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Chapter 37 Part 1: Triumph

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Jiang Li did not know what Ji Chen shi and Ji Shuran were discussing.

However, she was clear that today’s matter of confronting Ji Shuran’s trap, her action, that is, the conflict with Ji Shuran, was displayed plainly in front of everyone.

Judging from how Ji Shuran acted towards Jiang second miss before, Ji Shuran really wasn’t a big-hearted person.

As the conflict intensified, Ji Shuran was bound to carry out more powerful methods.

Jiang Li was not afraid at all.

She used to follow Xue Huaiyuan around.

When Xue Huaiyuan handled government affairs, he didn’t shield her from them, instead he occasionally discussed them with her.

Jiang Li wasn’t a coward, in addition she had died once, harmed by the person who shared her bed.

The current her had a kind of resolute mind of being prepared to destroy indiscriminately.  

She returned to Fang Fei Garden and sat down to rest.

Not even half an hour had passed when an uninvited guest came.

Jiang Jing Rui carrying a grasshopper cage unsolicitedly arrived at Fang Fei Garden to drink tea.

This second brand’s young master had a defiant temper.

Both the second master, Jiang Yuang Ping, and the second madam, Lu shi, couldn’t discipline him.

Only the occasional words from Jiang Yuanbai, would Jiang Jing Rui listen to one or two.

However, this second young master could be regarded as quite familiar with Jiang Li. 

Jiang Li invited him to sit and asked: “What are you coming here for”

Jiang Jing Rui looked for a teacup and let Tong’er pour tea for him, not the slightest bit embarrassed.

He moved his head to look at Jiang Li and said: “What you did today was very beautiful.

Jiang You Yao and eldest aunt were both defeated by you.

I want to clap for you.”

These words spoken in the room, Tong’er who was pouring tea at the side heard and was somewhat angry.

Although this young master from the second branch seemed to not harbor hostility to her family’s miss, sometimes when looking at his attitude, he clearly didn’t attach any importance to Jiang Li and spoke as he pleased like this.

“Don’t talk nonsense.,” Jiang Li said faintly: “I was just telling the truth.”

“Why are you keeping it from me” Jiang Jing Rui fiddled with the teacup on the table, “I won’t say it out.”

“Cousin speaks as if I am very close to you.” Jiang Li laughed.

“Cousin” when this word came out, Jiang Jing Rui’s expression changed slightly.

He faced Jiang Li squarely and asked: “Jiang Li, what do you mean with this sentence”

“Is there something wrong with what I said”Jiang Li’s smile carried a trace of ridicule, “When I was criticized for cursing Jiang Youyao in the courtyard before, I once asked whether anyone believed me.

In the entire Jiang family, Madam Liu and Tong’er believed me but as I remember, there wasn’t you, cousin.” Jiang Li said: “If I were close with cousin, no matter what, cousin would also believe me even a bit, right! Therefore I say, I am not very close with cousin.” 

Jiang Jing Rui’s face turned red in an instant, but Tong’er hearing this from the side was relieved.

Of course it was like that, putting on a look of familiarity as if standing by Jiang Li’s side but at the crucial moment, he didn’t even dare to release a fart.

Might as well be an outsider who was not related to each other.

This kind of person, how could he be counted as an acquaintance. 

Jiang Jing Rui was always a smooth talker and best at quibbling.

But when he wanted to refute, he caught sight of Jiang Li’s eyes and the words that were about to spill from his mouth went down his throat and nothing could come out.

Jiang Li’s eyes were like transparent stream water, extremely clear as if they could see through all the lies in the world.

Jiang Jing Rui felt somewhat embarrassed all of a sudden, as if he was sitting on pins and needles.

He regarded himself as having a pretty good relationship with Jiang Li, he also had reminded Jiang Li and believed that he had done his utmost.

However, he didn’t foresee Jiang Li to ask him outright with the question, why didn’t you stand by my side  Jiang Li asked so calmly but on the contrary, it made him look like a vile person.

Chapter 37 Part 2: Triumph

“Cousin was unwilling to offend mother because of me, I understand this very well.

