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Chapter 50 Part 1: Relying on Power

“From the capital’s Jiang family, the daughter of the chief assistant’s di wife, Jiang second miss.” Jiang Li said.

A faint sentence, but it created a clamor of discussions among the previously quiet crowd.

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Originally, Liu Zimin was waiting for Jiang Li to open her mouth to ridicule her.

But in a split second after hearing her, he stood stiffly in his original place. 

The capital’s Jiang family, the daughter of the chief assistant’s wife, the noble daughter of Yanjing’s chief assistant, everyone knew Jiang You Yao.

The girl in front had already introduced herself as Jiang family’s second miss, the one that left the capital eight years ago, Jiang Li.

It was true that the youngest son of the Taichang Qing’s family could walk sideways in the capital.

But everyone knew it was more important not to offend Jiang Yuan Bai, the emperor’s most respected teacher.

It’s just that at present, Liu Zimin had already ridden the tiger and it was hard to get off.

If he admitted it now, in the future, how was he going to mingle in Yanjing Moreover, if he admitted the accusation and made other people know that he used a fake painting to extort Ye Shijie’s silver, his fellow classmates in the Imperial College would laugh at him.

Harming his own reputation, his father would beat him to death. 

His mind in a mess, Liu Zimin thought, in the entire Yanjing, it wasn’t as if he had never fought against someone’s son whose position was higher than his.

The young masters of some families, although they were great, their temperament was soft.

Jiang Li was just a young girl, perhaps by frightening her with a few words, she could softly obey.

Liu Zimin sneered while looking at Jiang Li: “Even if you are a member of the Jiang family, it doesn’t mean that your father will protect you.

Don’t think that because you came out from Jiang family you can then talk rubbish.

If I say this painting is genuine then it’s genuine.

This young man and you are in cahoots, don’t draw disaster to yourself!” Done speaking, he waved his fists around. 

This was a threat through and through.

In the carriage, Jiang You Yao’s eyes brightened as she took in the scene from afar.

She itched for Liu Zimin to immediately injure Jiang Li here.

In this way, Jiang Li would have a conflict in the middle of the street with a man and her reputation would tumble.

No matter how partial Jiang Yuan Bai was towards her, this time he would also get angry. 

Jiang You Yao also laughed over Liu Zimin’s nasty behaviour.

If Lui Zimin moved his hands, he would certainly not care whether it was male or female, whether the injury was light or severe.

“Liu Zimin,” Ye Shijie frowned and leaned to cover Jiang Li: “Our two people’s grudges have nothing to do with other people, don’t harm the innocent.”

Liu Zimin burst into loud laughter: “I also have this meaning.” He looked at Jiang Li, his meaning was clear, It’s best if Jiang Li doesn’t get involved in this matter. 

If it were other people, the current Jiang Li would perhaps have restrained herself.

But since young, she had inherited Xue Huaiyuan’s clarity of gratitude and grudges.

Having an enmity towards slanders, in addition, Ye Shijie was still her own relative.

The corner of Jiang Li’s lips rose and she said: “What a coincidence, I am most unafraid of inviting disaster.

Perhaps this young master forgot the reason why I left Yanjing eight years ago.” 

Each and every one was startled!

Eight years ago, the charge when Jiang Li left Yanjing was of harming of her mother and murdering her younger brother.

Other people couldn’t wait and hurriedly conceal their malicious deeds, yet Jiang Li seemed to be afraid that others weren’t aware of it and took the initiative to say it out. 

Indeed it was touching a sore spot.

Ye Shijie looked at Jiang Li in astonishment, seemingly not expecting Jiang Li to say such a sentence.

However, Jiang Li actually looked undisturbed, peacefully looking at Liu Zimin.

Suddenly Liu Zimin felt cold sweat breaking in his forehead. 

Probably others didn’t know what Jiang Li meant by saying this, but Liu Zimin immediately understood.

Jiang Li’s meaning was, even the matter about her harming the mother and murdering the younger brother could be said out, what other matter couldn’t she speak of She really couldn’t care less with the threat made by Liu Zimin.

Towards this provocation, Liu Zimin originally ought to feel indignant.

But gazing into Jiang Li’s eyes, he actually felt scared.

