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Chapter 90 Part 4: Uncle

At this time, Ji Shuran’s intestines must be turning green from regret.

Jiang Li thought, either slow in taking action before or obscured in taking actions were all because Ji Shuran wanted to maintain her reputation as a mother.

Who would know that it would create a gap for Jiang Li to drill into.

Once the opportunity is missed, it’s impossible to turn back.

Jiang Li regained her train of thoughts and chatted with Ye Ming Xuan and Ye Shijie as well as old madam Jiang.

They casually chatted about daily life affairs.

Old madam Jiang asked about the recent situation of the rest of the Ye family in Xiangyang and Ye Ming Xuan replied courteously, not losing his manners.

At least on the outside, the relationship between the Jiang family and the Ye family was alleviated by a lot. 

Jiang Li noticed the other people, including Jiang Yuan Bai, were not present in this first meeting.

Probably old madam Jiang also felt that abruptly letting everyone in the Jiang family appear would be a bit awkward.

So she simply had just a few people come out and slowly plan. 

Unknowingly, a small cup of tea was drunk till finished.

Ye Ming Xuan got up to take his leave, saying that he still had some matters to attend to and would visit another day.

He smiled and said to Jiang Li: “I’ll let the people move the presents for Ah Li to Ah Li’s courtyard now.”

“Okay,” old madam Jiang said: “Ah Li, bring your uncle Ming Xuan to look at your courtyard.”

This was giving time for the uncle and nephew to talk alone. 

Everyone were old foxes, Ye Ming Xuan accepted old madam Jiang’s arrangement readily.

Thus, Jiang Li brought Ye Ming Xuan and Ye Shijie and went back to Fang Fei Garden together.

Tong’er walked in front, her small body was straight as a ramrod.

This was the first time she met the people from Ye Zhen Zhen’s side and was extremely nervous that the people of the Ye family would have thoughts about the previous matter of Jiang Li harming the mother and murdering the brother, thus so was determined to show a neither servile nor overbearing attitude.

However, based on Ye Ming Xuan’s good natured manner when speaking, he should not be an unkind person. 

Ye Shijie didn’t say a word the whole way.

No idea what went on with him today as he was overly silent.

On the contrary, Ye Ming Xuan continued inquiring how Jiang Li was doing.

Jiang Li also replied with a smile on her face.

Ye Ming Xuan saw Jiang Li’s calm appearance and was greatly surprised.

Many years ago, when Jiang Li was sent to the nunnery, the Ye family also secretly dispatched some people to negotiate with the Jiang family.

Even though Jiang Li had insulted the Ye family, in the end, she was the Ye family’s offspring.

Unfortunately, the Jiang Yuan Bai at that time was too unyielding and refused to say where Jiang Li was sent to and could only drop it. 

Ye Ming Xuan had learned from Ye Shijie that after returning to Yanjing, Jiang Li did several big things.

However, in Ye Ming Xuan’s eyes, the Jiang family, such people who only seeked benefits and avoided harms, wouldn’t attach much importance to a daughter who could bring shame to the Jiang family’s reputation.

But looking at old madam Jiang’s attitude, Jiang Li’s position at the Jiang family was not as humble as what he thought in his mind.

Also, looking at Jiang Li’s words and actions, her upbringing was good, extremely graceful, and didn’t resemble someone who had been treated harshly.

This niece seems to be concealing many secrets, Ye Ming Xuan thought inside. 

When they reached Fang Fei Garden’s gate, Qing Feng and Ming Yue were in the middle of sweeping the courtyard.

Bai Xue saw that Jiang Li had returned and presented tea at once.

She couldn’t help being flabbergasted when she saw two more people, Ye Ming Xuan and Ye Shijie, by Jiang Li’s side. 

“These are uncle Ming Xuan and older cousin Ye.” Jiang Li smiled: “Bai Xue, serve tea.”

Ye Ming Xuan was momentarily stunned when he saw Fang Fei Garden. 

Even in autumn, Fang Fei Garden had beautiful flowers, all kinds of blooming chrysanthemums, osmanthus flowers, their fragrance assailed the nostrils, not looking desolate or withered at all.

Jiang Yuan Bai was fond of flaunting his nobility and virtuousness and most of the plants in the courtyard were blues and greens.

In autumn, he preferred the solemn black and white, appearing aloof.

Thus along the journey, there weren’t such thriving scenes. 

But Jiang Li’s courtyard that was lively and incompatible with the chief assistant’s residence made Ye Ming Xuan immediately think of his late sister, Ye Zhen Zhen. 

Ye Zhen Zhen was a girl who liked noise and excitement.

Before she got married, there were always the chirpings of birds and fragrant flowers in her courtyard.

The younger brothers were mischievous, always practicing in her courtyard, cutting down all the flowers in her courtyard to pieces.

The angry Ye Zhen Zhen complained to old master Ye and old madam Ye. 

Encountering the scene in front of his eyes at this moment made Ye Ming Xuan recall the previous memory, feeling his eyes turning sour, hard to endure.

The former scenery was there, but the person had gone, truly making one suffocated. 

Jiang Li made out Ye Ming Xuan’s different expression and said: “This is the courtyard mother stayed in when she was recuperating.

After I returned to Yanjing, madam gave this courtyard to me.

At that time, the flowers and plants in the courtyard had dried up.

Tong’er and Bai Xue spent a lot of efforts before the current scenery could be achieved.”

She called Ji Shuran “madam”.

Ye Ming Xuan’s pupils moved slightly and he asked: “How is madam Ji’s treatment towards you”

Jiang Li looked at Ye Ming Xuan and smiled faintly.

She didn’t reply to Ye Ming Xuan, instead she said: “The tea is ready, uncle Ming Xuan, let’s go inside to chat.” 

She avoided Ye Ming Xuan’s question.

Ye Ming Xuan and Ye Shijie glanced at each other, pondered, then shook their heads and caught up to Jiang Li. 

Tong’er stood upright at the side and was ready to pour tea for Ye Ming Xuan and Ye Shijie.


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