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Chapter 45 Part 1: Entering School

Jiang Li didn’t care at all that the matter of her going to attend Ming Yi Hall had incurred different thoughts in each person from each branch in the Jiang residence.

She was teaching writing to Bai Xue.

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Bai Xue could recognize some characters, but not too many.

In order to find out Haitang’s whereabouts in Zao Hua Village, Bai Xue needed to write a letter home.

While observing her as she wrote, Jiang Li taught her some characters that she wasn’t familiar with.

Tong’er was also listening with great interest from the side.

From time to time she said: “Young lady is really amazing.

This servant and the young lady went to the nunnery in Mount Qingcheng together, but the young lady recognizes so many characters.

This servant could only write my own name.

This difference is so big.”

“Exactly,” Bai Xue mumbled, “isn’t she the chief assistant’s young lady Born and immediately able to recognize words.”

When the three people were chatting and laughing, Jiang Jing Rui came again.

He also received the news that Jiang Li was going to attend Ming Yi Hall.

Once he stepped inside he immediately said: “Congratulations, congratulations, you really managed to convince eldest uncle.

Jiang Li, this time you truly made me have a whole new level of respect.”  

Jiang Li released her hold and let Bai Xue write by herself.

She walked over to Jiang Jing Rui and spoke: “What are you here for”

Jiang Jing Rui’s throat felt blocked: “Why do you always look as if you don’t welcome me.

I came over to remind you, don’t think that Ming Yi Hall is a good place.

How much temper do the children of nobility have You are a new face, a newcomer, it’s best if you know your place.

If there’s anyone bullying you, don’t bear it stubbornly to save face and use your father’s name.

Also don’t be afraid of losing face, if you really come across something excessive, it’s fine to run away.” He shook his sleeve and took out a small blade from inside: “Here, give you this.

Take it for self protection.” 

Jiang Li gazed at the sharp blade in Jiang Jing Rui’s hand and was silent for a moment before speaking: “Are the people in Ming Yi Hall extremely dangerous”

“Almost.” Jiang Jing Rui spoke: “Same as the people in the Imperial College.

Last time I stepped on a fellow student’s long-horned grasshopper to death and my hand was nearly broken.

I reckon it won’t be much different from your place.

Just take it.” He firmly stuffed the blade into Jiang Li’s hand.  

Jiang Li was somewhat speechless and seemed to recall the time when she was getting married.

At that time, Xue Zhao secretly and mysteriously called her to the backyard and gave her a short spear.

In the end, that short spear wasn’t brought along to Yanjing.

Nobody had ever heard of giving this kind of thing to a bride.

Naturally, Xue Zhao was almost beaten up by Xue Huaiyuan.

Only after persistent persuasion did he get the short spear back.

No matter what, a blade was after all better than a short spear to tuck into her sleeve.

Jiang Li accepted it reluctantly and said: “Okay, many thanks.”

“Your thanks really had no sincerity.” Jiang Jing Rui spoke again: “If it’s really not good, you can look for me in the Imperial College.

I’ll help you settle things.”

Jiang Li nodded, Jiang Jing Rui winked at her: “I’ll also call Zhou Yan Bang out.”

Jiang Li looked at him, Jiang Jing Rui pulled the corners of his mouth up, waiting for Jiang Li’s praise.

But instead he heard Jiang Li said calmly: “Bai Xue, send the guest out.”

Jiang Jing Rui was “sent” out by the strong Bai Xue.

The day before entering school was spent busily and noisily.

When it was evening, Ji Shuran even sent someone to deliver new clothes over, saying that it’s important to look neat and tidy when entering school.

Tong’er asked Jiang Li: “Is the young lady afraid”

A totally new and unfamiliar environment, and very likely to face the hostility of the fellow students.

It seemed nothing good would happen. 

Jiang Li laughed: “No.”

Not afraid, but actually very happy.

Chapter 45 Part 2: Entering School

The next day, Jiang Li got up really early.