Chapter 50 Part 2: Relying on Power


That’s right, he was a tyrant.

Although within the Yanjing city he seemed to not have committed any imaginable crime, it was still close.

There were even a few lives taken by his hands.

It’s just that the lives lost in his hands were all commoners whose status were much humbler than him.

They were not from official households whose status was equal or higher than himself.  

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Facing someone whose power was higher than his family’s, Liu Zimin’s ‘deceiving the weak and afraid of the strong’ personality would force him to have some scruples.

However, when he was scrupulous the opposite person was not in the least bit afraid, even had a ruthless stance of having nothing to lose.  

As a result, the weak were even weaker and the stubborn was even more stubborn.

In a flash, Liu Zimin was at a disadvantage. 

Jiang Li noticed Liu Zimin’s evasive and undetermined gaze and knew that he was wavering. 

Xue Huaiyuan was the county deputy in Tongxiang County, an upright and honest, impartial and incorruptible government official.

Sometimes, he even dared to expose other officials who ranked higher than him.

His prestige among the common people was excellent, yet his colleagues thoroughly hated him.

Fellow workers hated them, hated the house and its crows1 , the colleagues’ children also hated them.

From young until they grew up, she didn’t know how many troubles those girls and boys from the government officials had brought to her and Xue Zhao.   

She was still fine, the fight among girls wouldn’t move hands to punch.

But Xue Zhao was miserable, without much verbal spar, those youngsters immediately punched and kicked.

Xue Zhao always returned home with a bloody nose and a swollen face.

Over time, Xue Zhao also gained some experience.

Towards ruthless people, he had to be more ruthless than them.

In any case, being imposing would not lose.

With those hard things in the past, first arranged for people to see, then pressure the other side with momentum.

If the other side showed weakness, must not give them any opportunity.

Slowly let the momentum climb, then victory would certainly be in one’s grasp.

Xue Zhao relied on his imposing style and his martial arts and finally no one dared to provoke him in Tongxiang county. 

As soon as Jiang Li saw Liu Zimin’s behavior, she immediately knew that Liu Zimin was someone who deceived the weak but was afraid of the strong.

Moreover, she had the Jiang family as her backing, without spending much thought, she could effortlessly defeat Liu Zimin. 

The reputation of harming the mother and murdering the younger brother was bad.

But after some time, this bad reputation was able to make people feel fear which in turn was able to avert a lot of troublesome things.  

“Really shameless.” Jiang You Yao gnashed her teeth in anger: “Still making this kind of scandal public, it’s really throwing father’s face away!”

Seeing that Liu Zimin stood rooted in place, Jiang Li said: “This young master insisted on the opinion that I am talking rubbish.

Then according to this young master’s words at the beginning, let’s report this to the authorities.

Since I am also involved in this matter, I better go together with you.”

Liu Zimin was both angry and anxious.

He did mention reporting to the authorities at that time, but it was to scare Ye Shijie.

As long as they passed through the door, it would be very easy to pit Ye Shijie who had no relation with Yanjing.

However, it would be different if Jiang Li was involved.

Jiang Li was the young lady of the Jiang family.

Even for the sake of Jiang family’s face, they could only handle this case fairly.

In the end, he would be trying to steal a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it.

Not only would he not earn Ye Shijie’s silver, he would also dig a pit for himself and implicate his father’s reputation. 

In a blink of an eye, Liu Zimin’s cold sweat overflowed.

He looked at Jiang Li, really didn’t understand how a little girl who was spurned by her family and stayed in the nunnery for eight years had so much confidence.

How could she be so unforgiving

“However,” as Liu Zimin was trapped without any way to advance or retreat, Jiang Li suddenly smiled: “I think this matter is probably just a simple misunderstanding.

After all, this young master doesn’t look like someone who would deliberately extort someone else under false pretense.

Perhaps he thought this painting to be genuine and was also deceived.

Since it is like this, it’s better to make peace, let Young Master Ye compensate 50 taels of silver and drop this matter.

How is it”

In Liu Zimin’s ears, the words spoken by Jiang Li sounded like heaven. This is giving him a way out from an embarrassing situation ah.

So how was it Of course it was good!


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