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Chapter 25 Part 1: Ah Lî

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Jiang Li wasn’t aware that her movements in front of Ji Xiang Lou were watched by someone.

When Tong’er came back from the pawn shop, she shook her head and spoke: “The jade that this servant pawned before was redeemed by someone else.

But while in the pawn shop, this slave found a piece of very beautiful jade pendant and bought it.” She spread out her hand when she was done speaking.

The quality of the jade pendant laying in the middle of Tong’er’s palm was just so-so.

In Jiang residence, Xiang Qiao was accustomed to seeing good things, so by comparison, this piece of jade really had nothing special.

If one were to say whether there was anything unusual about it, it was the carving of a fat racoon on it.

The carving was imitated perfectly, vivid and remarkably life-like.

Xiang Qiao only took a glance before moving her sight away.

On the contrary, Jiang Li was unable to take her eyes off it and didn’t want to part with it.

She said to Tong’er: “It’s pretty indeed.”

“This servant knew young lady would like it, since young lady likes it, just hold on to it.”

Jiang didn’t decline and accepted the jade pendant.

Upon seeing it, Xiang Qiao ridiculed in her heart, after all Jiang Li really was a country bumpkin who had stayed in the mountain for 8 years, liking such a lousy toy.

When they returned to Fang Fei Courtyard, it was already late in the evening.

No idea since when, Xiang Qiao had disappeared like a wisp of smoke.

Jiang Li was also aware that she certainly had gone to Warm and Graceful Courtyard to report to Ji Shuran.

Tong’er saw that there was no other person inside the room and closed the door, then she poured a cup of hot tea for Jiang Li.

She inquired quietly: “Young lady, why did you suddenly want this servant to redeem this piece of jade Who does this jade belong to Is there anything special”

They had relied on each other in Mount Qingcheng for 8 years.

Although they were master and servant, their relationship was better than the usual master servant relationship.

Tong’er was very clear about any matter regarding Jiang Li.

But didn’t know since when, Tong’er also no longer knew the meaning behind Jiang Li’s actions.

Just like the thing today.

Before they went out, Jiang Li told her to help her by all means to redeem a piece of jade pendant.

The words spoken in front of Ji Xiang Lou were all taught by Jiang Li beforehand.

What late mother, all of these were fabricated.

Jiang Li smiled at her: “You did very well.” While caressing the jade pendant, she said: “This jade pendant was an old friend’s.

That old friend is already gone.”

The jade pendant in her hand was personally carved by Xue Huaiyuan when she was born.

The night before Xue Fang Fei’s mother gave birth to her, Xue Huaiyuan had a dream.

In his dream, a racoon came in front of their family’s door and solemnly bowed.

Afterwards, when she was born, a yin yang Master was invited to look at Xue Fang Fei’s life.

The Master said that in her life, Xue Fang Fei would fall and wither, a beautiful woman suffering unhappy fates.

The always steady and upright Xue Huaiyuan was so angry he raised a stick and nearly beat the yin yang master to death.

His mouth said that he didn’t believe, but his heart nevertheless minded.

From neighbors far and near, he heard that it was best to choose a lowly pet name for unlucky people.

When the King of Hell and the lower demons heard, they would be disinclined to collect this lowly life.

As a result, Xue Huaiyuan did not give Xue Fang Fei a child’s name, rather, he directly added a pet name, Ah Lî. 

Xue Huaiyuan had saved half a year of his salary when he encountered a wandering merchant and bought the jade from his hand, it wasn’t very costly.

Then Xue Huaiyuan personally requested a senior monk to bless it, and personally carved it, wishing for Xue Fang Fei to be safe and sound and for her things to go smoothly throughout her life.

Afterwards, this piece of jade accompanied Xue Fang Fei up to the capital, Yanjing.

Later on, when Shen Yurong became the top scorer and became an official, he needed to make social interactions up and down.

The Shen family’s property was too meager, so Xue Fang Fei took out her whole dowry for him to use.

During the most hard-pressed time, this piece of jade was pawned.

Originally, she thought to wait for a few days until the home conditions had improved before bringing the jade pendant back.

Who would have imagined, not long after, the matter at the birthday feast occurred.

Her reputation was entirely ruined, she had no face to go out.

Until she passed away, she was not able to redeem this piece of jade.

Tong’er saw Jiang Li thinking of something, she didn’t know what it was but her expression was unexpectedly looking extremely desolate.

She couldn’t help opening her mouth: “Young lady…….”

Chapter 25 Part 2: Ah Lî

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Jiang Li came out of her daze and said with a smile: “Although my old friend is no longer in this world, I’m still here.”

Although Xue Fang Fei was no longer here, Jiang Li was still here.

Xue Fang Fei wasn’t able to redeem this jade, but Jiang Li was able to get it back.

