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Chapter 34 Part 1: Two Birds

Everyone was astonished to suddenly hear Yun Shuang’s name come out from Jiang Li’s mouth.

In the crowd, Yun Shuang was caught unaware by the call of her name.

Until she had heard what Jiang Li said clearly, her first reaction was to look at Ji Shuran’s expression. 

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From across the crowd, Yun Shuang could feel Ji Shuran staring at her as if looking at a dead man.

She subconsciously wanted to shake her head to deny but Jiang Li once again turned to her, looking very grateful, seemingly still wanting to show her appreciation, and said: “Yun Shuang reminded me before to be vigilant with Xiang Qiao.

At that time I didn’t believe her very much.

Now, thinking about it, I was too conceited.

Thank you, Yun Shuang.” She then said to Ji Shuran: “Although mother made an error with Xiang Qiao, Jiang Li gives many thanks for mother’s effort in sending a considerate Yun Shuang to my side.”

Ji Shuran squeezed out a smile.

Nevertheless, no one knew what she was feeling at this moment.

It was too late for Yun Shuang to say anything at this time.

Moreover, she truly was unable to refute in front of the guests.

Xiang Qiao had indeed hidden the ruby head ornament well, however Yun Shuang had followed her closely and dug it out to secretly place it in her room.

Most people on earth suffered the misfortune of injustice.

Both Xiang Qiao and her were arranged by Ji Shuran to be the spies at Jiang Li’s side.

But relying on her mouth, Xiang Qiao had surprisingly received a lot of rewards from Jiang Li’s hand.

Perhaps they might not even be able to obtain those rewards even if they had stayed by Ji Shuran’s side for another 10 years.  

Red eyed, Yun Shuang looked at Xiang Qiao even more unfavorably.

She overheard Tong’er and Jiang Li’s plan and understood that in order to counter Ji Shuran, Tong’er would prove that Xiang Qiao had replaced the head ornament in front of the guests.

Thus, Yun Shuang stealthily placed the head ornament in Xiang Qiao’s room. 

Even by doing this, Ji Shuran’s plan wouldn’t work anymore.

Then why Even if Yun Shuang told Ji Shuran of Jiang Li’s plan, Ji Shuran would make another arrangement, she wouldn’t get any credit either, yet it would not hurt Xiang Qiao even a bit.

However, following Jiang Li’s plan, Xiang Qiao would certainly die.

In the Jiang residence, there was no way out for a deep, unfathomable mind of a lower person harming the master.

In addition, she had messed up the task Ji Shuran handed to her.

How could Xiang Qiao possibly have a good end 

Originally, everything clearly fell on Xiang Qiao very smoothly without a hitch.

Who would have imagined that nearing the end, Jiang Li’s words would bring Yun Shuang into the abyss.

Yun Shuang’s legs were soft and she almost knelt on the ground.

  Jiang Li’s smile became more vivid.

Ji Shuran was probably a suspicious person, and her words would immediately give way for Ji Shuran to really doubt Yun Shuang.

After all, something that seemed certain was suddenly saved at the end, not possible unless there was a hidden traitor informing Jiang Li.

Naturally, Xiang Qiao would not dig her own grave, then there could only be Yun Shuang.

 Up to here, the truth of the matter had come to light.

Old Madam Jiang spoke coldly: “What are you waiting for Bring this servant girl who brought calamity and chaos to the house away, drag her down and hit her to death with a stick!” 

Xiang Qiao’s pair of eyes opened wide, her mouth that was blocked by a cloth could only sound “wu wu”.

With no other alternative, she could only look towards Ji Shuran.

But at this time, how could Ji Shuran talk about their unclear relationship for her.

She even so much as urged: “Be quick, didn’t you hear mother’s words”

Chapter 34 Part 2: Two Birds

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Xiang Qiao struggled as she was dragged down, and the guests who were watching felt a trace of coldness in their hearts.

The rules in the Jiang residence were harsh, worthy of Jiang Yuan Bai.

Even if he normally appeared good-natured, his methods were not trivial.

Yun Shuang got goosebumps on her back as she watched.

She was vaguely aware that her taking advantage of the situation to set up Xiang Qiao was perhaps a huge mistake.

Jiang Li put her palms together in prayer and softly prayed “Amitabha Buddha”.

