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Chapter 22 Part 1: Old friend

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Although Jiang Jing Rui was 100% similar to Lu shi, yet he was absolutely not as shrewd as Lu shi.

Jiang Li had not yet spoken but he had already said things clearly.

“Why does it seem like you had changed into another person compared to the previous one Speaking so warmly, it was uncomfortable to death!”

“Still wearing green, do you consider yourself as a green onion”

“You look too thin! Your look is also very different and where does this dressing style come from!”

“Tsk tsk tsk those who don’t know that you are an honorable daughter would think you are a Buddhist nun.

Do you want to become an immortal”

At last, he said a sentence “As expected, the nunnery was not a good place, it’s where good people were told to change and they would really change” as conclusion while measuring Jiang Li up and down.

Jiang Li: “…….”

She didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

Thinking of Jiang Jing Rui’s actions just now, she opened her mouth to try him out: “Jiang…….

Jing Rui”

When this word came out, Jiang Jing Rui’s expression immediately eased, and he said: “Now this is correct! Call what cousin, my whole body had goosebumps!”

Jiang Li thought to herself, it seemed that Jiang second miss’s feelings with this older cousin were not too bad.

They still called each other by their names in private.

Looking at Jiang Jing Rui’s noisy appearance without any scheming, then he previously should have been Jiang second miss’s companion.

Jiang Jing Rui placed both his hands on his chest and said: “I still thought I would no longer meet you in this lifetime.

Unexpectedly, eldest uncle still has a bit of heart and brought you back home.”

“Many thanks for your concern.” As much as possible, Jiang Li tried to make her manner appear somewhat natural.

However, this “natural”, still made Jiang Jing Rui feel extremely awkward.

He spoke with restraint: “But you shouldn’t lower your guard.

If you have time, go and curry favor with eldest uncle.

My friends all know the matter of your return to the capital…….

I see that by now, the entire Yanjing already knows.

I heard them from the back, they all said you are malicious.

You should be a bit smarter if you don’t want to be driven out later.”

Jiang Li was silent.

Jiang Jing Rui gave the impression that his relationship with Jiang second miss was not bad, yet at this time, he gave out the appearance of watching without doing anything.

There was also a little impression of taking delight in disaster.

And from where he stood, thinking that he was clever, for a moment, it couldn’t be seen if it was with good intention or not, making Jiang Li felt he was both funny and embarrassing.

Jiang Jing Rui cast his sight sideways at a distant place.

Inside the pavilion, Jiang You Yao and the other two people’s shadows were still there.

Jiang Jing Rui asked: “Hey, when you came out just now, did they make things difficult for you”

“No.” Jiang Li spoke: “Only spoke a few words.”

When Jiang Jing Rui heard, he looked at her curiously: “What did they say”

“In a few days, it will be third sister’s fifteenth birthday, third sister reminded me not to forget to give her a present.”

Hearing it, Jiang Jing Rui sneered: “A fifteenth birthday gift, really thought herself as a princess.” Then he looked at Jiang Li and resentfully and impatiently pointed a finger at her: “What about you You cannot figure out what she meant with her words”

“What meaning” Jiang Li was puzzled.

“Ay.” Jiang Jing Rui sighed like a wise old man and spoke: “Once Jiang You Yao’s fifteenth birthday rite has passed, the Marquis Ningyuan’s family would come over to decide on their marriage.

To Jiang You Yao’s hairpin ceremony, Zhou Yan Bang will definitely come!”

Zhou Yan Bang.

Jiang Li suddenly realized it in a flash.

Tong’er had already mentioned it before, the heir of Marquis Ningyuan was called Zhou Yan Bang, which was Jiang second miss’s original fiancée.

Later on, Jiang You Yao snatched the position.

Chapter 22 Part 2: Old Friend

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No wonder Jiang Youyao just now mentioned that many people were invited to the coming of age ceremony and perhaps she could meet an acquaintance.

