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Chapter 36 Part 1: Discussion

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Jiang Li looked at the two people in front of her. 

Jiang You Yao and Zhou Yan Bang were standing very close to each other.

Their marriage was known throughout the whole capital, it was understandable as soon-to-marry couple that they were a bit close.

But looking at Zhou Yan Bang’s complexion, he looked a bit ill at ease. 

Jiang You Yao once again started talking naively: “Second sister, what were you two talking about just now, so full of heartfelt emotions Why didn’t you continue after I arrived”  

“We didn’t say anything,” Jiang Li said: “It was just accidentally meeting the heir and merely called out a greeting before you quickly arrived.” Jiang Li laughed: “Since third sister is here, third sister should get along well with the heir.

I’ll go back first.” After she finished talking, she didn’t wait for Zhou Yan Bang and Jiang You Yao’s reply and directly left, taking Tong’er along with her.

Zhou Yan Bang couldn’t help gazing at Jiang Li’s departing back.

Jiang You Yao saw this and secretly clenched her teeth.

On the road back, Tong’er asked Jiang Li in a low voice: “Miss, it’s better for you not to pay attention to Zhou heir.”

“What are you trying to say”

Seeing that Jiang Li wasn’t angry, Tong’er had a bit more courage and said: “Although miss and Zhou heir had an engagement before, the person who is engaged to Zhou heir at this time is the third miss.  Now miss has come back, but master will not wish to revert the engagement.

Marriage is not a trifling matter, going back and changing minds two or three times, we, the Jiang family will become the laughingstock in Yanjing.

Master definitely won’t let this matter happen.”

“The second thing,” while talking, Tong’er sized up Jiang Li’s expression, “just now this Zhou heir’s expression while looking at miss was too affectionate.

He is currently third miss’s fiancé, not only did he not pay attention to his status, he still behaved like this.

It’s clear that he really is not a good match.


“I know.” Jiang Li smiled: “I naturally know he isn’t a good match.

However, our Tong’er can actually think so much, truly has made me sit up and take notice.” 

Tong’er, this girl was carefree.

In normal days, except for her loyalty, there was nothing particularly special.

Unexpectedly, despite being usually careless, she was quite sharp at times and would not be blinded by momentary benefit.

Jiang Li liked it very much. 

Tong’er heard Jiang Li praising herself and laughed: “Miss doesn’t need to panic.

Our lady is Jiang family’s miss from the first legal wife.

Don’t need to mention Ningyuan Marquis’s heir, even being a princess1 is possible.

In the days that follow, slowly pick a good husband that can match you well.”

Jiang Li smiled when she heard her.

In the end, Tong’er was still a bit naive and wasn’t aware how fearful gossips could be.

With just her sole charge of formerly plotting to murder her stepmother, it was already sufficient to let her be of no interest in Yanjing.

Otherwise, at that time Jiang Yuanbai wouldn’t send her to the nunnery.

It was because he knew Jiang second miss would not go through life any better in Yanjing . 

But, in any case, she wasn’t planning to marry in this life.


Meanwhile, in Warm and Graceful Courtyard, Ji shi and Ji Chen shi were talking.

(Ji shi is Ji Shuran and Ji Chen shi is her sister)

The guests had all dispersed.

Today, Jiang You Yao’s birthday ceremony had actually become a mess, everything was in disorder.

Others saw it and would say that as the female master, she could not manage the household and that the backyard was disorderly. 

Jiang Yuanbai’s eyes as he was leaving made Ji shi thoroughly angry.

Jiang Yuanbai had clearly blamed her. 

Originally, she wanted to pack up Jiang Li nicely, but Jiang Li unexpectedly managed to free herself and retreat.

Along the way, she also made her lose one of her servant girls, Xiang Qiao.

Not just this, today, people with discerning eyes could see through the twists and turns.

Those madams and young ladies liked talking about matters in the backyard the most.

The smart ones could make out that there was something strange.

Chapter 36 Part 2: Discussion

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Ji Shuran wasn’t afraid of anyone discovering anything strange.

As a female master, whose hands were clean without any kind of tricks Yet after employing her trick but still losing, it was suffering a double loss1.

If this came out, perhaps people would laugh very loudly.

It was like admitting that her skill was not as good as other people, losing in the hand of a young silly girl.

Ji Shuran was proud and arrogant.

Returning to her courtyard, she had angrily swept the entirety of vases and pots in the room. 

Ji Chen shi comforted her: “With you doing things like this, if seen by others they’ll say that you are losing your cool.

Where is the style of a chief assistant’s madam.” 

“Jie jie, I really cannot swallow this breath.” Ji Shuran said hatefully: “Jiang Li, that young slut is really too evil! Her age is not much different from You Yao, yet she is so clever.

You’ve also seen this matter, how could she make such a scheme!” 

Ji Chen shi said: “She is indeed not simple, you also shouldn’t lose your head in panic.” Ji Chen shi instructed the servant girl to close the door and continued: “At present, you are the master in the Jiang residence main room.

Don’t forget that you have given Jiang Yuanbai a pair of children and his heart is biaised towards you.

Jiang Li is a daughter that has been forgotten, would there be someone in the Jiang residence who would really regard her as a young lady If you want to deal with her, it’s still not that easy.

Remember to slowly plan, don’t let anyone grab a handle.

Look at what happened with Xiang Qiao this time, you almost meet with mishap.” 

Ji Shuran slowly calmed down and said: “I know.”

Yun Shuang had already been taken away.

In the end, Jiang Li’s words had arisen suspicion in Ji Shuran despite Yun Shuang’s explanation that it was due to the jealousy between Xiang Qiao and her that had made the situation turn out like it was.

But no matter whether it was true or false, Yun Shuang had caused Ji Shuran to fail at the last minute.

Making such a mistake, she could not be allowed to stay.

As for what method she used, in short, if others asked, she just merely said that Yun Shuang was unable to stand Xiang Qiao’s death and packed up her things and returned home.

“It was that Madam Liu,” Ji Chen shi‘s complexion became gloomy, “they’ve set themselves against our Ji family two or three times already.

Last time Father told me, Liu Yuan Feng has once again partaken in his report.

This Liu Yuan Feng really doesn’t know how to appreciate favors.

Now that Madam Liu has also repeatedly opposed us, it really is making people angry.”

“Really makes people fed up.” Ji Shuran immediately chipped in: “At that time, if it were not because of her meddling, how would Jiang Li have had the chance to go back to Yanjing!” 

“It’s nothing,” Ji Chen shi said: “The Liu family dared to set themselves against our Ji family, naturally they will have to eat the fruit.2 The most important is yourself,” Ji Chen shi repeatedly warned Ji Shuran, “This time you’ve provoked Jiang Yuanbai’s anger, you must carefully placate him.

As for Jiang Li, don’t be anxious, just casually find a way.

Anyway she is now right under your nose, don’t forget, the major event in her life is still grasped in your hand, it’s easy to create a stumbling block.”

Ji Shuran nodded: “What you said is reasonable.”

Just at this time, a person suddenly ran inside, it was precisely Jiang You Yao.

She appeared angry and her features looked distorted.

Seeing that both Ji Chen shi and Ji Shuran were present, she didn’t bother with anything else and immediately said: “Mother, aunt, Jiang Li that young vixen actually seduced Zhou heir in front of me, shameless! You must give her a lesson for me!”

“How dare she” Ji Shuran teng all of a sudden got up.

“She dared.” Jiang Youyao felt extremely aggrieved, “Mother, she didn’t put us in her eyes like this, how can we tolerate it Mother, you must vent this bad breath for me!”


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