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Chapter 41 Part 1: Convince

In Fang Fei Garden, Jiang Jing Rui sputtered to no avail.

He was also unable to change Jiang Li’s idea.

In the end, he had no other alternative but to open his mouth and said: “I’ve said what I should say.

Since you insist on doing this, I have nothing else to say.

You want to go to eldest uncle, then go.

If it doesn’t work out, let your servant girl come and tell me.

We will discuss going to grandmother.”

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He being able to say all this, from Jiang Jing Rui’s standpoint, was already extremely benevolent.

Jiang Li spoke: “Many thanks.”

Jiang Jing Rui shook his head.

Jiang Li mulled for a while then looked at him and asked: “I want to ask you a question.”

“What is it”

“How are your studies going”

Hearing Jiang Li’s question was about this, Jiang Jing Rui unexpectedly blushed.

Slapping the table and standing up he shouted loudly: “Jiang Li, you shouldn’t bully too much! You made fun of me, I haven’t teased you yet! Just do what you like to do, this young master won’t be concerned anymore!” Done speaking, he kicked the stool furiously and walked out.

Tong’er’s lips twitched: “This second young master looked like he was jabbed in his sore spot; rushing at the young lady with so much anger”

Jiang Li also didn’t expect Jiang Jing Rui to reject studying this much.

After all, the Jiang family could be considered as a clear stream of literary officials.

Jiang Li still thought that everyone here were all gifted scholars and talented girls.

However, Jiang Jing Rui displaying such look of shame made Jiang Li have a kind of amiable feeling.

That was because Xue Zhao was also like this. 

Xue Huaiyuan only had a pair of daughter and son.

As it happened, since young Xue Zhao liked wielding blades and playing with swords.

It was not likely for Xue Huaiyuan to deliberately let Xue Zhao choose this road.

Xue Zhao was very interested in military study but had a headache dealing with reading books.

Everytime Xue Huaiyuan was about to check his assignments, Xue Zhao always exhausted his thought to come up with ways to slip away.

Since young, didn’t know how many times Jiang Li had covered for Xue Zhao.


thinking that this person was no longer around, a trace of sorrow flashed across Jiang Li’s eyes. 

Bai Xue could be considered as having a good grasp in boiling scented tea.

At the height of summer, she didn’t feel boiling tea was a difficult task.

She poured the tea into a white porcelain cup then adding a preserved plum inside before placing the cup on a small table to cool it down.

Bai Xue asked: “Young lady, that Ming Yi Hall, is it very good”

Jiang Li smiled: “Most of the teachers in Ming Yi Hall are invited by the palace.

The current courtiers, in order to spread learning, had specially set up a male and female academic institution.

Many ladies from imperial families are studying at Ming Yi Hall.

Every year, for Ming Yi Hall examination, the highest achiever would receive a reward from the Empress Dowager.

Listening to this, Bai Xue was puzzled and promptly asked: “Then it’s very difficult to get in, right”

“What hard to get in” Tong’er by the side said in a small voice: “As long as you have silver and face, why cannot get in”

 “Then why can’t our young lady enter Why didn’t the master let our young lady to go there” asked Bai Xue.

“Why He’s afraid she would bring humiliation to the Jiang family! Tong’er glared at Bai Xue and thought to herself that she should carefully teach Bai Xue to speak properly in the future.

How could she just stab a knife cleanly into the master’s heart.

Jiang Li’s tone was very calm as she spoke: “Talent and learning are secondary.

My moral character is corrupt, if I go out, people will point fingers at me and make the Jiang family be ashamed.”

“Young lady!” Tong’er couldn’t help yelling: “You mustn’t say that about yourself!”

“Exactly.” Bai Xue looked earnestly at Jiang Li: “This servant has previously been to many officials’ houses.

Although one wasn’t picked, but this servant has also seen those young ladies.

Many of them look gentle in front of others, but lash out at their servants at the back.

Young lady is the first one that this servant has seen which has the best temper.

What ruined moral character, if young lady being this way is considered as a person with a ruined moral character, then there are no good people on earth!”

