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Chapter 91 Part 5: Returning


“You mean…….” Ji Shuran was startled. 

The other servant girl, Xia Han, also stepped forward and said: “Last time the court advisor’s madam mentioned that there are many eyes observing in Yanjing, it’s not good to move under the emperor’s foot.

But suppose the second miss went to Xiangyang, it’s as high as the mountain and as long as the river…….

It’s normal for accidents to occur.

If something bad was to really occur in between, it would be the Ye family’s bad luck.

If the Ye family couldn’t give an explanation, this time, granted that our residence and the Ye family would really sever all relations, no more possible way to remedy.”

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Ji Suran said: “It’s not that I have never thought of what you said.” 

“The reputation that I had built very carefully for so many years was in the end damaged by her in a day.

Because of what happened a few days ago, I have been behaving cautiously, but didn’t think that it made this cheap girl find an opportunity.” Ji Shuran took a deep breath, “what you said is correct, within Yanjing, I still have a bit of apprehension.

After all, if the noble daughter of the chief assistant met with an accident, all kinds of people will show up to investigate.

But if it’s in Xiangyang, or perhaps on the way to Xiangyang…….” A sinister light flashed within Ji Shuran’s eyes, “nobody could find out.

Even if they could find something, all evidence would have been cleared out long ago.

The Ye family has money, but money draws evil people, it’s also a common occurrence.”

Xia Han and Xun Chun nodded together.

Ji Shuran reached out her hand and lightly brushed the smooth, beautiful  leaves with emerald green luster on the table.  

From the beginning, in the Jiang family in Yanjing, in order to maintain her reputation as a warm, caring mother, also because Jiang Li’s return and behavior was too high-profile, she had never been able to take action.

Such passive circumstances had unexpectedly made Jiang Li victorious little by little. 

At present, Jiang Li suddenly proposed going to Xiangyang probably wanting to repair the old relationship with the Ye family for the sake of finding support for herself.

However, she wasn’t aware that making such a move was no different from a general fighting in the battlefield, throwing away the victorious city and instead, launching an attack on a remote highland.

Losing the watermelon to collect the sesame seed, it’s nothing more than this.  

Since Jiang Li didn’t wish to stay in the chief assistant’s house, this was also an opportunity to thoroughly expel her.

There would no longer be a position for Jiang Li in the Jiang residence. 

Ji Shuran’s fingers exerted force on the leaf, then all of a sudden, her hands reached out to grab it.

The leaf crushed into pieces from her kneading, the rhizome in the middle broke off into several pieces.

All the broken pieces fell onto the ground.

She got up, standing straight, and said: “Xun Zhi, bring the brush over.

I’m going to write a letter to my father.”

It’s hard for only one person to do these things.

Wishing to do something in Xiangyang without any soul and ghost being aware of, still needed to count of the Ji family.




While Ji Shuran was discussing the matter of Jiang Li leaving the capital, inside Fang Fei Garden, Tong’er and Bai Xue were tidying up things in a fluster. 

“Need to take this one…..

This one also…….

This piece of clothing was new, only done a few days ago, definitely must be brought, there’s still this pair of shoes…..”

Jiang Li was between laughter and tears as she said to Tong’er: “I’m just returning to Xiangyang for at most two three months only.

You are bringing so many things as if I’m going to stay in Xiangyang.”

Tong’er was despairing: “Who knows if it will be lacking in Xiangyang.

There’s nothing scarce in Yanjing, but it’s not necessarily so in Xiangyang.

If miss didn’t bring sufficient things and they don’t have it over there, how can that work” She once again turned her head worriedly: “Also, we don’t know how the people of the Ye family will be, whether they will be good towards miss or not.

So many years didn’t see miss, whether they still treat miss with affection…….”

Jiang Li didn’t have the heart to tell Tong’er, no need to say affectionate, afraid the people of the Ye family would scowl coldly when they saw her for the first time.

Her sticking close like this shamelessly, Jiang Li herself felt somewhat embarrassed. 

“Miss doesn’t have anything that miss especially wants to bring” Bai Xue asked earnestly, “or perhaps something miss wants to do.

This time leaving Yanjing, the time to return will be a bit longer.

Which cakes miss wants to eat, this servant will quickly go buy in a while.

Xiangyang might not necessarily have these things.” 

They regarded Xiangyang as a remote and desolate place.

Jiang Li laughed inside, Tongxiang was very poor, but Xiangyang did not lack anything.

There were many rich merchants in Xiangyang.

Based on this, one would know that they would not be short of anything.

But Bai Xue’s words did remind her of something. 

She smilingly said: “What you said is true.

Then let’s do it like this, tomorrow we will go out and stroll around, eat something good and play to one’s delights.

After all, we have to stay for quite a long time in Xiangyang.”

“Really” After hearing, the worries that Tong’er still had just now disappeared and she immediately cheered. 

Bai Xue was also very happy.

Neither one of them saw Jiang Li turn around, slightly restraining her pupils, her expression showed solemnity.  

Before returning to her hometown, she must go and take a quick look at Xue Zhao even though she could not bring Xue Zhao’s skeletons back this time and could not let him return to his hometown.

However, Jiang Li still wanted to take a look at him.  

Carrying Xue Zhao’s blood feud and life, returning to Xiangyang, no matter how, she had to take a look.

That was her dead brother, Xue Zhao.


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