All the people in the Jiang residence are fully aware of the principle of putting their own safety before anything else, I also won’t blame them.

Just, in the future cousin must no longer speak so familiarly with me.

I, this person, don’t like to keep up appearances the most.” Jiang Li spoke, not urgently nor slowly. 

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Jiang Jing Rui only felt these words were extremely ear-piercing and didn’t know how to reply.

Jiang Li was simply mocking him as having no guts and not daring to stick his head out.

In the end, he was a young man in the prime of youth who was normally pampered and spoiled since young.

How could he accept this insult

He immediately said: “I got it, don’t speak so peculiarly.

Later on I just won’t come anymore!” Done speaking, he put down his teacup with a bang and walked out furiously.

Tong’er was startled and grumbled: “How could the second young master have such a violent temperament.” Then she looked at Jiang Li, “Did miss speak to him too anxiously” 

“Jiang Jing Rui, this person, his inherent quality is not bad.” Jiang Li tapped her cup, “Although selfish, it is not to a degree of cold-blooded selfishness.

Otherwise he wouldn’t give me a reminder before.

Being in a large, famous family, the interests are complex and it’s necessary to be somewhat apprehensive about everything.

I can understand what he did, but I don’t like it.”

Perhaps it was due to Xue Huaiyuan teaching her to distinguish clearly right from wrong.

Jiang Li herself utterly loathed this kind of person.

Saying that he was a good person, he was hateful.

Saying that he was a bad person, there were times that he wasn’t thoroughly bad, making people feel complicated.

“I said it like that either to make him thoroughly hate me and have no other contact with me or let him feel guilty towards me.

From then, my matter will no longer be observed.

Thus, his approach will be transparent and not vague.

If you retain a vague person by your side, it will eventually be a hidden danger, afraid one day you will be stabbed from the back.”

Tong’er didn’t fully understand but nodded her head: “What miss said makes sense.

Otherwise, today also wouldn’t let Xiang Qiao suffer the consequences of her own actions.”

That day, when Xiang Qiao returned from Warm and Courteous Courtyard, she right away took the small box where Jiang Li kept the head ornament and fiddled with it.

From time to time she showed a look of reluctance.

Tong’er informed this matter to Jiang Li and she immediately guessed that Ji Shuran probably wanted to tamper with the birthday present.

Jiang second miss had the reputation of harming her stepmother and murdering her brother, it wasn’t hard to guess Ji Shuran’s plan.

Jiang Li asked Tong’er to bribe a person from outside to say there was an artisan who could imitate and make counterfeit goods.

Sure enough, Xiang Qiao went to search for this artisan to make a substitute for the head ornament.

Jiang Li also let Tong’er say many unpleasant words about Xiang Qiao in front of Yun Shuang.

She also mentioned that Xiang Qiao had received a lot of rewards from Jiang Li.

Seeing red, Yun Shuang learned about Jiang Li’s plan and was jealous of Xiang Qiao.

This made Yun Shuang decide to take advantage of the situation and assisted Jiang Li in putting Xiang Qiao to her death. 

And so, when Xiang Qiao was caught, Jiang Li said something to Yun Shuang, letting Ji Shuran’s suspicion arise.

The matter went very smoothly.

Yun Shuang settled Xiang Qiao on behalf of Jiang Li, Ji Shuran settled Yun Shuang on behalf of Jiang Li.

The people in the whole Fang Fei Garden from top to bottom were also purged and replaced, it was done once and for all. 

Among these, Xiang Qiao’s greed, Yun Shuang’s jealousy, Ji Shuran’s suspicion were closely linked to one another, not a single one was dispensable.

What Jiang Li made use of was exactly that, the evil in human nature. 

Human nature was the most difficult to fathom, but also the most easy to grasp.

Adding a little bait, one could obtain their purpose.

All of these started the moment Jiang Li rewarded Xiang Qiao with a hair clip, the seed was buried then. 

The hunter had set the trap from the beginning, and ultimately, the prey was caught in the net. 

In this round, Jiang Li won.


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