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Chapter 90 Part 1: Uncle

After Jiang Li left, Jin Man Tang still had not finished singing inside Wang Xian Lou’s meeting hall.

Amidst the tune of the singing, Ji Heng lazily sat down and asked: “How” 

“Jiang second miss is very smart.” Lu Ji smiled slightly: “After asking around for so long, her reply was watertight, a very sharp lady.” 

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“What were you asking” Kong Liu doubtfully looked at him. 

“After all, she’s Jiang Yuan Bai’s daughter.” Ji Heng replied carelessly. 

On the other hand, the bodyguard who came to report also said: “Already examined carefully, Ye Shijie and Jiang second miss did not make an appointment in advance.

It should just be a chance encounter on the street.

However, Ye family’s second master, Ye Ming Xuan, came to Yanjing yesterday.” 

“Ye Ming Xuan is here” Kong Liu frowned, “The Ye family’s business is not in Yanjing, what are they doing here To congratulate his nephew for becoming an official Personally coming, really not dislike being tired.” 

“Some problems come up with the Ye family’s business,” Lu Ji said: “This time, Ye Ming Xuan probably came to Yanjing to first look for ways, see whether or not there would be assistance.”  

Ji Heng laughed: “When people leave, the tea cools1.

It’s impossible for people to help.”

“Then why didn’t he look for Ye Shijie to lend a hand Now Ye Shijie is an official, there is no shortage of people currying favor with Ye Shijie.

Isn’t it easy to look for a breakthrough from here!” Kong Liu spoke righteously. 

Lu Ji shook his head: “The Ye family has been a merchant family for many generations.

Ye Shijie is the first person from the Ye family to enter officialdom.

It wasn’t easy to have such a turn for the better, the Ye family is not bold enough to use Ye Shijie’s officialdom as a bargaining chip to help them.

So they would not do such a thing.” 

Kong Liu glanced at Ji Heng who was turning the fan in his hand around and muttered: “All the same kind of people, yet the difference is so big.” He thought of something and said: “Then why didn’t he go to the Jiang family In any case, they were once in-laws.

Although Madam Ye had passed away, there’s still the relationship with Jiang second miss.

Ye Ming Xuan making a trip to the Jiang family, with Jiang Yuan Bai valuing his reputation so much, naturally he would feel embarrassed to not help.” 

Lu Ji sighed: “You usually listen to the new things happening in the capital.

Jiang second miss and the Jiang family have no contact with the Ye family for ten years already.

How could Ye Ming Xuan go to the Jiang family” 

The few people were silent for a while. 

Ji Heng said: “It’s possible for Ye Ming Xuan to go to the Jiang family.”

“Master” Lu Ji was puzzled. 

“Because of Jiang second miss.” Ji Heng said. 


After gathering with Jiang Jing Rui, very soon the two of them found Lu-shi and their group.

Lu-shi and their group had a big heart, not feeling flustered after walking such a long road and saw that her son and niece had disappeared.

When asked, Lu-shi replied: “All day long Rui-er wanders about on the street, how could he lose his way.

Li-er following Rui-er, the two people together is very reassuring. 

Jiang Li stopped listening, her face expressionless.

Really didn’t know which part of Jiang Jing Rui, this person, was reassuring. 

She recalled Ye Shijie and couldn’t help shaking her head.

If it were not for Ji Heng’s bodyguard to suddenly show up and annoyingly bring her to watch in the meeting hall together, she could have spoken one or two sentences with Ye Shijie.

Because of the Right Minister’s younger son, Li Lian’s relationship, Jiang Li always felt that Ye Shijie’s official road would not be too smooth sailing.

As for what Li Lian’s motive was, it was still not clear yet, but the first sign of conspiracy could already be smelled. 

In any case, Ye Shijie needed to be more and more careful. 

Time had been delayed for very long and the second branch had not strolled for long before they wanted to return to the residence.

When they returned, old madam Jiang had already slept.

Naturally, Jiang Li would not take the initiative to greet Ji Shuran mother and daughter, so she returned to her own courtyard without consulting anyone. 

She originally wanted to sleep early, who would have thought that she was agitated tonight and no matter how, she couldn’t close her eyes.

In her mind, Ji Heng’s pair of beautiful phoenix eyes always floated as he murmured by her ear: “Eyes are the windows of your emotion.

Your eyes betray your heart.”

Even Ji Heng could make out the hatred in her heart.

Jiang Li shook her head, seemingly wanting to throw the various agitation in her heart away.

She wished it could be a bit quicker, hurrying up to immediately uncover Princess Yongning and Shen Yurong’s ugly true colors, on behalf of the Xue family to rehabilitate the injustice of the Xue family.

But nowadays, there was not enough evidence, also not enough bargaining chip, so there was no alternative but to slowly conspire.

Truly tormenting. 

This night, her sleep was very unsteady.

In the middle of the night, it started to rain heavily, the sound of thunder and rain made the originally unable to sleep Jiang Li became harder to fall asleep.

It wasn’t until the chicken crowed three times, dawn breaking in the East, and the sound of the rain lightened up did Jiang Li able to sleep in a daze.  

When she woke up, it was already three poles in the sun. 

After a night of rain, the air was especially fresh and clean.

Tong’er and Bai Xue were in the flower bed by the courtyard’s gate, helping to weed and water the plants.

Seeing Jiang Li came out, Tong’er directly got up and smiled: “It’s rare for miss to be lazy for once, so this slave didn’t let Bai Xue call you.” Jiang Li walked over and she continued speaking: “Last night the rain was heavy, even breaking the crabapple flowers.”



1: Idiom meaning when someone is no longer in a position of power, others cease to care about him 1.


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