This “acquaintance” must be referring to Zhou Yan Bang! If it was the real Jiang Li who met Zhou Yan Bang during the ceremony, she would either be sad and distressed, unable to speak for herself, or became excited and lost her self-control in front of the people.

In short, it was not a happy thing, equal to stabbing a person’s heart with a few knives.   

Tong’er anxiously supported Jiang Li while Jiang Jing Rui still chattered away.

“I think you don’t need to go to the ceremony.

You don’t know, Zhou Yan Bang looks much better now compared to when he was younger.

Nowadays, how many Yanjing ladies fix their eyes on him.

You liked him so much during childhood, if you meet him now, afraid you will be even more unable to give him up.

However, now, what’s done has been done, Jiang Youyao and Zhou Yan Bang have already set their marriage.  Even if you are not reconciled, it will be useless and will only make you sad.

It’s better if you don’t meet.”

Jiang Li listened to his words and an idea came out in her mind.

This Jiang Jing Rui really couldn’t speak well.

If it was the real Jiang second miss at this moment listening to his way of advising herself, it would be no different from pouring oil on fire and making things worse.

It would be good if she didn’t die from anger. 

Seeing that Jiang Li didn’t say a word, Tong’er was afraid that she was recalling those hurtful things and cautiously called out: “Young lady”

Jiang Li smiled and spoke: “I’m fine.

As it turns out, Zhou Yan Bang will also come.”

Her tone as she was speaking was too calm, making both Tong’er and Jiang Jing Rui blank out momentarily.

They didn’t know, the current Jiang Li was not Jiang second miss.

Jiang second miss would jump into the water so Zhou Yan Bang would reconsider, but the current Jiang Li would not.

For her, Zhou Yan Bang was merely just a stranger whom she had never met and nothing more.

To feel the four human emotions1 for a stranger, it was really too difficult. 

Zhou Yan Bang would not be able to stimulate her.

No matter what Jiang Youyao was planning, she was already making a mistake from the beginning.

Zhou Yan Bang would be useful in the ceremony, useful under the condition that Jiang Li still cared about him.

If Jiang Li didn’t care the slightest, it wasn’t important whether Zhou Yan Bang showed up or not. 

Jiang Jing Rui asked: “Even if Zhou Yan Bang came, are you still going to go” He observed Jiang Li’s face, trying to find any trace of sadness or hurt in her expression.

But he failed to do so.

“If I don’t go, mother and third sister will be heart-broken.

Father will also blame me.

How can I not go Besides, there’s really someone I would like to meet.” Jiang Li spoke.

Jiang Jing Rui and Tong’er heard Jiang Li’s words and sympathized.

Indeed, Jiang Li had to go.

If she didn’t go, who knew how Ji Shuran would arrange for things behind her back, a person sending a raft in front of people. 

After listening to the second half of her sentence, the two people were stunned at the same time. Is Jiang Li still unable to give up Zhou Yan Bang But this expression, why does it seem like there are no lingering emotions at all

Due to Jiang Li’s words “want to meet people”, the two people concluded that it was Zhou Yan Bang.

Yet, it didn’t seem so.

It seemed that she genuinely wanted to meet someone else, not him.  

Jiang Yuan Bai was the imperial court’s first assistant, a chief scholar.

His di daughter coming of age ceremony would inevitably be attended by countless scholars, government officials, along with their wives and children.

Shen Yurong, as the new top scorer, was nowadays an upstart in the court.

On the outside, he would show a good relationship with Jiang Yuan Bai, so Shen Yurong’s younger sister would definitely come to attend.

In addition, Shen Yurong’s younger sister, Shen Ruyun, at the time when she was still calling Xue Fangfei as her sister-in-law, she found out that Shen Ruyun had Marquis Ningyuan’s heir in her heart.

Shen Ruyun was narrow-minded, ambitious and aggressive, she would certainly come to take a look at Zhou Yan Bang’s future wife’s appearance. 

Jiang Li wanted to meet people, they were Xue Fangfei’s old friends, the people of the Shen family. 

She was waiting for those people to come.


1: Four human emotions: happiness, anger, sorrow, joy


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