Everyone looked at her, the center of the whirlpool of today’s matter, the eye of the wind that began the entire disturbance.

At present, she slightly bowed her head as if she couldn’t bear the end of Xiang Qiao and appeared even more pure, simple and benevolent.  

Old Madam Jiang looked complicatedly at Jiang Li and said to Ji Shuran: “Since Xiang Qiao is no longer by Li girl side, give her a new servant girl.

Tomorrow the old servant in the house will bring some people in, let Li girl pick a few herself.” 

Tong’er heard what was being said and her heart moved.

She promptly opened her mouth and said with a crisp voice: “Replying to old madam, the servant girls for sweeping Fang Fei Garden were previously arranged by Xiang Qiao.

Since Xiang Qiao, this person, has a problem in her morality and conduct, Old Madam please also let that group of people go and choose again.

So that Fang Fei Garden can be clean inside and outside.”

Just a remark, but the indirectly mentioned Ji Shuran’s face grew even hotter, her heart angry.

A small servant girl actually dared to criticize her.

However, no matter how enraged she was, it wasn’t revealed on her face.

Old Madam Jiang said: “Handle it as you said.”

Ji Shuran hurriedly agreed and smiled at Jiang Li to say: “Previously mother was unclear, nearly made a big mistake.

Let’s do it this way, return Yun Shuang to my side.

Tomorrow Li’er can personally choose your close-fitting servant girl, does it sound good”

Jiang Li showed a bit of regret: “Actually I think that Yun Shuang is very good, it’s better to let her continue staying by my side.

But what mother said is reasonable, in that case, I will listen to mother.” 

Listening to Jiang Li’s words, Yun Shuang was scared stiff.

Jiang Li’s words simply pushed her into the fire pit! Ji Shuran was already suspicious of her, making her stay by her side was nothing more than for the purpose of torturing her.

And it happened that Jiang Li still poured oil on the fire1 .

“Today we let everyone see a joke,” the way Old Madam Jiang handled this matter was good enough.

In a low voice, she said: “My Jiang residence’s discipline towards the lower people was lacking, creating such a laughable matter and disturbing everyone’s mood.

This old body will take the blame on behalf of Jiang residence.”

The guests didn’t dare to accept, Jiang Yuan Bai also spoke: “We will invite everyone to gather on another day.”

The people who came to observe the birthday ceremony today precisely wanted to see this good drama.

However, there was little gain.

Jiang You Yao, the original leading role, was even neglected by everyone.

Shen Ruyun and Mother Shen were led out by the Jiang family’s servants and Shen Ruyun couldn’t help commenting in a low voice: “I see that third miss is just so so, yet Jiang second miss is difficult to deal with.

Only with a few words she could reverse the general situation, I’m afraid her mind is not shallow.”

Shen Ruyun hated Jiang You Yao because Jiang You Yao was Zhou Yan Bang’s fiancée.

Today Jiang Li turned the situation around, on the surface it was as if punishing Xiang Qiao, but in truth it also was sweeping Ji Shuran’s face.

It was also to take the light away from Jiang You Yao.

Shen Ruyun was happy to see Jiang Li make Jiang You Yao lose her self-control.

However, this did not mean that Shen Ruyun would like Jiang Li.

In her words, if Jiang You Yao didn’t replace Jiang Li, Zhou Yan Bang’s fiancée at present should be Jiang Li. 

They were all rivals in love, all equally annoying.

In the middle of speaking, suddenly a person shouted by her side: “Miss.” Shen Ruyun and Mother Shen turned their heads around to see two people walking towards their direction.

The two people were the ones in the limelight just now, Jiang second miss and her servant girl, Tong’er. 

Jiang second miss also saw them and her footsteps slowly came to a stop.

She faced them and smiled while slightly nodding her head before passing by.

Since originally they were not familiar, it couldn’t be considered lacking in manners.

Only at that moment, Shen Ruyun suddenly felt Jiang second miss’s style when she smiled and nodded her head was familiar.

Where have I seen it

haha You Yao you wanted a perfect ceremony to ruin JL but in the end your ceremony got screwed hard by your own hands

I’m leaving for vacations today so the next 2 weeks chapters will most likely come with delay


1: 火上澆油: to pour oil on the fire (idiom); fig.

to aggravate a situation / to enrage people and make matters worse


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