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Chapter 43 Part 1: Decision

In Warm and Graceful Courtyard, Jiang You Yao was sitting on the couch while fiddling and twisting the new tassels.

Hearing that Jiang Li had gone to the study to look for Jiang Yuan Bai, she jumped up at once and said: “She looked for father Why is she looking for father”

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The servant replied: “Apparently it’s for the matter of inviting a teacher that she looked for Eldest Master.”

Ji Shuran’s position in the main branch was very high.

Usually with the slightest whiff of trouble, Ji Shuran would know soon.

The action of the person coming to inform her could be regarded as rapid, soon after Jiang Li entered Jiang Yuan Bai’s study, Ji Shuran’s side had received the news.

“What does she wish to do Is it possible that she still wants to personally pick a teacher” Jiang You Yao examined.

Ji Shuran noticed the servant had hesitation on his face and commanded the servant girl to give him a pouch with silvers inside.

Then she said: “Feel free to speak.”

“Replying to Madam.” The servant took the silver and his apprehensions immediately disappeared.

He said at once: “The person guarding the study outside heard that the second miss wants to go to Ming Yi Hall and thus looked for Eldest Master.”

“Ming Yi Hall” Jiang You Yao was unable to bear and shrieked: “Her What qualifications does she have to enter Ming Yi Hall”

Ji Shuran waved her hand, indicating the person handing the news to withdraw.

Only after the person walked away, did Ji Shuran think aloud: “Jiang Li just returned to Yanjing and she wishes to go to Ming Yi Hall, as expected, her mind is deep.

But no matter what, with how her own morality and conduct, talent and learning is, if she entered Ming Yi Hall, who knows what might happen.

She used to be a stumbling child, if she displays any tricks later, there won’t be anyone to hold her back anymore.”

Before, the matter of Jiang You Yao’s birthday ceremony had troubled Ji Shuran and it took her a long time before the old madam Jiang and Jiang Yuan Bai eased up their treatment of her.

Even though that was the case, she didn’t know how other madams talked behind her back.

Ji Shuran had not yet calculated this debt clearly with Jiang Li, unexpectedly Jiang Li sent herself to the door looking for trouble. 

Jiang You Yao excitedly said: “She must have wanted to get close to Zhou heir, this slut!”

Across the female academy Ming Yi Hall was the Imperial College.

The heir of Marquis Ningyuan, Zhou Yan Bang, was studying at the Imperial College.

For a moment, Ji Shuran didn’t think of this, yet Jiang You Yao immediately thought of this. 

“I know since earlier that she has bad intentions.

Last time, on the day of the birthday ceremony, she seduced Zhou heir in the garden, simply shameless! Now she must not be allowed to carry out her plan.

Mother, you must not let her succeed!”

Ji Shuran heard what Jiang You Yao said and immediately frowned.

To be honest, Jiang Li grew quite well, moreover, compared to Jiang You Yao’s young-lady manners, she had an unspeakable calm temperament.

This made whatever she did seem faint, without any striving and rushing appearance.

This had instead attracted men to pay more attention.

Ji Shuran herself understood men, with Jiang Li’s style, if she intended to seduce Zhou Yan Bang, it might not be impossible.

She strove for this marriage with great difficulty for Jiang You Yao.

Although Zhou Yan Bang was not someone related to royalty, in Yanjing, the position of Marquis Ningyuan was not lower than the Jiang family’s.

Furthermore, Marquis Ningyuan’s family was simple.

Zhou Yan Bang’s mother was also someone easy to get along with.

Most importantly, Jiang You Yao was in love with Zhou Yan Bang.

Such method of drawing people to their camp by snatching the marriage from Jiang Li’s hand must not be a wasted effort. 

“We must indeed not let her go to Ming Yi Hall.” Ji Shuran said: “The absolute certain matter is the birthday ceremony last time ended with her escaping unscathed.

This small hoof is very dishonest.

If we let her enter Ming Yi Hall, it’s unknown what might happen.