Chapter 41 Part 2: Convince

Tong’er agreed: “Precisely, precisely!”

Jiang Li broke into laughter.

Indeed she could be counted as a good person, at least in her past life she was.

In this life, she didn’t intend to turn into a bad person.

It’s just that she probably wouldn’t be able to be like her previous self and return good for evil.

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She said: “I also believe I am not a person with a ruined moral character.

Therefore I plan to look for my father and chat with him.”

Tong’er was stunned and hesitated for a while before asking: “Can the young lady persuade master”

“What do you think” Jiang Li asked her in return.

Before Tong’er could speak, Bai Xue rushed to open her mouth and said: “This servant feels it’s possible.

As long as young lady speaks nicely with master, master will definitely listen.” 

Bai Xue treated people sincerely.

Probably it was because all the people in Zao Hua Village had good relations with her family, thus she never knew there were many matters where one didn’t have the freedom to act in a deep residence courtyard.

“Okay.” Jiang Li laughed: “I’ll go there now.”


Recently, Jiang Yuan Bai’s affairs had been somewhat unfavorable.

Ever since Jiang You Yao’s birthday celebration, many things had changed.

As the imperial chief assistant, there were many people staring behind him just to get a handle.

Because of this, Jiang Yuan Bai had always behaved cautiously.

But due to the matter happening during Jiang You Yao’s birthday rite, it made people in the end see the gap in the backyard of his Jiang family’s main branch.

Similar as having a shortfall, it would often made people fix their attention on it.

Emperor Hong Xiao kept growing day by day.

It was different from the baby who had formerly depended and trusted him and called him “imperial tutor”.

The current monarch had become increasingly mysterious.

Being close to the sovereign could be as perilous as lying with a tiger, Jiang Yuan Bai was even more restrained.

In addition, recently his political enemies, the Right Minister, had repeatedly targeted him during court, causing him to be endlessly annoyed.

At this time, Jiang Li abruptly came looking for him which made Jiang Yuan Bai somewhat surprised. 

When Jiang Li arrived at the study, Xiao Si at the gate was still hesitating.

Only when Jiang Yuan Bai issued a word from inside the study did Xiao Si let her pass.

Jiang Li nodded at Xiao Si and directly entered the door.

She knew in her heart that shortly after, this Xiao Si would quickly inform those in Warm and Graceful Courtyard that she was looking for Jiang Yuan Bai. 

As soon as she entered, she could smell a distinctive ink fragrance permeating the air in the study.

Jiang Yuan Bai was right in the middle of practicing writing characters.

On top of the white paper, half the characters of “quiet”, this letter had been written.

Jiang Li also didn’t say a word and stood quietly behind Jiang Yuan Bai.

She even helped Jiang Yuan Bai to grind the ink. 

Jiang Yuan Bai’s movement paused slightly when he saw Jiang Li grinding the ink but his movement very quickly flowed smoothly again.

His pen brushed on the paper vigorously, his stroke appeared sharp and clear, falling on the paper smoothly and sleekly, hiding a mystery.

Seeing the written character was as if seeing the person.

Jiang Li saw Jiang Yuan Bai’s written character and right away knew that Jiang Yuan Bai really wasn’t what the court said as having an ordinary ability, entirely leaning on a stroke of luck to succeed as the imperial chief assistant.

This person’s mind was extremely fine, he was well aware that he was first, yet he would forever name himself as second. 

While letting the first person be the target, he himself would support till the end. 

Jiang Yuan Bai finally brushed his last stroke and put his brush aside.

Looking at the paper, a “quiet” character flowed smoothly, extremely beautiful.

A compliment was in order, yet Jiang Li didn’t say a word.

Also didn’t know whether it was because she didn’t understand.

Jiang Yuan Bai turned around and looked at Jiang Li.

Not waiting for his inquiry, Jiang Li immediately took the initiative to speak.

Jiang Li spoke: “Father, I do not wish to invite a teacher to teach me at home.

I want to attend Ming Yi Hall.”

Jiang Yuan Bai frowned: “What did you say”

“I want to attend Ming Yi Hall.” Jiang Li’s tone was constant as she repeated her sentence.

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