Xue Fang Fei’s baby name was Ah Lî, Jiang Li’s name also was a single character “Li1”.

Perhaps this was a mysterious fate, letting her take the place of this pitiful lady to once more return to Yanjing. 

Jiang Li, Jiang Li2, the meaning of the name wasn’t good.

But after all, the former Xue Fang Fei3 also didn’t have a prosperous life in her lifetime.

It’s clear that in the end, destiny was in one’s own hands. 

Tong’er blinked, seeing Jiang Li’s smile, she was able to relax.

She seemed to recall something and said: “The two servant girls from Warm and Graceful Courtyard’susually don’t bother about their work.

Today also came a few sweeping servants from the outer courtyard, but they also slack off.

Young lady shouldn’t let them continue this way, Ji shi didn’t care about this thing, but master can’t be involved in the matters of the backyard.

Old Madam can take care of this, right!”  

“Old Madam is not close to me at all.

If I tell her this thing, she can take care of this for a while but she cannot manage it for a lifetime.

It’s better for me to take care of this matter myself.” Jiang Li shook her head.

Old Madam Jiang was powerful and capable.

Being calm and obedient might not necessarily get her favor.

Moreover, Jiang Li had previously made Old Madam Jiang’s heart cold.

If she really wanted to raise her dissatisfaction, it wasn’t known who she would lean towards more.  

“What does young lady plan to do” Hearing this, Tong’er was immediately eager to hear.

Ever since Jiang Li used the monkeys in Mount Qingcheng to plan her return to the capital, Tong’er had absolute belief in Jiang Li. 

 “In these few days, as much as possible, in front of Yi Shurang, just mutter to yourself about how much benefits I’ve given Xiang Qiao.” Jiang Li said: “More than half of the jewelry in the small box Ji shi sent over was given away to her.” 

“Young lady wants to drive a wedge between them” Tong’er was clever and promptly asked.  

“From the beginning, both of them couldn’t be considered close, it’s not possible to drive a wedge between them.” Jiang Li laughed, “This can be considered as simply giving them a small test, that’s all.”

Just a test, if won, then naturally they could live together in harmony.  If lost, then the whole game was lost. 


In Warm and Graceful Courtyard, Xiang Qiao was standing in the middle of a room.

Facing the table, Jiang Youyao was practicing writing characters, but her expression was obviously absent-minded.

Ji Shuran asked: “A ruby head ornament”

“Yes, the ruby head ornament from Jixiang Lou, 400 taels of silver.

This servant saw it personally.” said Xiang Qiao.

“What can a head ornament that costs 400 taels of silver be regarded as” Jiang Youyao felt disdainful. 

“Although it cannot be regarded as much, it also wouldn’t make her lose face.” Ji Shuran muttered, “It probably would be similar to what your two elder cousins from the second branch would send.” According to reason, she didn’t make an error in choosing it.  

Hearing what was said, Xiang Qiao thought in her mind, Ji Shuran saying this was clearly wanting to make a fuss during Jiang Youyao’s hairpin ceremony.

 “Mother, then what can make her have a good time” Jiang Youyao put her pen down and hastily looked at Ji Shuran. 

“These days she just returned to the capital, Liu Yuan Feng is looking after her, your father also feels guilty towards her.

However, if you want to make people loathe her is also very simple.” Ji Shuran said.

“How to do it” Jiang Youyao’s eyes turned bright.

“Don’t forget, she still has a reputation of being evil, harming the mother and murdering the brother.

How can it be so easily erased Now it has been too long, people have forgotten about it.

In case the people were reminded, she will not have any way out.” Ji Shuran smiled virtuously, “The most hateful thing the nobles in Yanjing cannot stand is touching a bit of mud.” 

Xiang Qiao’s heart jumped, and stared at Ji Shuran who had looked over at her.


Mmm just wondering, would you rather have the name of the courtyards left in pinyin or translated With Warm and Graceful Courtyard (淑秀園 – Shu Xiu), the first times it appeared Lime translated it, but lately she is leaving it in pinyin (Shu Xiu Courtyard).

I have been replacing it with the translation to keep it consistent across the chapters, but if you prefer the pinyin version I can also leave it like that, I don’t mind either option…

Also, remember that there is a character list for all characters and places’ names, in case you forgot or get lost… I consult it more often than you’d think 


1: Li (梨) in Jiang Li means pear; Lî (狸) in Ah Lî means racoon.

2: The first one is 薑梨 Jiang Li, her name; the second one is 將離 Qiang Li, it means inviting separation, it can be seen as a not auspicious word ( the Chinese have similar-sounding words whose characters are written differently)

3:Fang Fei (芳菲): fragrant, luxurious growth (prosperity


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