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Chapter 51 Part 1: Complain

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The people were watching the scene with excitement, waiting to see what kind of unclear lawsuit would be pulled out.

Unexpectedly, Jiang Li abruptly tossed out such a sentence.

“OK.” Liu Zimin was afraid that Jiang Li would back out and immediately accepted.

Although he had agreed, he still wanted to redeem some face and said to Ye Shijie: “Young Master Ye, I was also deceived by this painting which brought about such a misunderstanding.

Though you tore this painting, we should forgive anyone who has made mistakes when possible.

I also won’t argue with you on this matter anymore.

Don’t worry about those taels of silver.

Today, for the sake of Jiang Second Miss, the truth of this matter was shown.

I’ll give this painting to you, I, this young master, doesn’t want it anymore.”

Hearing the booing coming from the crowd, with a lot of effort Liu Zimin restrained the humiliation and unwillingness in his heart.

He cupped his hands in salute towards Jiang Li then feigned to calmly leave. 

The two students following behind him also walked gloomily away together.

Ye Shijie didn’t stop them, perhaps he understood that there was no benefit in continuing the argument.

Ye Shijie looked probingly at Jiang Li.

As he was about to open his mouth, he saw Jiang Li nodding slightly at him and saying to Bai Xue, who was standing next to her: “Bai Xue, bring this painting and give it to young master Ye.

Then go back.”

Bai Xue answered in a low voice, rolled the fake painting of 《Bird Drinking in Spring》and passed it to Ye Shijie.

Then she turned around and supported Jiang Li to walk to the carriage, without any meaning of talking to Ye Shijie.  

Ye Shijie stared blankly at the master and servant walking further towards their carriage.

The crowd watching in a circle also gradually dispersed while shaking their heads, throwing the many thoughts in their heads aside and walking away in other directions.  

But nobody saw that in an alley not far from the street just now, there stood a sedan chair with a black phoenix roof.

Outside the sedan chair, an imperial bodyguard was talking.

If someone happened to pass by at this moment, they would discover that the person was talking about the dispute between Ye Shijie and Liu Zimin just now. 

When the retelling was over, after a long time, a voice came from inside the sedan chair.

“Got it.”

The youngster inside the sedan chair leaned to the side in a lazy and leisurely manner, his red clothes spread on the soft cushion.

In a subtle expression, he said: “Jiang family.” 

Sitting opposite him, a scholar dressed in green was stroking his goatee while laughing: “Originally wanting to borrow Liu family’s young son to trap Ye Shijie, pressuring the Ye family to show up.

Unexpectedly, this Jiang Second Miss turned the situation around and helped Ye Shijie to solve it.

In this way, Master’s plan was entirely messed up.” 

Although his speech had a regretful tone, yet there wasn’t the slightest trace of regret on his face.

On the contrary, he looked completely relaxed. 

“Ye Shijie is just a pawn,” Ji Heng brushed the dust on his sleeve and said: “from the start he doesn’t play a big role, if lost then it’s lost, nothing to worry about.” His appearance was distinctly gorgeous, yet his voice carried a trace of strange and low huskiness, similar to an ambiguous desire, making people unable to stop themselves.

“Besides, compared to Liu Zimin,” he slowly raised his lips, “Jiang Second Miss is much more interesting.”


Bai Xue and Jiang Li returned to the Jiang residence.

In Fang Fei Garden, Tong’er had been waiting in the courtyard since earlier.

Since Jiang Li wasn’t there, Tong’er always felt awkward when doing things.

Seeing the two of them returning, she jumped a meter high and noisily asked Jiang Li if everything had gone well and if she met any troubles. 

Bai Xue was an honest and straightforward person, unlike the lively Tong’er.

For instance, regarding Ye Shijie’s matter, she simply obeyed Jiang Li’s order and didn’t say more than needed. 

Through Bai Xue, Tong’er heard about the dispute after school and nearly threw the cup down in fright.

