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Chapter 31: Fake

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Suddenly a crisp voice sounded, extremely loud and clear in the silence.

It was coming precisely from the small servant girl standing in front of Jiang Li, Tong’er.

With a loud voice, Tong’er said, “This servant believes young lady!”

Jiang Li was startled.

Before she managed to speak, another female voice was heard.

Someone said, “I also believe second miss Jiang did not do this thing.”

Jiang Li turned her head to see that it was actually Madam Liu who had a predestined affinity with her on Mount Qingcheng.

Madam Liu saw Jiang Li looking at herself and right away exposed a placating smile to her.

Madam Liu said: “In the final analysis, the so-called witness testimony at the moment is just this servant girl’s side of the story.” She glanced at Xiang Qiao cowering on the ground and continued, “this servant girl can say that Jiang second miss did this thing.

Jiang second miss can also say that she didn’t do this thing.

It’s nothing but each person sticking to their own story.

Lord Jiang, as the cabinet chief assistant, not believing his own daughter, instead believed a servant girl who’s neither a relative nor a friend.

With this kind of behavior, I’m afraid the people in the middle of the court would refuse to accept this.”

This act was obviously to get Jiang Li out of the predicament.

Jiang Yuan Bai was stunned for a moment.

Chengde Official, Liu Yuan Feng and Ji family had disagreement, yet they were harmonious with the Jiang family.

Just now Madam Liu didn’t hesitate to offend the Jiang family to speak up for Jiang Li.

A warm feeling rushed forth in Jiang Li’s heart.

From a small age, Xue Huaiyuan and her lived in Tongxiang.

Xue Huaiyuan was a county deputy handling many cases.

He didn’t usually hide these cases from her.

She was aware of the sinister world, yet also constantly moved by people’s kindness.

In the cold as ice Jiang family, at this time, she wasn’t alone.

There was a loyal Tong’er, and in addition, Madam Liu who was ready to pull out a knife.

At once, they dispelled the gloomy feeling there.

Jiang Yu’e saw that it wasn’t good for Ji Shuran and Jiang You Yao to open their mouths.

This matter naturally once again fell on her head.

Using a voice that wasn’t light nor heavy, she said: “Each sticking to their own version, but it’s not as if Jiang Li hadn’t done such things before.

She could really do this!”

That’s right, Jiang Li had previously harmed her stepmother until she miscarried.

Now it was merely cursing the sister, what was impossible

What people are willing to believe depends on what they see.

Jiang Li had a vicious character, ruthless nature, harsh and merciless.

She was an ungrateful white-eyed wolf.

Everyone knew that.

This kind of person, doing this kind of thing was common, was natural.

In the instance there wasn’t any other evidence, even if it couldn’t be confirmed that this matter wasn’t her doing, this accusation would still fall on her head.

Madam Liu frowned, she had already realized this point.

But this matter came so abruptly, to look for the evidence from scratch that Jiang Li didn’t do it was too difficult at this time.

Seeing how this matter seemed to have no room to save, Jiang Li slowly opened her mouth to ask: “Xiang Qiao, I’ll ask you again.

You saw with your own eyes that I carved this head ornament with a knife”

Xiang Qiao lifted her head up and touched Jiang Li’s gaze, she didn’t know why her heart trembled.

She composed herself and summoned her courage to speak: “This servant saw with her own eyes, second miss said she hates madam and third miss because third miss grabbed master’s affection and wanted to curse third miss…….”

Everyone was in a commotion.

Someone said: “So it was this way, really malicious ah…….”

Jiang Yuan Bai’s complexion turned uglier.

Jiang You Yao and Ji Shuran’s weeping grew even louder.

Ji Chen shi cleared her throat… then, she said: “Lord Jiang, you must give a statement in this matter.

In half of You Yao’s body flows the blood of the Ji family.

If this matter isn’t made clear, we will enter the palace and let Li pin concubine decide!”

It was clearly putting pressure on Jiang Yuan Bai.

Ji Chen shi’s threat didn’t scare Jiang Li.

She just said softly: “Xiang Qiao is the servant girl given to me by mother.

If Xiang Qiao was lying…….”

“Impossible.” Ji Shuran shook her head, “Xiang Qiao is a child born in the family.

I saw her growing up, her moral character and temperament are reliable and she’s hardworking.

If it wasn’t because Li’er just returned to the residence and lacked servants, originally I planned to keep Xiang Qiao.”

Tong’er couldn’t help sneering. Good moral character and nature, hardworking Go and deceive ghosts, right!

Jiang Li bowed her head to look at Xiang Qiao who was still prostrating on the ground.

She lowered her head and felt Jiang Li observing her closely and a layer of chill climbed up her back.

It was supposed to be a foolproof matter but when reaching this moment, a trace of unease suddenly flitted across Xiang Qiao’s heart.

In a flash, this unease became bigger and bigger, unexpectedly causing her to have the idea of retreating.

This was naturally impossible, she could only continue to sing this play until the end.

“I also think Xiang Qiao is really good.

These days she’s been by my side, always accompanying me to chat and relieve boredom.

Thanks to her good fortune, after I returned to the residence, the days have gone well.

Therefore, when she betrayed me, I felt deeply hurt.” Jiang Li spoke.

Xiang Qiao promptly said: “Second miss, it is not this servant betraying you, it’s just this servant…….

this servant really cannot see you continue step by step making mistakes.

This servant really cannot go against my own conscience ah!”

“Conscience” Jiang Li replied quietly and suddenly laughed.

She said: “Do you have it”

Xiang Qiao became more and more uneasy, she merely said: “this servant doesn’t know what this servant has done…….”

“I also don’t know what I did wrong for you to betray me.”

“Enough, second girl,” finally, Old Madam Jiang opened her mouth, “in the end, what do you actually want to say”

Jiang Li withdrew her gaze from Xiang Qiao’s body, looked at her surroundings and slowly said: “Since no one believes me, I must insist on finding out the evidence that I didn’t do it.

Otherwise, if these fingers pointed back at me, the spirit of my departed mother would also be distressed.”

Jiang Yuan Bai heard what was said and his complexion turned even uglier.

Jiang Li reached out her hand, walking towards Jin Xiang, the servant girl beside Jiang You Yao.

It was originally this servant girl who took out the ruby head ornament from the small box.

Jiang Li reached her side and once again picked up the head ornament placed inside the box.

The gem glistened under the sunlight, the color moving.

It should have been pure, yet due to the mottled knife scratches on the surface, it had become dull and ugly

As Jiang Li held the head ornament in her hand, suddenly, Ji Shuran felt somewhat wrong.

But before she opened her mouth, Jiang Li had spoken first.

She spoke: “This head ornament is the evidence.”

Her hand brushed past, gently and firmly, the smile at the corner of her mouth shone brightly just like before, yet it appeared ridiculing.

“This head ornament is fake.” She lowered her gaze, “this is not my head ornament.”


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