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Chapter 30: Nobody


Xiang Qiao’s sudden outburst shocked everyone.

However, the fiercest reaction didn’t come from Jiang Li, rather, it was from Tong’er.

At once, Tong’er blocked in front of Jiang Li, just like a mother hen protecting its chick she protected Jiang Li behind her body, and with a loud voice she retorted: “Nonsense! Venomous slander! My family’s lady never did such a thing.

Xiang Qiao, I see that your conscience has been bitten by a wolf.

Actually tarnishing my family’s lady in this way!”

Xiang Qiao didn’t regard Tong’er, instead, she once again “thump thump thump” knocked her head down several times in succession towards old madam Jiang.

She spoke while weeping: “This servant doesn’t dare to tell lies, if there are half-false words, let the heavenly thunder split me in half!”

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“You!” Tong’er was so angry she couldn’t speak a word.

This Xiang Qiao unexpectedly dared to issue this kind of poisonous vow, clearly she threw caution to the wind and didn’t want her life anymore.

These words coming out from Xiang Qiao were like nailing the board on the accusation towards Jiang Li, no explanation was needed anymore.

Jiang Yu’e once again opened her mouth to ridicule: “Second sister, there isn’t even an item of jewelry on your body, yet you bought third sister a set worth 400 taels of head ornament with precious stones, it was indeed very generous.

Certainly with deep feelings between sisters, it’s possible to do so.

You’ve only returned to the capital for less than a month, didn’t expect your affections towards third sister to be this deep.”

The meaning of this sentence was, Jiang Li and Jiang You Yao originally were in disagreement, so how was it possible that Jiang Li had good intentions when she spent big money to buy the precious birthday gift sent to Jiang You Yao Clearly it was to move her hands and feet.

Jiang You Yao lifted her head, the rims of her eyes were red.

Feeling grievance, she still held a handkerchief to wipe the tear stains at the corner of her eyes.

She opened her mouth sorrowfully and said: “Second sister, I’m very happy you’ve returned home.

But I didn’t expect you would still blame me in your heart.”

“Li’er.” Ji Shuran, who hadn’t opened her mouth all along, walked forward.

She drew Jiang You Yao into her embrace and patted her arm in distress, then looked towards Jiang Li: “If you have any dissatisfaction towards me, you can go straight to me.

I regard myself as your mother and take care of you in every way, treating you with sincerity.

I am not unreasonably requesting that you can accept me, just hoping that you can look at your father’s face and our whole family can get along well, just like this.

But You Yao is your own sister.

How could you be so ruthless as to curse her, is it…….

You really don’t take blood relations into consideration” Speaking up to here, she appeared extremely heartbroken and held Jiang You Yao while constantly shedding tears.

These two mother and daughter were delicate and pitiful.

In a moment, they’d aroused many people’s sympathy, especially Ji Shuran’s last sentence, making people associate it with how Jiang Li once harmed Ji Shuran and caused her to lose her child.

The madams present were soft hearted, those who had children were even more partial towards Ji Shuran.

Someone whispered: “No wonder it’s not good to be a stepmother.

Pressed down by such a young lady, even a saint would feel difficult.”

Old madam Jiang’s face sank like water.

Such a good birthday ceremony unexpectedly ended with the present farce.

Today Jiang Li could be considered as completely throwing the entire Jiang family’s face away.

She looked criticizingly at Jiang Yuan Bai.

If Jiang Yuan Bai had managed his backyard in order, there wouldn’t be such troublesome things coming.

There was resentment in the way Jiang Yuan Bai looked at Jiang Li.

Ji Shuran’s remarks evoked his guilt.

After all, it was Jiang Li being naughty and mischievous that harmed Ji Shuran and made her lose her child.

That was also his, Jiang Yuan Bai’s child.

Today, Jiang Li once again did the same malicious thing.

The bit of affection that came about these days due to Jiang Li’s similarities with him also immediately disappeared into thin air.

Jiang Yuan Bai spoke: “Lowly girl, you still haven’t knelt” He was overwhelmed with disappointment, yet he didn’t worry about what was going to happen later.

Supposing that Jiang Li really knelt, she could be considered infamous in the circle of nobility in Yanjing.

