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Chapter 39 Part 1: Teaching

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It was unknown whetherit was due to old madam Jiang’s interference, but Ji Shuran didn’t say a word when Jiang Li selected the new servant girls.

Throughout the whole selection, old madam Jiang’s servant girls, Zhen Zhu and Fei Cui, were the ones to accompany Jiang Li.

Naturally, Jiang Li understood that probably Ji Shuran would soon hear which new servant girls she had picked. 

But for the time being, Ji Shuran was unable to get involved in Fang Fei Garden’s reorganization.

These days, the Jiang residence was temporarily harmonious.

In the Warm and Graceful Courtyard, Ji Shuran took off Jiang Yuan Bai’s robe under his slightly knitted brows.

Although Jiang Yuan Bai was the chief assistant of the court, his backyard could be considered much more peaceful compared to his colleagues.

Before, when Ye Zhen Zhen was still around, there were only two tongfangs that old madam Jiang sent to him.

Later Ye Zhen Zhen died from illness and one of the concubines also passed away early from excessive worries due to the death of her daughter.

When Ji Shuran entered the door, there was only one tongfang left in the main room of Jiang residence.

This tongfang used to be old madam Jiang’s personal servant girl.

Her temperament was steady and she didn’t rush to fight, she was almost like a decoration in the Jiang residence.

After Ji Shuran entered the door, she took the initiative to lift the tongfang to become a concubine.

Concubine Zhou never had children, after Ji Shuran entered the door, she steadied her thoughts and actively attended to Ji Shuran, resembling more like a person under her.

As a result, in the entire backyard, Ji Shuran’s position couldn’t be shaken. 

Old madam Jiang said a few words before about the lack of heir in Jiang Yuan Bai’s branch.

But when the 8-years-old Jiang Li pushed Ji Shuran and caused her to miscarry, Ji Shuran didn’t just not argue about it, instead, she pleaded for Jiang Li.

This made old madam Jiang feel apologetic towards Ji Shuran.

Later on when Ji Shuran birthed Jiang Bing Ji, old madam Jiang no longer said anything.  

After all, as the chief assistant in court, there were many eyes watching Jiang Yuan Bai’s every word and action.

Many heirs in the backyard also implied complicated relationships among the people.

Having numerous concubines didn’t necessarily mean a good thing.

As long as there was a male in the main branch, other things could be overlooked. 

Ji Shuran had the tacit approval of old madam Jiang.

Jiang Yuan Bai doted her excessively, it was like a fish in water.

His own pair of daughter and son were also extremely doted on.

For so many years, among the sisters-in-law, no need to mention Yang shi, even Lu shi had to lower her head to him.  

But all of these were broken by Jiang Li’s return.

It had not been a month since Jiang Li’s return to the residence yet Ji Shuran had eaten several losses in a row.

This time, even old madam Jiang who had always been lenient to her was angry.

Ji Shuran’s mind was also aggravated.   

Ji Shuran replaced Jiang Yuan Bai’s outer robe and put it away properly and handed a cup of herbal tea to Jiang Yuan Bai.

Then she asked in a soft voice: “Why is master frowning Is there something in your mind”

Jiang Yuan Bai raised his head and looked at her. 

Ji Shuran was born with an exquisite appearance, different from Ye Zhen Zhen’s simple and wholesome look.

Ji Shuran was more like the bright and elegant court lady of a literary family.

Her every word and action was picturesque, making others feel she was proper and appropriate.

Jiang Yuan Bai swept his eyes on Ji Shuran’s fingers, delicate like green onions with pointed fingers which were somewhat bruised.

In the basket on the side table, there was an unfinished needlework.

Ji Shuran was making clothes for him. 

Jiang Yuan Bai’s heart softened.

The annoyance towards Ji Shuran in these several days disappeared like smoke.

He pulled Ji Shuran’s hand and reproached her: “Why are you hurt You can ask the servants to do these things.” 

Ji Shuran smiled: “Master has forgotten, this concubine never handed master’s personal clothing to others.”

Jiang Yuan Bai looked at her shy and gentle smile, thinking how these days he treated Ji Shuran coldly due to the accident during the birthday ceremony.

Jiang Yuan Bai felt a twinge of guilt in his heart and spoke: “It’s been hard on you.”

“This concubine doesn’t feel it’s hard.

Master is the one who is truly working hard.” Ji Shuran said.

