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Chapter 23 Part 1: Acquaintance

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After meeting Jiang Jing Rui, Jiang Li spent a lot of time to be familiar with the roads in the Jiang residence.

The Jiang family’s foundation was deep, and the residence was enormous.

Fortunately, Jiang Li’s ability to memorize things was not bad.

Moreover, when she was in Tongxiang, although her residence was small, she loved following Xue Huaiyuan to go and handle official businesses.

Therefore, she had gone to every corner in Tongxiang and actually was quite an expert in recognizing roads.

The following days, they surprisingly lived in harmony.

Apart from Xiang Qiao fawning over her daily and Yun Shuang being arrogant, nothing out of the ordinary occurred.

Subtly, whether it was Old Madam Jiang, the second branch or the third branch, except for that one day where they met coincidentally outside, not even one person took the initiative to go look for Jiang Li.

Even Jiang Li’s father, Jiang Yuan Bai, was too lazy to keep his outer appearance after a while.

In the entire Jiang residence, Jiang Li was like an insignificant person, inviting her to return home just to be put coldly at the side.

After a few more days, she would be thoroughly tossed at the back of everyone’s mind.

No, no need to say after a few more days, she had already been forgotten even at this moment.

Others didn’t give her face, it was also not worthwhile for Jiang Li to rush and show warm feelings.

Just act as if nothing happened, no need to take the initiative to meet Old Madam.

Her everyday meals were also arranged by her for Tong’er to pick it and bring it back to Fang Fei Garden.

In this way, it was precisely the saying: ‘what the eye doesn’t see, the heart doesn’t grieve over’.

However, just by refusing to acknowledge her, she wouldn’t automatically disappear.

This peaceful time was also a preparation for the coming wave.

In the early morning of this day, the sky cleared after the rain, a rare cool and refreshing day, unlike the previous sizzling hot days.

After having breakfast, Jiang Li told Xiang Qiao of her plan to go out for a round trip.

Yun Shuang who was standing a bit further away kept calm, without any word or movement and raised her ear to listen to Xiang Qiao asking Jiang Li: “Second miss, why do you suddenly want to go out”

“I’ve stayed in the residence for half a month, every day just staying here foolishly, and felt really bored.

I don’t even know how Yanjing looks after these few years.

I merely want to go out and stroll around.” Not waiting for Xiang Qiao to speak, she continued: “In addition, third sister’s birthday is in a few days.

I cannot come empty-handed.”

Xiao Qiao’s eyeballs turned around before asking: “Young lady wants to go out to find a present for third miss”

“Correct.” Jiang Li replied with a smile: “At the same time, look around to see if there are any new things for playing.”

Suddenly, Xiang Qiao had an itch in her heart.

When Jiang Li went out to buy things, if she followed suit, who knew whether she might also be rewarded with some stuff.

To say, this second miss, although she grew up in the nunnery, she was extremely extravagant when spending.

No idea if she was stupid or had an extravagant temper like the previous Madam Ye Zhen Zhen.

Every day, she would reward her very generously.

Just from staying next to Jiang Li this past month, the jewelry she rewarded Xiang Qiao had quickly overtaken the previous one year’s reward.

She deliberately asked: “Second miss, these few days, you’ve also spent quite a bit of money…….”

“The silver that grandmother has sent is not spent yet.” Jiang Li interrupted her sentence and laughed: “Enough to buy some good things.”

Xiang Qiao thought, that’s right, Jiang Li only rewarded her with jewelry yet didn’t move the silver at all.

Is silver more precious than jewelry But Xiang Qiao naturally wouldn’t actively cut off her own livelihood.

Thinking that she might get some money today, at once, the advice she had prepared for Jiang Li not to go out was swallowed back into her belly.

She merely spoke: “If that’s the case, this servant will accompany second miss to look around outside.

This slave used to accompany third miss to go out and knows the good shops in Yanjing.”

Yun Shuang had some dissatisfaction towards Xiang Qiao’s response, but Jiang Li had already opened her mouth and spoke: “Okay, Tong’er, you also accompany me.

Then, I’ll trouble Xiao Qiao jiejie.”

She actually, or perhaps intentionally, ignored Yun Shuang.

Two servant girls were sufficient, naturally Yun Shuang also wouldn’t go out together with them.

Although from the beginning, Yun Shuang didn’t intend to accommodate this second miss, Jiang Li’s current action seemed to clearly declare in the open that she also didn’t accept Yun Shuang.

