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Chapter 27 Part 1: Raw Jade

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Shen Ruyun absolutely couldn’t bear it.

Nowadays, her status had changed.

If Shen Yurong hadn’t become the top scorer and hadn’t become an official of the Ministry of Rites, last year she would have been married to the son of a small wine shop’s shopkeeper in Yanjing.

Just by this marriage, she could be considered to have already climbed up.

But ever since Shen Yurong became the top scorer and was appointed as an official in the Ministry of Rites by Hong Xiao Emperor himself, the tide changed.

Shen Ruyun’s status had also gone up step by step.

Shen Yurong had boundless prospects, moreover he was a young, talented and handsome man.

In addition, Shen Ruyun was aware that the present Shen Yurong had gained the favor of Princess Yongning.

In the future, their Shen family would be unspeakably nobler.

No need to mention a shopkeeper’s son, Shen Ruyun would not even look at normal official’s son.

There was someone in Shen Ruyun’s heart, which had the title of Yanjing’s beautiful man, Marquis Ningyuan’s heir, Zhou Yan Bang.

For a long time, Shen Ruyun had only looked at him silently.

Zhou Yan Bang was a heavenly cloud, while she, Shen Ruyun, was just the earth’s mud.

But now it was not the same.

Her status had changed which made Shen Ruyun realize that she was also qualified to stand by Zhou Yan Bang’s side and become Zhou Yan Bang’s wife. 

However, Marquis Ningyuan’s Zhou Yan Bang was engaged since he was young to the current Chief Assistant Jiang’s honorable second miss.

It’s just that the Jiang second miss’s nature was malicious.

At a young age, she dared to harm the stepmother and murder the younger brother.

Marquis Ningyuan’s family naturally wouldn’t let such a vicious miss enter the door.

As the family couldn’t annul the marriage, thus the marriage remained valid.

However, the candidate for marriage was changed from Jiang second miss to the younger Jiang third miss.  

The people of Yanjing had discussed this matter enthusiastically, yet no one felt that there was anything wrong in substituting Jiang second miss’s marriage.

No one protested either nor cried out against the injustice done to Jiang second miss.

That was because if they were in their shoes, they would also choose the dainty and pleasant Jiang third miss and not the cruel and malicious Jiang second miss.

Today was Jiang third miss, Jiang Youyao’s birthday celebration.

Everyone knew that once Jiang Youyao had reached marriageable age, the marriage to Marquis Ningyuan’s heir would soon be completed. 

Due to Shen Ruyun not being reconciled, she had specially follow Mother Shen to go together and take a look at the appearance of Zhou Yan Bang’s future wife.

So much so that in order to surpass Jiang Youyao, she had especially dressed up in bright colored clothes. 

The people who came today either wanted to curry Jiang Yuan Bai’s favor or wanted to build relationships with Jiang Yuan Bai.

Naturally, they would not forget to look at Jiang Youyao’s face.

All the noble ladies wore plain or mild colored clothes, not wanting to upstage the main lead of today.

Yet Shen Ruyun dressed this way, and had become very eye-catching there. 

Ji Shuran also saw Shen Ruyun’s attitude and was displeased.

However, she remembered Jiang Yuan Bai had previously mentioned that the current Minister of Rites, Shen Yurong, could not be underestimated.

If possible, it was better to rope him in.

As a result, Ji Shuran’s face still remained generous and joyous when dealing with the praise from the noble ladies.  

A famous madam who had a good relationship with Ji Shuran said: “ I heard the second miss in your house returned to the residence a few days ago.

I don’t know if she will attend the ritual today”

“She naturally will.” Ji Shuran smiled and continued: “She’s probably still dressing herself and thus a little late in coming.” Yet her words carried the meaning that Jiang Li did not listen to her teaching.

Sure enough, when this sentence came out, the surrounding madams casted out sympathized looks at Ji Shuran.

Some ladies with direct temperaments spoke from the side: “This second miss hasn’t returned to Yanjing for a long time.

Also don’t know how many of the rules and regulations in Yanjing that she can still remember.

At that time, her age was still small and hard to teach, but now…….” The words were left unfinished, but the meaning that remained was self-evident. 

Ji Shuran timely sighed and Jiang Yu’e who was sitting beside Yang shi rolled her eyes and immediately spoke: “Originally second sister couldn’t come to third sister’s birthday ceremony.

But last month there was an accident at the Buddhist nunnery where she was staying.

No idea why, uncle sent people to bring second sister to return.”

