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Chapter 35 Part 1: Heir

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Jiang Li took Tong’er and brushed past the Shen mother and daughter.

Her face still carried the same smiling expression as just now, as if it had turned into a natural mask.

Yet with a careful look, the arc of the smile was somewhat cold.

As expected, Shen Ruyun and Mother Shen had come.

She went to the capital after she married Shen Yurong.

Mother Shen was not a mother-in-law that was easy to get along with.

Shen Ruyun was even more willful and selfish.

Xue Huaiyuan loved his daughter dearly and used up what he had to give her a lot of dowries.

Those dowries were used to subsidize the Shen family.

In addition, her clothes and jewelry were taken by Shen Ruyun saying that she was fond of them. 

She’s not a saint.

She’s also someone who was doted on and held dearly in the palm in the Xue family.

Shen Ruyun and mother Shen made her annoyed, she also revealed her dissatisfaction.

At these times, Shen Yu Rong would timely stand up and say how the widowed mother and younger sister raised him up from a young age to adulthood.

The accomplishment he achieved today was entirely from their contribution and he asked Xue Fang Fei to treat them better.

Xue Fang Fei’s heart was good after all, thinking it wasn’t easy for the two weak women to take care of Shen Yu Rong, she tried to endure as much as possible.

However, being tolerant wasn’t returned with the same respect.

In her final six months, mother Shen and Shen Ruyun had never come to console her.

Sometimes they even stood outside the door, chatting with a volume that she could hear.

Asking why she hadn’t died yet after creating such a scandal and implicating their Shen family.

If Xue Fang Fei’s heart wasn’t tough, she’d probably be unable to endure and committed suicide to prove her innocence. 

“Miss” Tong’er sensed the mood of the person beside her was amiss and called out softly.

Jiang Li came out of her reverie and smiled: “I’m fine.” Yet she was thinking, there’s no way that mother Shen and Shen Ruyun had no inkling of  Shen Yurong and Princess Yongning’s affair.

Princess Yongning could enter the Shen family house as if entering an unmanned place, clearly she was familiar with the people in the Shen family.

In accordance to the Shen family’s character of taking advantage of the situation, the blue-blooded imperial princess was indeed much more profitable than a minor official’s daughter.

Today she also saw with her own eyes mother Shen and Shen Ruyun’s clothing and jewelry.

Judging by Shen Yurong’s official salary alone, afraid it would be barely enough to buy those.

This ought to be Princess Yongning’s “kindness”.

Jiang Li thought and felt in her heart that the Shen family was lamentable and pitiful.

It’s true that Princess Yongning was noble, but without changing the color of her face, she was able to kill the wife and terminate the heir.

How could she get along with others The Shen family members only saw the benefit in front of them, not realizing that the days spent crying would come later.

She’s happy to watch the play.

Shen family members, Shen Yurong, Princess Yongning, were the murderers that killed her family and ruined her.

This debt, she would make them pay back bit by bit.  

The two people walked back to Fragrant Courtyard.

Even though today Jiang Li was proven innocent during Jiang You Yao’s birthday ceremony, she still appeared to be the neglected daughter of the Jiang family.

Her movements weren’t noticed by anyone.

Chapter 35 Part 2: Heir

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They had only walked halfway when they came face to face with a man.

Since when was there a male in the Jiang family’s backyard Jiang Li halted her footsteps so there was quite a good distance to separate her from the man.

The man also observed the etiquette and no longer advanced. 

 Jiang Li moved to the side to take another route yet that man suddenly opened his mouth and softly said: “Second miss”

Second miss His tone… he seemed to be familiar with her.

Jiang Li looked sideways at the man.

The man appeared to be 17 or 18 years of age, his whole body was dressed in a rosin-colored long gown made of delicate material.

His hair was bound together with a jade hairpin and his body was like jade, appearing outstandingly handsome and talented.

A totally beautiful male, his temperament was significantly quiet and refined, his gaze moved as he looked at Jiang Li.

Jiang Li fixed her attention on him.

Perhaps the expression in her eyes showed too much unfamiliarity, making the man feel somewhat embarrassed.

