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Chapter 91 Part 4: Returning

It’s December already!

Among his peers, Ye Shijie could be regarded as maturing early.

After all, he was the grandson of the Ye family’s family head, someone who’s going to bear the great responsibility of the Ye family.

But in front of Jiang Li, he repeatedly had a feeling of helplessness.

He really couldn’t comprehend Jiang Li’s thoughts, however, Jiang Li could figure out whatever he seemed to be thinking.

This passive feeling was truly unpleasant.

It happened like this again today, Ye Shijie had no strength to talk with Ye Ming Xuan.

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“I think,” Ye Ming Xuan pondered: “this intention didn’t suddenly spring to her.

She must have thought about going to Xiangyang long ago but there was no opportunity.

Today I took the initiative to first pay a visit to the Jiang family and by coincidence turned out to be that opportunity.

She then took advantage to mention it.”  

Ye Ming Xuan’s conjecture was in fact almost hit the mark.

Jiang Li was indeed prepared to go to Xiangyang from the beginning, and also thought of exploiting the Ye family to achieve her purpose.

Starting when she was first aware that Ye Shijie was her older cousin, Jiang Li began to plan.

That included the conversation and friendly exchange with Ye Shijie.

“Uncle thinks she is lying” Ye Shijie knitted his brows, “she has some other motive.”

“It’s hard to say.” Ye Ming Xuan shook his head, “but the way I see it, this wasn’t the intention of old madam Jiang nor Jiang Yuan Bai.

When I brought this up, the two of them were surprised and didn’t appear to be faking it.” 

“Maybe it was her own plan.” Ye Shijie walked to the door of his room, entered, closed the door and sat on the stool in front of the table.

He looked at Ye Ming Xuan, “uncle…….

All of you should be a bit more careful.” He spoke hesitantly. 

“It hasn’t reached that point.” Ye Ming Xuan laughed, “I saw her today and she doesn’t seem to be someone unkind.

Although I can’t tell why she wants to go to Xiangyang, in the final analysis, she is our own family member.

Let’s believe her for the time being.” He sighed, “The water in the Jiang family is very deep.

You’ve also seen this Ji Shuran, Ah Li living in the Jiang family is more difficult than our hardship.

She’s a strong and intelligent girl.”

Ye Shijie stopped talking.

After quite a while, he spoke: “Don’t talk about it yet, first observe then talk.” 


Inside the warm and virtuous garden, Ji Shuran was gripping a handkerchief until her fingertips turned white, already unable to restrain her anger. 

Over and over again, Jiang Li managed to get Jiang Yuan Bai to stand on her side and on the contrary, Ji Shuran mother and daughter couldn’t seize Jiang Li.

She was originally just a lone girl without anyone to rely on and had to tremble with fear as she lived under her suppression.

But nowadays, it seemed the fact stated that the minor player had upstaged the main attraction, extremely unbridled. 

This time, Jiang Li returning to the Ye’s residence seemed to be a trivial matter.

However, Ji Shuran sensed a deep crisis even though Ye Shijie was just a foreign official of the Ministry of Revenue and could not be compared with the Ji family.

Ji Shuran was also not so stupid as to not make out that old madam Jiang was beating her.

But even if it was like so, she still felt even more unreconciled. 

Thinking of Jiang You Yao who was currently confined, looking depressed all day long, no thanks to Jiang Li.

Luckily there’s still Jiang Bingji…….

Remembering Jiang Bingji, Ji Shuran’s face stricken. 

She still had a son and must plan for Jiang Bingji.

Jiang Li caused the entire main branch to turn upside down; she might have hit an idea on Jiang Bingji.

Leaving Jiang Li alone was a disaster. 

“Madam does not need to be angry.” The servant girl beside Ji Shuran, Xun Chun, stepped forwards and said in a low voice: “Although the second miss is going to Xiangyang, it may not necessarily be a bad thing.”

“How is it a good thing” Ji Shuran frowned. 

“Currently, the residence is in troubled times.

The second miss is very shrewd, always sowing discord in front of the master.

After the second miss left, madam can let the third miss and the master to spend more time together.

Due to Zhou Yan Bang’s affair, master is already feeling guilty towards the third miss, so this time will be a good opportunity.

Without the second miss, the third miss and master will get along even more harmoniously.”

Ji Shuran was silent.

It was indeed like that. Before Jiang Li returned to Yanjing, Jiang You Yao was the pearl in Jiang Yuan Bai’s palm.

It’s safe to say that she had everything going her way and never met with any bumps.

After Jiang Li came back, Jiang Yuan Bai always, intentionally or otherwise, showed remorse towards Jiang Li.

She saw it and felt it was unsightly, no need to mention Jiang You Yao.

Moreover, Jiang You Yao was pampered since young and willful.

Her unhappiness with Jiang Yuan Bai being partial was totally shown on her face, also not willing to take the initiative to get closer to Jiang Yuan Bai.

The father and daughter’s relationship became weaker with each passing day.

For example, if it was previously, if the matter such as Zhou Yan Bang’s occurred, there’s no way Jiang Yuan Bai would never be this kind, at least he would never let Jiang Yu’e and Zhou Yan Bang off.

Thinking about it, Jiang Li leaving Yanjing to go to Xiangyang and would not return for a while was indeed a good opportunity.

Without Jiang Li, Jiang You Yao would not have an estrangement in her heart.

Jiang Yuan Bai could also completely dote on Jiang You Yao. 

“Besides,” Xun Chun smiled, “it’s easy to go out of the chief assistant’s residence, but it’s not easy to enter.

At that time, the second miss went out from the Jiang residence’s main entrance and could only come back after eight years.

This position is not yet stable but she impatiently wants to return to Xiangyang, isn’t she making a stupid mistake or what This time going out, who knows when she could come back Perhaps…….” she suddenly lowered her voice, “perhaps she cannot come back”


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