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Chapter 46 Part 1: Good Person

When Jiang Li went to Mingyi Hall, she only brought Bai Xue with her. 

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Although those learning at Mingyi Hall were the young ladies from government official homes, the discipline was rigid.

If it weren’t because she had some contacts with the teachers in Mingyi Hall while she was married to Shen Yurong before, perhaps at present, she would be completely ignorant of Mingyi Hall and unknowingly be made joke of. 

Jiang You Yao and Jiang Yu’e were bound to deliberately watch Jiang Li be a laughingstock and unable to clarify anything.

As Jiang Li and Bai Xue got into the carriage, Tong’er, reluctant to part, said: “Young miss, you must return early.”

Tong’er and Jiang Li were practically inseparable during their eight-year stay in Mount Qing Cheng.

At that time, Tong’er was the only servant girl by Jiang Li’s side.

Now there were more people serving under Jiang Li, Tong’er felt somewhat at a loss.

Fortunately Jiang Li comforted her for a while.

Although she brought Bai Xue along with her to Mingyi Hall, when others saw that the servant girl serving by her side was such a foolish and big person, they would certainly ridicule her ruthlessly.  However, the matters on earth couldn’t be judged by appearance.

Even though Bai Xue’s appearance was not clever like other servant girls, her strength was unusually big.

Ever since she had died once, Jiang Li often thought, if she had a martial artist by her side, would she have been able to escape that day instead of helplessly dying a violent death 

But martial arts wasn’t something that could be practiced overnight.

Moreover, the Jiang family was an official family, Jiang Li was also a young miss, there was no reason for her to learn martial arts.

In addition, Jiang Li guessed that this body should not have the talent to practice martial arts.

In that case, she should dispel this idea.  

If she was unable to practice martial arts, then she should look for a servant with great strength to increase her way out.

Jiang Li knew, only an alive person had hope.

She would hold anything that would let herself have more chances of survival.

When it’s necessary, it might play a huge role.

While Jiang Li and Bai Xue were still on the road to Mingyi Hall, Jiang You Yao and the other two had already arrived. 

Before, Jiang You Yao never went together with Jiang Yu’e and Jiang Yu Yan.

After all, the two of them were the people from the third branch so at the bottom of her heart, Jiang You Yao looked down on them.

But Jiang Yu’e’s mouth was sweet and used to flatter and praise her, so once in a while, Jiang You Yao also gave her a bit of face. 

Today, for the sake of Jiang Li, Jiang You Yao took the initiative to invite Jiang Yu’e and Jiang Yu Yan to ride together in one carriage.

This fell into the eyes of the people in Mingyi Hall and there was a feeling of something unusual coming up.

“You Yao.” A young girl dressed in pink by the door looked around and asked inquisitively: “Isn’t the second girl from your residence coming to school today Why haven’t I seen her shadow, did you not go together” 

Before Jiang You Yao spoke, Jiang Yu’e had proactively opened her mouth to speak: “Second sister woke up late, she’s probably still busy choosing which clothes to wear.

Today is her first day entering school and she cared about it in her heart.”

If it was in normal days and Jiang Yu’e interjected like so, Jiang You Yao would be annoyed.

However, today she allowed Jiang Yu’e to speak like this.  

Just after Jiang Yu’e finished her words, another tall girl sneered: “Choosing clothes This is not a place to choose beautiful imperial concubines, what kind of clothes is she picking”

“It’s said that some people saw your residence’s second miss when she just arrived.

They said that it’s a delicate and pretty girl.” There was another girl looking at Jiang You Yao probingly: “Is she really pretty How she is compared to you”

Chapter 46 Part 2: Good person


Although in Ming Yi Hall, Jiang You Yao wasn’t known for being one of the best in talent and learning, she was known for her beautiful appearance.

Those with better talents than her couldn’t top her beauty, while those with better looks than her couldn’t top her talent.

In addition, Jiang Yuan Bai’s identity made Jiang You Yao’s existence in Ming Yi Hall in a league of her own.