From time to time she cried out in alarm: “Goodness!”, “So hateful!”, “How could he bully people so much!”, “Thankfully miss is okay.”

Chapter 51 Part 2: Complain

It was only after Bai Xue had finished going through the matter one by one that Tong’er, who wished to hear more, suddenly thought of something and said: “Miss, it was too thrilling this time.

Although the intention was good, it’s better not to show yourself at will next time.

Today you didn’t even bring a single guard from the residence.

In case the young master from the Liu family really moved his hand, miss would be the one who suffers losses.”

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Jiang Li smiled but didn’t reply.

Tong’er continued: “But Bai Xue said that young master Ye is the person from the Ye family in Xiangyang.

Could he be a person from miss’s outer ancestor’s family It’s a pity that miss didn’t get to chat with him at that time, but it was also not the place to chat.

Otherwise, perhaps we would know if he was a person and from which branch of the Ye family.

This time miss helped him, he would also be feeling grateful.” 

“I helped him not for the purpose of reciprocation.

If I demand payback, I may as well not help him.” Jiang Li smiled.

Intervening when seeing an injustice was Xue Zhao’s usual practice.

Both the Xue family’s son and daughter had bravery and righteousness in their blood.

When meeting unfairness, they always wanted to step forward and lent a hand.

Even though she had died once, she gave herself a lot of excuses for stepping out today.

But she knew clearly in her heart that, without those reasons today, she probably would still have stepped forward.    

This was human nature.

Right after she spoke, Qing Feng, who was outside, raised the curtain of the door and said: “Miss, sister Fei Cui from Wan Feng Hall just let people came by to pass a message, Old Madam asked you to go there.”

“Now” Jiang Li was surprised as this was not the time to pay respect. 

“Third miss and the other few people are also at Wan Feng Hall, saying that today miss had a dispute with others after school.” Qing Feng spoke with unease. 

“Oh, the speed of complaining is really fast!” Tong’er was feeling indignant, “our miss found joy in helping others, what is this about quarreling with others.

She really dares to speak!”

Since returning to the Jiang residence, Tong’er’s temperament had become more and more bold and vigorous.

But on the contrary, Jiang Li really liked this temper of hers.

In the Jiang residence, the status of the people from Fang Fei Garden was very delicate.

If they didn’t say anything and there wasn’t any bold person supporting in public, others would really come over and bully them.  

Jiang Li stood up: “It doesn’t matter.

She took the initiative to inform the Old Madam, it just happens to make them aware of my matter.” 

Bai Xue rolled up her sleeves, looking as if she was ready to start a fight, and said aggressively: “Miss, this servant will accompany you.”

“You can.” Jiang Li laughed: “But do not fight, we are going to explain justifiedly.”

It was calm in Wan Feng Hall.

Jiang Bing Ji was sitting on Old Madam Jiang’s soft couch, picking and eating dragon beard candy from a small dish.

Yet old Madam Jiang did not coax and laugh at him as usual.

Instead, she was looking pensive. 

Jiang Yu Yan was sitting in one place, carefully not opening her mouth.

Jiang Yu’e and Jiang You Yao were sitting in another place.

Jiang You Yao had a pleased expression on her while Jiang Yu’e’s eyeballs kept turning around. 

Ji Shuran was also present.

She was sitting on the right side of Old Madam Jiang’s seat.

Her face carried a graceful smile, there also seemed to be a bit of worry.

Her gaze constantly moved towards the direction of the door as if she was waiting for someone.

Before long, the person she was waiting for arrived.

When Jiang Li and Tong’er arrived at Wan Feng Hall, Jiang Bing Ji took a quick look at her and was seemingly about to scold her loudly.

However, he seemed to suddenly recall something and forcibly swallowed it down. 

Jiang Li merely pretended that she had not seen this and continued entering while smiling.

Standing in the middle of the hall, her gaze settled on the Old Madam and she said softly: “For what matter did grandmother ask someone to call Jiang Li over”

Old Madam Jiang opened her lids and looked at her.


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