Ming Yue and Qing Feng were surprised to see Jiang Li wake up so early.

Tong’er explained to them: “Starting today, miss will enter Ming Yi Hall, she must not arrive late.

Today is the first day, one must not be negligent.” Her tone was filled with pride.

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Ming Yue and Qing Feng didn’t understand all these.

But hearing Tong’er, they also felt proud and followed by praising: “I heard that Ming Yi Hall is not a place that can be entered easily.

Later on, young miss can study together with the third miss and the others.” 

Hearing her mention Jiang You Yao, Tong’er immediately snorted and muttered: “Who wants to go together with them.”

It was the first day of entering school, yet both Jiang You Yao and Jiang Yu’e left really early.

Generally speaking, when sisters from their own family were going to enter school, an introduction was needed.

What’s more, Jiang Li and the noble ladies of the capital weren’t familiar with each other.

In case no one acknowledged you, at least there’d be a sister at the side so it wouldn’t be so lonely and pitiful.

But Jiang You Yao and them actually refused to care and left early by themselves.

Jiang Yuan Bai was busy with court matters, also not paying attention to this side.

Tong’er wanted to complain but had no one to complain to.

She was sulking on behalf of Jiang Li but was helpless and couldn’t do anything.

On the contrary, Jiang Li comforted Tong’er: “They are not willing to go together with me, I also think that going with them is inviting trouble.

It’s good like this, each one is saved from troubles.”

Right at this time, the door to the room opened, Jiang Li and Bai Xue went out together.

Tong’er looked foolishly and suddenly said: “Miss is so good-looking.”

Not just Tong’er, Ming Yue and Qing Feng also stared foolishly.

They were all aware, out of all the four girls in the Jiang family, the one with the most delicate and outstanding appearance was Jiang You Yao, particularly tender and beautiful like a flower.

Jiang Yu’e was also not bad, charming and lovely like the pretty daughter in a humble family.

Jiang Yu Yan’s appearance was average, not worth mentioning.

As for Jiang Li, she had an upright appearance and looked a bit bland. 

But ever since she stayed in the nunnery for eight years and then returned to Jiang residence, the formerly bland appearance had opened up, producing an unusual kind of grace and elegance, different from the capital’s noble females.

That was a kind of growth, a hard-to-describe thing.

She seemed to be carrying a somewhat heroic spirit, there was also some charm.

Beauty was in the bone, not on the skin.

Jiang Li’s beauty lay in her character strength, her attitude and her elegance.

She didn’t wear the brightly colored clothes that Ji Shuran arranged for someone to deliver to her yesterday.

She only wore a moonlight white jacket and a skirt with a light yellow silk belt fastened on her bosom.

Her long hair was knotted with a wooden hairpin decorated with a single red bean into a top bun, leaning slightly to the side.

Her skin was white as jade, her eyes bright and her teeth white.

She was dressed extremely simply, yet she still looked refined and graceful.    

She was also a gentle person.

With each step she took walking forward, Ming Yue and Qing Feng couldn’t look away.

Tong’er also couldn’t turn her eyes away.

Jiang Li had obviously stayed with her for eight years in Mount Qingchen, yet Tong’er didn’t know since when did Jiang Li’s posture when walking and the arc of her lips when smiling become unfamiliar.

It still was the same face but it was as if the person had been exchanged.

Old madam Jiang who was walking to this side also stared blankly.

The servant girls by her side, Fei Cui and Zhen Zhu supported her timely and didn’t move forward. 

Jiang Li’s face couldn’t be regarded as capable of causing the downfall of a city, not even an outstanding beauty, but her light smile as she walked over resembled a secular beauty coming down from heaven.

As if it was natural for this big beauty to be the focus of everyone.

Bai Xue, who was following behind Jiang Li, said: “Young miss, the gatekeeper is already informed, let us now go on the carriage.”

Jiang Li nodded and smiled: “Let’s go.”


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