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Chapter 40 Part 1: Academy

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The matter of Jiang Yuan Bai seeking a teacher for Jiang Li was very quickly known to Jiang Li.

The one who told Jiang Li of this matter was not anyone else but the young master from the second branch, Jiang Jing Rui.

Among the Jiang family’s two young masters, Jiang Jing You was slightly older with a good temperament.

Others said his study was just so-so and everyday he was chased by Lu shi to study for the imperial examination.

Jiang Jing Rui’s temperament was fierce and nobody dared to chase him to take the imperial examination.

As long as he didn’t stir up trouble outside, everyone was immensely happy and relieved already.

Jiang Jing Rui was mocked by Jiang Li last time and for some days he didn’t step into Fang Fei Garden.

If he saw Jiang Li during the day, he would take a detour and walk away.

Of course Jiang Li was too lazy to pay attention to him, but today, this Jiang Jing Rui showed up again in Fang Fei Garden’s doorway.

Ming Yue and Qing Feng were embroidering at the doorway and were startled upon seeing Jiang Jing Rui.

They greeted: “Second young master.”

Jiang Jing Rui coughed lightly and asked whether Jiang Li was inside.

Then he strutted as he walked in.

Inside the room, Jiang Li was right in the middle of reading a book.

Tong’er was aware that last time Jiang Li and Jiang Jing Rui were stuck in a deadlock.

So she just stood by the side without saying a word.

Bai Xue was in a corner of the room boiling flower tea.

She was a casual and carefree person, and seeing that Tong’er didn’t welcome him, she also didn’t get up and continued to sit on the small stool and took care of the teapot.

Seeing how nobody in the room paid attention to him, Jiang Jing Rui was somewhat ill at ease and also felt somewhat angry from shame.

He set himself across from Jiang Li and saw the book in front of Jiang Li.

He said: “What book are you looking at, do you understand just by looking at it”

This person’s speech was always so loathsome, a hedonistic son who deserved to be called spoiled till rotten.

Jiang Li lifted her head to glance at him and asked: “What brings you here”

Seeing that Jiang Li finally took note of him, he didn’t know why but Jiang Jing Rui surprisingly felt very happy.

He no longer heeded how both the master and servant girls in this room were disrespectful towards him,  and he said straight away: “I came here to tell you something.

Eldest uncle is going to invite a teacher for you!”

Invite a teacher Jiang Li was somewhat surprised.

“I rushed over here as soon as I got this information.

I heard that eldest aunt said to eldest uncle that with your aptitude, it’s impossible for you to study in an academy.

So just find an ordinary teacher to teach you some superficial knowledge so as not to lose face in front of people and just to keep up appearances.

“That’s too much!” The handkerchief in Tong’er’s hand fell on the ground with a ‘plop’.

“What aptitude our young lady has Our young lady’s aptitude is very good!”

Jiang Jing Rui glanced at Tong’er and shook his head: “Why would eldest aunt seriously look for a person to teach your young miss It’s simply wishing for her to be a straw bag.

I heard eldest uncle handed all these matters to eldest aunt.

The person that eldest aunt is looking for will make Jiang Li eat some sufferings.”

Jiang Li didn’t speak, Jiang Jing Rui sighed again and again then, seemingly somewhat embarrassed, he said: “I want to lend a hand but our second branch has never been involved in the main branch’s affairs.

If I bring this matter to my mother, my mother will definitely scold me to death.

I think it’s better for you to look for grandmother.

Grandmother, this person, is still very impartial.

At that time, I’ll help you say a few words from the side.

If grandmother is the one choosing a teacher, the teacher would not be lacking.”

Jiang Li stared at him.

Apparently, after the last ridicule, Jiang Jing Rui had opted to stand by her side.

Regardless of whether it was due to the friendship between him and the previous Jiang second miss or because Jiang Jing Rui was originally a sympathetic person, the fact proved that this young man was still not too bad.

Chapter 40 Part 2: Academy

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Jiang Li said: “Many thanks for coming here specially to warn me.” This time around, her tone was much gentler. 