Chapter 39 Part 2: Teaching

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Jiang Yuan Bai was rueful.

He had had two wives, the first wife Ye Zhen Zhen really wasn’t his choice, rather, it was old madam Jiang who chose her for him.

At that time he was rising in the court and there were numerous enemies, old madam Jiang thought it best for him to conceal his light and marry a wife that was not so illustrious.

Ye Zhen Zhen’s family was wealthy and their connections were clear.

The greatest thing was that because they were not a family of officials, they would not incur other people’s resentment.  

Jiang Yuan Bai complied with his mother’s meaning and married Ye Zhen Zhen.

Ye Zhen Zhen was innocent and lively, and had never eaten human’s sufferings.

Although she could not share his worries and difficulties, the two people could be regarded as getting along harmoniously.  

After Ye Zhen Zhen passed away, Jiang Yuan Bai saw the daughter of the Vice Imperial Censor, Ji Shuran, at a night banquet.

In the night banquet, Ji Shuran was amazing, beautiful and graceful.

With one strike, she had hit Jiang Yuan Bai’s heart. 

To speak of, Ye Zhen Zhen was the lady selected by old madam Jiang, but Ji Shuran was precisely the lady that Jiang Yuan Bai fancied.

Whether it was the love in his heart, or partiality, they leaned more towards Ji Shuran.

Even though Ji Shuran made a mistake, Jiang Yuan Bai would very quickly forgive her.

Furthermore, Ji Shuran had managed the main backyard in good order these years.  

Jiang Yuan Bai sighed: “When I went out today, Chengde Official Liu Yuan Feng said a few words to me.”

Ji Shuran’s hand holding the teacup tightened, yet the smile on her face remained.

She asked exploringly: “Master Liu Master Liu normally don’t have much dealings with master, is there something”

“Before, when Ye shi was still alive, Liu Yuan Feng’s wife were good friends with Ye shi and visited frequently to get together.

Liu Yuan Feng came over to me for Li-er’s matter.” said Jiang Yuan Bai: “Liu Yuan Feng reminded me, since Li-er has returned to the capital, a master should be selected for her to teach her so she learns how to read the book1.” 

Thinking of this, Jiang Yuan Bai’s head ached.

At that time, Jiang Li made a big mistake and was sent to the nunnery, and just like that 8 years had passed.

That was the perfect time to get instructions and learn.

Now the time had passed for so long, while in the nunnery, it was inevitable that Jiang Li didn’t receive any teaching from a master.  

He was the head of the scholars, the emperor’s respected teacher, the chief assistant in court with profound learning.

Yet his biological daughter actually couldn’t recognize nor write a character.

If word came out, how ridiculous it was.   

Although Liu Yuan Feng’s words were not pleasant to hear, upon pondering, it wasn’t without any basis.

So Jiang Yuan Bai immediately considered finding a master to come and give lessons to Jiang Li.

Hearing what was said, Ji Shuran relaxed her breath and said with a smile: “I thought what it was about, so it was actually about this.

Master does not have to be anxious, even though people advocate talent, they are somewhat a bit more lenient towards females.

Li’er’s age is not small anymore, even if she starts learning now, I’m afraid she couldn’t learn so much.

It’s better to invite a few masters to teach the four arts, and allocate a bit of time for each of them, as long as she could pass a little it should be fine.

Thus in the future when discussing Li’er‘s marriage, her husband’s family would still look at her a bit higher.”

“What you said is reasonable.” Jiang Yuan Bai said: “However, just learning the surface of each type, how can my Jiang daughter do this…..

“Master,” Ji Shuran smiled: “Not everything can be viewed unconditionally.

Li’er has never learned to read before, if you are being rigorous and demand too highly, it’s very likely that it will be counter productive.”

After considering it for a while, Jiang Yuan Bai nodded: “Just handle it like that.”

Out of topic:

Ah Li: Scum, this old mother used to be a bookworm ╭(╯^╰)╮

“He was the head of the scholars, the emperor’s respected teacher, the chief assistant in court with profound learning.

Yet his biological daughter actually couldn’t recognize nor write a character.

If word came out, how ridiculous it was.”  well that’s your fcking fault as a **ty father who literally forgot you had that daughter for so long, you deserve all the shame and faceslaps!

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1: Learning to read the book in this case is not just restricted to being literate.

But to also be able to learn all those literature which teach moral, conducts, etc which teach logic and reason


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