It’s better to put her right under our nose, it will also be easier for us to give her a stumbling block.” Ji Shuran stood up: “I’ll immediately go look for your father.”

Chapter 43 Part 2: Decision

In Fang Fei Garden, seeing the returning Jiang Li and Bai Xue, Tong’er was flabbergasted: “Why so quick Young lady, did Master not agree”

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“Master already agreed.” Baixue said and smiled: “I’ve said earlier, to one’s own father, speak properly, eldest master will definitely listen.”

Tong’er rolled her eyes, it’d be good if there was such a simple matter on earth.

She unconvincingly looked at Jiang Li; seeing that Jiang Li also had a smile on her face and nodded, only then was she convinced and said: “Really That’s great! I know our young lady’s aptitude since earlier, it’s enough to enter Ming Yi Hall with plenty to spare.” Following which her sight turned to worry: “But miss, Master agreed now, in the coming days he wouldn’t back out, right”

Perhaps Jiang Li spoke a few soft words at that time and Jiang Yuan Bai became softhearted and temporarily and agreed.

But after Ji Shuran found out, how was it possible to leave the matter just like that Blowing the pillow wind, if Jiang Yuan Bai’s decision wasn’t resolute and changed his decision, then what’s to be done

“I guess right at this time, Ji shi should be on the way to father’s study.

Perhaps she has already arrived and is now in the middle of persuading father to cancel the decision to send me to Ming Yi Hall.” 

Tong-er’s and Baixue’s smiles froze at once.

Tong-er asked: “Then what should be done Master wouldn’t agree, right Miss, or why don’t we go there now so as not to let Ji shi make use of the gap” 

“No need,” Jiang Li smiled and shook her head: “She won’t succeed.”


“Master, isn’t it a bit unsuitable for Li’er to go to Ming Yi Hall at this time…..”

In the study, Ji Shuran said to Jiang Yuan Bai with deep worries.

“That’s it, don’t mention it again.

I’ve already decided to send Li’er to Ming Yi Hall.” Not waiting for Ji Shuran to finish talking, Jiang Yuan Bai had already interrupted her sentence.

Ji Shuran had never been told off like this by Jiang Yuan Bai.

For a moment, she felt somewhat wronged and said: “I, this servant is also wholeheartedly considering for Li’er …” 

Normally, seeing Ji Shuran’s grieving, Jiang Yuan Bai always had a heartache.

However, today looking at her, he thought of Jiang Li being subjected to grievances but she simply stood in front of him and stated things calmly and pragmatically.

Jiang Yuan Bai only felt Ji Shuran’s conduct was somewhat artificial, appearing extremely unsightly. 

He said: “You Yao is my daughter, Li’er is also my daughter.

Both are the Jiang family’s young misses.

How can I favor one and discriminate against the other If word was passed outside, where should I put my, Jiang Yuan Bai’s face And you,” he looked at Ji Shuran, “Li’er wasn’t home in the last eight years.

Just returning home, as a mother you should take care of her a bit more.

I will be relieved if you could put half of the mind you place on You Yao towards Li’er.”

Ji Shuran looked at him in amazement.

Jiang Yuan Bai saying this was the same as criticizing her for being biased.

Not waiting for Ji Shuran to say anything else, Jiang Yuan Bai picked up his robe and immediately went out from the study, leaving by himself.

In the study, Ji Shuran was left alone by herself.

Xiao Si at the doorway trembled in fear, she looked inside and happened to see the always dignified and gentle eldest madam’s face twisted like a devil.

Her expression was terrifying as if she had turned into another person.

At this moment, Ji Shuran was completely filled with anger and resentment.

She wasn’t clear on how Jiang Li managed to sow dissension in front of Jiang Yuan Bai, the gentleness Jiang Yuan Bai showed her in recent days could not be seen at this time.

It was as if within a split second, it returned to how it was before.

“Jiang Li…….” She spoke while gnashing her teeth in anger.

She must definitely make Jiang Li pay for everything that happened today!


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