The words that Jiang Yu’e had spoken were somewhat complete, yet in the ears of the nobles who heard these words, there seemed to be another layer of meaning.

The madam who first asked Ji Shuran spoke softly: “I think your home’s second miss is someone with ability.”

She good-intentionally hinted that Jiang Li was able to return to Yanjing indicated that she was clever and was going to be difficult to handle.

Chapter 27 Part 2: Raw Jade

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Madam Liu, who was at the side, heard this Madam’s words and thought of saying a few sentences to defend Jiang Li.

But today, the people who just wanted to follow the harmony were too many.

Everyone who came to the Jiang residence today to attend the ritual wanted to make friends with Ji Shuran on the surface.

Afraid even if she took the initiative to say these sentences, no one would listen.

It might even cause more trouble to Jiang Li. 

Jiang Yu’e saw the corner of Ji Shuran’s mouth rise and she was pleased with herself.

Their third branch wasn’t very important in the Jiang residence.

She was the shu son’s daughter, merely relying on Yang shi and Jiang Yuan Xing, she would never get anything significant in this lifetime.

So  it was better to faw over this elder aunt.

It should be known that in the Ji family, there still was the favoured Li pin in the palace.

If she could make Ji Shuran happy, she might still eat a bit of cold leftovers.  

    Jiang Yuyan was not as shrewd as Jiang Yu’e and just sat woodenly next to Yang shi, who on one side was extremely angry looking at her own daughter’s shameful performance in fawning over Ji Shuran, while at the same time had no option but to let Jiang Yu’e did so. 

Lu shi was further away from them and didn’t sit on this side but the corner of her mouth also emerged a trace of a sneer.

Apparently, she was disgusted towards Jiang Yu’e’s attitude.  

Just as they were talking, the birthday ceremony was about to start.

Jiang Yuan Bai and Ji Shuran got up to stand on the steps located in the East side of the courtyard.

The guests stood at the outer courtyard and some entrusted with copper plates stood on the steps in the West side.  

   Jiang Youyao, escorted by a servant girl, came forward slowly.

Today, to complete the rite, Jiang Youyao was dressed in a wide-sleeved and long-skirted purple ceremonial robe, her hair combed into two knots which made it convenient for it to be pulled out later.

She was born attractive and spoiled, the fragrance belonging uniquely to young ladies made all the people at the scene feel beautiful.

Since she was young, Jiang Yuan Bai had pampered her which made her even more delicate, just like glittering jewels.

Such brilliant appearance immediately made her more distinct among the guests present. 

Comparing beauties, Shen Ruyun’s clothes were also bright, but no matter what, she was missing the temperament of a person who had lived like a princess.

Also her appearance was still a far cry from Jiang Youyao.

The young Jiang Bing Ji had also come to attend the ritual.

Sitting by old madam Jiang’s side, he said loudly: “Third sister is so beautiful!”

Jiang Youyao was delighted when she heard him and a smile came out within a split second.

The morning light was shining softly, her smile was bright and moving, extremely tender and captivating, making the people who were looking to be unable to take their eyes off her. 

Everyone was dumbfounded. 

Jiang Youyao saw this scene and was proud of herself.

She was even more delighted and was just about to speak when she was suddenly aware of something strange.

Those guests’ sight seemed to faintly go past her. 

   They were looking behind her

   What was behind her

Jiang Youyao turned her body around with some doubt.

Lifting her eyes, she caught sight of a girl walking slowly and gracefully.

That girl came from another side of the courtyard.

There were numerous plants and flowers in the Jiang residence’s courtyard and along the way, the girl parted the plants and willows.

Yet, without any reason, it made the people feel soft and fragrant.

Different from Jiang Youyao’s bright and colourful dress, this girl merely wore a light duck blue-green jacket.

There wasn’t even any embroidery on her clothes, it was extremely plain.

Even more contrasting was the head full of jet-black long hair just like ink that was gathered into a bunch using the same colored green jade hairpin. 

Her face was spotlessly white, her eyes clear, the corner of the mouth had a gentle smiling expression.

She looked clean and bright just like the color of her skirt. 

Not bright and colorful enough, yet elegant and transparent.

If Jiang Youyao was like a precious stone, she was precisely like a raw jade who had not undergone any carving.

Without any carving, also not necessary to be carved.

Jiang Youyao’s breathing was blocked.

Her fingernails nearly dug into her palm. 

They were looking behind her.

—— What’s behind her

——Behind her is Jiang Li

The one they were looking at was Jiang Li.


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