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Jiang Yu’e smiled: “Second sister is really good-looking, precisely because she has stayed in the mountain for a long time, her temperament is…….” She didn’t need to continue, yet everyone recalled the fact that Jiang Li was banished to the nunnery at that time and stayed there for eight years.

Staying deep in the mountain for eight years, it’s very likely that she’s an unsophisticated country bumpkin.

Just returning to the capital, what could she possibly understand

Even the young girls who were showing curiosity towards Jiang Li just now showed contempt. 

The girls studying at Ming Yi Hall were regarded by their identities, their statuses, their appearances, and their talents.

Each person who could enter this place was dearly loved by their families.

Naturally, being in that position, they were not reconciled to be inferior to other people.

As long as there was a newcomer, everyone wanted to make comparisons.   

Aside from having a chief assistant as a father, there was not one good point about Jiang Li.

Moreover, this chief assistant father might not necessarily care about her.

As such, what’s notable about Jiang Li then

Right at that moment, suddenly there’s a shout from an unaware and meddlesome student: “Jiang second miss has arrived!”

All the girls studying there collectively turned their head to look at the door.

From the door, appeared two girls walking through.

The girl dressed in a servant’s outfit appeared more robust than the common servant girl; even her skin was darker.

Combined with the apricot red servant’s skirt, it didn’t make her look charming, instead it made her look somewhat funny.

Her movements also resembled those village women in the fields. 

Even though this servant girl was eye-catching, perhaps owing to her comical appearance, it contrasted starkly with the dust-free style of the girl by her side.

On that girl’s face, there was a gentle smile.

Smooth, just like the warm breeze blowing in the mountain.

Brushing over the people’s hearts, making them feel comfortable.

Her facial features looked very well, delicate and pretty with a heroic spirit between her brows.

Making her look gentle and soft while carrying a bit of touching tenacity. 

“Is that the Jiang family’s second miss” Someone spoke in a small voice: “She actually doesn’t look as if she was raised in the mountain.”

The first day of school, the first time entering the unfamiliar Ming Yi Hall, facing unfamiliar people.

Yet this girl didn’t show the slightest discomfort and timidity.

Her natural and unrestrained appearance was no different from the others.  

“I think she looks like someone who’s been raised in the mountain,” someone else said quietly, “there’s a bit of a spirit.”

“Spirit”, it’s a feeling that’s hard to describe.

It’s not something that could be learned after following a teacher for a few days.

It’s also not something that a lot of money could buy.

This girl’s eyes were pure and clean like pools of spring water, sweet and simple.

Even if they’d heard so many rumors about her malice, Jiang second miss was born too tender, simple and good, which made it difficult for people to give birth to ill will.

The change of attitude in a split second from the surrounding people towards Jiang Li was immediately captured by Jiang You You and her entourage.

Jiang You Yao felt flustered, unexpectedly, Jiang Li didn’t wear those skirts sent by Ji Shuran but made her own choice.

Jiang Li clearly did that on purpose, that was, purposefully make herself be in the limelight. 

Jiang You Yao’s ways of thinking was really somewhat unreasonable.

If Jiang Li wore those clothes sent by Ji Shuran, that would actually be seeking the limelight.

It’s just that now is not the time to be famous, it might not be a good thing.

Jiang Li’s attire was simple and elegant, but combined with her temperament, they complemented each other well.

Thus, the invisible limelight was, on the contrary, pushed higher. 

Jiang Yu’e, on the other hand, was puzzled.

She didn’t understand why Jiang Li’s reputation was a mess, but when the students looked at her, they didn’t show any loathing.

Could it be that it didn’t matter whether the reputation was good or bad

Jiang Li smiled slowly in her heart. 

There always were some things that could’t be seen by people’s eyes.

Those things that couldn’t be seen could be deceived.

However, the majority of people are willing to believe that what they could see was everything. 

For instance, whether a person is good or bad, on one side, there’s also cause.

How could a person see and understand If they understand by looking, it was simply the other person’s judgement. 

She gave the impression of a good person.

With a little effort, she could perhaps be a “good person”.


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