In the future, even if she remained in the Jiang family, she would forever be unable to lift her head in front of Yanjing’s nobles.

No need to even mention anyone raising the issue of marriage.

A trace of happiness flashed through Jiang You Yao’s eyes.

Madam Liu was about to open her mouth when Jiang Li raised her eyebrows and instead asked: “Why should I kneel”

Nobody had foreseen Jiang Li to actually answer back in front of everyone.

Jiang Yuan Bai was stunned, Lu shi was somewhat astonished, Yang shi held Jiang Yu’e’s hand tightly, fearing Jiang Yu’e to sprout more nonsense.

“Your heart is not upright, cursing your sister.

As your father, I must discipline you properly, kneel!” Jiang Yuan Bai spoke angrily.

Jiang Li looked at him and spat out two words: “Won’t kneel.”

It was an unexpected showdown.

Tong’er was so scared that her body trembled, yet she remained standing in front of Jiang Li.

Not waiting for Jiang Yuan Bai to speak, Jiang Li opened her mouth once again: “If I make a mistake, father wanting to discipline me, this is a logical and rational thing.

But father, before I personally admitted that I have made a mistake, you already wanted to move.

Shouldn’t it be believing me, helping me and not helping other people to frame me and discipline me”

Jiang Li’s speech was extremely rude, the surrounding guests were embarrassed.

Who dared to speak this way to the majestic chief assistant Although Jiang Yuan Bai had the appearance of all smiles the whole day while sitting in court, nobody thought that Jiang Yuan Bai was a pushover.

“You still argue” Jiang Yuan Bai trembled from head to foot in anger.

“Li’er, Xiang Qiao already said that she saw it with her own eyes.

Until now, you still don’t admit that this was your doing” Ji Shuran said: “Although your father is angry, you are his biological daughter.

You admit it well and ask for forgiveness, and this matter will no longer be mentioned.”

Ji Shuran spoke magnanimously.

Jiang Li felt it was somewhat ridiculous. If I admit the mistake and ask for forgiveness, will this matter not be mentioned anymore

Of course not.

Once she admitted to this groundless accusation, she, Jiang Li, would forever never be freed from her malicious nature’s reputation.

What a vicious mind.

Even though she herself really didn’t care with this false reputation, that pitiful young lady, the real Jiang second miss wouldn’t agree.

Jiang Li said: “If I did it then I did it, if I didn’t do it, I don’t have such a good character as to want to be the scapegoat for someone who I don’t know but wants to splash dirty water on me.

Today I’ll say it here, the knife cuts on that set of head ornaments were not made by me.

The Sirs and Madams here, antyone believes me”

Everyone looked at her.

The girl spoke gently and softly, polite and amiable, her eyes and brows were elegant and graceful.

But, they were unexpectedly unbending and tenacious, not allowing any excuses.

The pair of eyes were like water, seemingly emanating stubbornness.

Nobody spoke.

Those guests casted their sights elsewhere.

That was not all, in the final analysis, today’s matter was the Jiang family’s house matter.

Old Madam Jiang stared at Jiang Li, not knowing what was on her mind.

Jiang Yuan Bai’s sight was filled with anger and regret.

Jiang You Yao and Ji Shuran were hugging together, shedding broken-hearted tears.

From the rear, Jiang Bing Ji looked at her with hostility, Jiang Yuyan assented, Jiang Yu’e was proud of herself, Yang shi evaded her sight, Lu shi still looked like she was watching a play.

Jiang Yuan Ping was pretending to be a wall, watching while smiling.

Jiang Yuan Xing lowered his head as if he didn’t see anything.

And Jiang Jing You and Jiang Jing Rui, at the moment they were gathered together whispering, as if they hadn’t heard Jiang Li’s words.

Really didn’t hear It was nothing more than putting one’s own safety before matters of principle.

Jiang Li swept her eyes over each one, the corner of her mouth was slightly raised.

Just, there were three parts of mocking in her smile.

A large Jiang residence, relatives whose blood was thicker than water, standing by her side, actually not one person believed her.

Jiang second miss was truly pitiful ah, Jiang Li sighed in her heart.

Yet no idea whether in the end this sigh was for Jiang second miss or for herself.


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