by stepmother.

Whatever I said might be taught by someone, or someone threatened me to say these words.”

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Ye Shijie wanted to taunt her with a few sentences.

But seeing how serious Jiang Li looked, he couldn’t help being distracted. 

These words were actually just a guess in Jiang Li’s heart.

Jiang second miss’s age was too small at that time, yet she was able to speak such hurtful words out.

Moreover, merchants being lowly, this kind of thing, if it was what Jiang second miss really believed someone must have inevitably instilled this point of view to her.

Based on Jiang Li’s observation of Ji Shuran, Ji Shuran’s ruthlessness may have been used on the young Jiang second miss. 

Whether Ji Shuran coaxed or threatened her, anyhow it certainly wasn’t Jiang second miss’s idea, but the influence of other people.

Ye Shijie was silent.

Jiang Li’s words made him waver.

Even though he blamed Jiang Li, but the current expression on  Jiang Li’s face didn’t appear fake. 

“Then what are you planning to do now” After a while, Ye Shijie said: “You want to renew the relationship with the Ye family”

Jiang Li smiled: “I only exerted a slight effort to help elder cousin Ye once.

Elder cousin Ye immediately thought I wanted to amend the relationship with the Ye family.

There’s no harm in telling elder cousin Ye, if I really wanted to restore the relationship with the Ye family, I wouldn’t use your matter.”

“Hmph.” Ye Shijie snorted lightly, but his expression wasn’t as hostile as it was at the beginning.

He said: “You spoke eloquently, displaying righteousness.

Nobody knows how shrewd one is underneath the surface.

Otherwise why wasn’t Liu Zimin sent to the government officials instead of giving him a way out”

Jiang Li stepped in the dispute between Liu Zimin and Ye Shijie yesterday and turned things around using a few words.

Originally, Liu Zimin had no chance to free himself, but Jiang Li took the initiative to give Liu Zimin a way out, letting Liu Zimin dodge the trouble.

“Within Yanjing ground, all parties’ power are tangled and complicated as there are numerous official families.

Even though the Ye family is very rich, nobody from the Ye family occupies an official position.

Just like a gold mine without any protection, anybody could readily take a bite.

Elder cousin, isn’t it due to your wealth that Liu Zimin took note”

Ye Shijie frowned. 

“The Ye family is very rich, but also a commoner.

Small officials don’t dare to fight with big officials, moreover commoners against high officials.

Giving Liu Zimin a way out is actually for elder cousin’s well-being.

If elder cousin continued the entanglement, Taichang Qing’s residence would certainly not let the matter go.

The Liu family could afford it, but the Ye family couldn’t.” said Jiang Li.

Ye Shijie’s expression calmed down when Jiang Li spoke of this reasoning, leaving just a small amount of bitterness.  

Citizens did not fight with officials, a sneer flashed in Jiang Li’s heart. Isn’t it like that Her Xue family was still an official family, yet due to the small official post, in Princess Yong Ning’s eyes, a noble person, they were just grass, convenient to kill.

There was fairness on earth.

However, that depended on what one relied on.

Relying on a tyrant, then unreasonableness would be reasonable.    

Ye Shijie said: “Of course I am aware, otherwise I wouldn’t have spared him.”

Jiang Li saw Ye Shijie this way and she understood in her heart.

The Ye family’s eldest grandson was not a rude and impulsive person.

She asked: “I forgot to ask, why is elder cousin in the capital”

It coulfn’t be coming to Yanjing from Xiangyang for no reason, there must be a cause.

“I am studying at the Imperial College.” Ye Shijie looked at Jiang Li, with a bit of provocation in his tone, “Just like you said, nobody in the Ye family holds any official post, powerless to protect the family property.

Therefore I came to the capital to study and become an official.” 

“You want to be a government official” Jiang Li suddenly understood.


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