Hearing the change in Jiang Li’s tone, Jiang Jing Rui was ineffably happy.

When he came out of his daze, he couldn’t help scolding his own big mouth.

He was the bully in the Jiang family, even Jiang You Yao didn’t dare to provoke him rashly and he himself looked down even more upon these people.

But towards Jiang Li, a person with a not-so-good reputation, moreover without any status in the residence, Jiang Jing Rui always felt somewhat afraid, or perhaps admiration. 

As if he always wanted to please her.

Jiang Jing Rui scoffed at himself in his heart and asked Jiang Li: “What’s your plan now When you plan on seeing old madam, let me know, I’ll go together.”

He was willing to come out and stand by her, after all, he was still a warm-blooded young man.

Jiang Li said: “Actually I don’t understand why father wants to choose a teacher for me.

He must be aware that all the noble ladies in the capital attend the female academy.”

“The female academy” Jiang Jing Rui was stupid for a few seconds before speaking: “What are you joking about Ladies who went to the female academy are respectable if not wealthy. All the female students accepted by the Ming Yi Hall1 in Yanjing have both integrity and talent.

Even the worst of them is still out of the ordinary when placed among the people.

If you go …….”

If you go, it will be a joke! Jiang Li understood the words Jiang Jing Rui didn’t say.

“But,” Jiang Jing Rui asked again curiously: “Surprisingly you are aware of the female academy in Yanjing.

You have actually inquired clearly about it.”

Jiang Li smiled noncommittally.

When she arrived at Yanjing, she became well-known due to her beauty and people were also aware of her talents.

So much so that she and the teachers in Ming Yi Hall had held debates and discussions together and she was friends with those teachers. 

Doing all these things at that time was none other than to open doors and let Shen Yurong have more connections.

The number one scholar having a brilliant wife would add fragrance to his popularity.

Hearing that would always add a layer of radiance. 

Of course, her beauty and her talents, when the matter of her affair emerged, they became her source of calamity, her crimes.

Jiang Li was not at all willing to keep staying in the Jiang residence.

If she never went out, she would have no chance to have access to Shen Yurong and the people around him.

Supposedly, if Jiang Yuan Bai had really invited a teacher for Jiang Li, Jiang Li would be stuck in the backyard studying and practicing writing, then she would have a lot less opportunities.

Besides, studying and reading books, it went without saying that she would be no worse than any other people.

She wanted to enter Min Yi Hall not for her to really learn, rather, it was to become famous.

With fame, the people in the Jiang family would no longer take her as a dispensable young lady and she would have a status in the residence.

With status, there would be people making friends with her.

Once a circle of friends was established, she could approach Princess Yong Ning step by step.  

Wouldn’t it take a very long period of time It won’t take too long  time.

In Ming Yi Hall, her talents would be able to make her famous in the shortest possible time.

This was the simplest method. 

Jiang Jing Rui didn’t know what she was thinking about and reached his hand out to wave in front of Jiang Li’s eyes.

He asked: “Have you thought when you are going to see grandmother”

“I won’t look for grandmother.” Jiang Li said: “I want to see father.”

“Eldest uncle” Jiang Jing Rui was stunned: “You won’t be able to persuade eldest uncle.

As long as eldest uncle has decided on a matter, no one could change his decision unless grandmother says a few words to him.

Since he has decided to hand the matter of looking for a teacher to eldest aunt, it’s already final.

It will be a waste of energy to look for him, don’t make yourself eat a bellyful of anger.”  

“Many thanks for your reminder.” Jiang Li spoke: “But I’m still going to see my father.”

“Why are you so stubborn as a person” Jiang Jing Rui spoke unhappily.

“Not stubborn,” Jiang Li laughed: “It’s persistent.”

She would persist until the end.


Out of Topic:

Ah Li: I’m not going to a fake university, I’m going to Tsinghua2 [smile]


1: Ming Yi Hall is the name of the female academy..

2: Tsinghua University is a university in Beijing that ranked 15th in the world and considered as the best university in Asia


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