Waiting for Jiang Li and Xiang Qiao, the two people, go out from the room, Yun Shuang spat out hatefully, then turned to go to Warm and Graceful Courtyard1, where Ji Shuran resided.


1: 淑秀園 (shūxiùyuán): Shū – warm and virtuous; Xiù – refined, elegant, graceful. Yuán is the land used for growing plants; site used for public recreation

Chapter 23 Part 2: An acquaintance

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When Jiang Li went out of the residence, the person in charge of the gate was somewhat nervous.

Luckily, Xiang Qiao was very familiar with him.

She chatted warmly and spoke a few sentences and he ordered two bodyguards to follow the Jiang residence carriage.  

Perhaps he felt that Jiang Li wasn’t valued at all in the residence, therefore these bodyguards were young and pathetic.

But it was just as good since Jiang Li did not wish to be followed by someone who would think too much.

Tong’er let out her breath after they passed the Jiang residence’s door.

During this period, she had felt unbearably stifled staying at the Jiang residence, afraid of causing trouble for Jiang Li.

Every day she was careful and acted even more cautiously, living each day as if walking on thin ice.

Once they were outside, she suddenly felt the constantly annoying Xiang Qiao was not as hateful.  

Xiang Qiao was also unabashed.

She spoke right away once they got out: “Second miss, this servant knows the best jewelry shop in Yanjing is Jixiang Lou.”

“Then let’s go to Jixiang Lou.” It wasn’t good for Jiang Li to say anything else.

Actually, the family of Jiang Li’s maternal grandmother, Ye family, started by selling jewels and precious stones.

Although it wasn’t as famous as Jixiang Lou, it still had weight.

Afterwards, the development of Ye family’s business expanded more and more.

So they no longer attached much importance to this jewels and precious stones business.   

When they arrived at Jixiang Lou, the shop assistant noticed Xiang Qiao coming over and greeted her warmly.

He then saw Jiang Li by her side and was blank for a while before blurting out: “This noble person is…….”

Previously, Xiang Qiao came together with Ji Shuran and Jiang Youyao.

Today Xiang Qiao came by herself to accompany a different young lady.

This young lady was obviously sitting in Jiang family’s carriage.

Her appearance was extremely unfamiliar, making the shop assistant felt apprehensive.

It wasn’t the shu daughter of the Jiang family, could she be a distant relative of the Jiang family 

As he was thinking, he saw Xiang Qiao exposed a strange expression.

She hesitated for a while before awkwardly opened her mouth: “This is the second miss of our residence.” 

The shop assistant heard her say “second miss” and before fully understanding, he had an enthusiastic smile on his face. Since when does the Jiang family have a second miss The moment he looked at Jiang Li, he suddenly reacted, almost choking on his own saliva. 

Second miss That second miss who was sent to the nunnery to cultivate her character after harming her stepmother and brother!

Her face wasn’t like what the rumor said, ghostly and sinister, inauspicious and fierce.

She also wasn’t sharp and vicious as imagined.

Facing the girl, she wearing a moon white gauze skirt with a small jacket the color of jade, her look was simple and light.

At this time, seeing him, she inclined her head slightly.

As if she found him amusing, there was a smile at the corner of her mouth. 

 Crystal clear and gentle, elegant and charming appearance, clearly she was the female immortal jade child under the Bodhisattva.1

Mother, how can this be the Jiang family’s second miss

The shop assistant only felt dizzy and confused.

Tong’er wrinkled her brows and angrily spoke: “This young brother, you don’t plan to welcome your customer”

The shop assistant immediately came back to his senses and apologized repeatedly.

He sneaked a glance at Jiang Li to see her still smiling gently without any anger.

His original sober mind, in a split second, turned somewhat stupid again. 

He welcomed the few people to go inside the shop while thinking, why does the shop happen to be empty today In the main hall, not a single person is present.

If not, those customers could see the appearance of the malicious Jiang second miss when she grew up.

They would definitely be startled, more than he was!

Jiang Li’s group of people went inside Jixiang Lou.

Not far away, right across Jixiang Lou, a gorgeous building stood tall.

A dazzling sight, like a floating immortal.  

Two people were sitting by the upstairs window.

One of them opened his mouth to speak: “You see, a person from the Jiang family.”

On the opposite side, a hand was lifting a teapot and lightly poured the content into a cup.

The clear joints of the hand was surprisingly a bit fairer than the slender porcelain teapot.

“Oh.” The voice carried a bit of laziness, “an acquaintance.”


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