He hesitated for a bit before speaking: “Perhaps second miss doesn’t remember, I1  am Zhou Yan Bang.” 

Zhou Yan Bang Jiang Lu suddenly realized.

Tong’er by her side even nearly cried out loud.

 It turned out to be Marquis Ningyuan’s heir, Zhou Yan Bang.

When she was still Xue Fang Fei, she often heard the name of this person through her sister-in-law’s lips, though she never met the person.

She only knew that he was a jade and wind-like beautiful man.

Now as Jiang Li, Zhou Yan Bang was actually her ex-fiancee.

This was really rather laughable.

 Jiang Li paused before greeting: “Heir.”

A very normal tone without any excitement or any complicated feelings.

So simple, as if treating a stranger on the street.

Zhou Yan Bang was somewhat surprised.

He knew about his marriage agreement with Jiang Li since he was young.

He wasn’t sensible then and didn’t feel anything much.

Afterwards, due to Jiang Li’s matter of plotting to harm his stepmother, she was sent to the Buddhist nunnery.

At that time.

Zhou Yan Bang constantly heard his parents mention whether they should withdraw from this marriage agreement or not.

But at the end his fiancee was somehow replaced by Jiang You Yao. 

Zhou Yan Bang had seen Jiang You Yao, a dainty and pleasant girl, pure and lovely young lady.

He was very satisfied with Jiang You Yao and had no objection to this marriage. 

However, today he came to participate in Jiang You Yao’s birthday ceremony and saw Jiang Li, who he hadn’t seen for many years. 

Pertaining his memory of Jiang Li, Zhou Yan Bang merely remembered a chubby girl with a bad temper.

However during the birthday ceremony, Jiang Li’s appearance had caused ripples in his heart. 

Jiang You Yao was like a delicate and fine gem, suitable for being in the house.

Yet Jiang Li’s noble poise and elegance resembled the brightly shining moonlight in the sky, in sight but unattainable.

Zhou Yan Bang had been watching Jiang Li attentively from the beginning from among the male guests.

He saw Jiang Li being criticized by everyone, then neither hurriedly nor slowly turn the tide, raising his appreciation.

Zhou Yan Bang was pleasantly surprised to have met her by accident in the backyard of the Jiang residence at this time.  

This had made Zhou Yan Bang somewhat disappointed. 

Probably the more something was unattainable, the better it was.

Jiang Li being unfamiliar with him like this had made Zhou Yan Bang’s heart undulate.

He thought, a few days ago he had clearly heard how Jiang Li was so broken-hearted upon learning of Jiang You Yao and his marriage arrangement that she jumped into the lake.

Thinking about it now, maybe the news at that time caused injury to Jiang Li, that was why she was treating him so coldly now.

Perhaps he should have a chat with his father and discuss this marriage again.

Zhou Yan Ban had this thought and again looked at Jiang Li as if he was looking at his fiancée.

Jiang Li frowned slightly, Zhou Yan Bang’s gaze while looking at her didn’t have the slightest unfamiliarity.

When she was Xue Fang Fei, even after she had married Shen Yurong, there were still a lot of gazes like this looking at her.

It was disgusting.

She had no wish to talk with Zhou Yan Bang.

Although she had become Jiang second miss, she didn’t want to have any relation with this person.

Jiang Li was about to leave when she suddenly heard a tender shout from behind: “brother heir!”

Jiang Li’s teeth almost ached from this shout.

She turned her body to see Jiang You Yao run over with tiny steps.

In one breath she had reached Zhou Yan Bang’s side.

She raised her head and smiled: “Brother heir, second sister, what are you talking about so happily”

Although she was smiling, her gaze as she looked at Jiang Li was just like catching a couple having an affair, an ominous glint was revealed in her eyes.


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Rap blackboard! Everybody take a good look! Shen Yurong is a Phoenix man, must not by all means marry a Phoenix man!  (T/N:Phoenix man: Refers to a man who grew up poor and in the countryside, but thanks to their efforts and the support of others, is able to move to a big city and become successful.)

Of course heir Zhou this kind of despicable scumbag also cannot~

It’s better to seek refuge in the Duke, *heart*~

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