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Chapter 89 Part 4: Watching a Play

Kong Liu was in the middle of muttering to Lu Ji how Ji Heng and Jiang Li seemed to be about to quarrel when surprisingly, he saw Jiang Li walking over to him.

He squeezed out what could still be regarded as a nice smile and said to her: “Why is Jiang second miss coming over Not continue watching”

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“There’s nothing nice to see.” Jiang Li’s smile was gentle and modest, unable to see the equal harshness shown while bantering with Ji Heng just now in the slightest.

She said: “Have seen this play many times before, and it’s too tragic.

Today is the Mid-Autumn festival, don’t want to be full of sorrow.”  

Kong Liu suddenly realized and nodded repeatedly: “Right, right, right.”

Ji Heng had his hands folded on his chest as he stood by the carved banister, looking fascinatingly at Jiang Li exchanging pleasantries with Kong Liu skillfully and easily.

A little girl who could dramatically change her attitude, and her skill at face changing was not bad. 

He swept a glance at Little Peach who was still singing incessantly on the stage.

He pondered, the person she loves and hates, who is it 

It should not be Zhou Yan Bang.


Dealing with a person with a straight temper like Kong Liu was much easier than dealing with Ji Heng.

Even that person on the side who was all smiles and with a goatee who was always fishing in Jiang Li’s sentences was still easy to deal with compared to Ji Heng.

Dealing with Ji Heng, he was never stingy to let people see the other side of his sentimental good looks.

For example, cruelty and his cold indifference. 

Kong Liu even so much as asking Jiang Li whether she had any thought of going to his light chariot troupe to be an archer, or be a cavalry was also fine.

Her archery and horsemanship was very outstanding, no less compared to a man.

Moreover, even before going through training she was able to be this way, after going through the army training, presumably she would be even more outstanding.

Although there was no female in their cavalry team, she could be a precedent.   

Jiang Li very much had a headache. 

This person, Kong Liu’s heart was also too big.

He seemed to forget that Jiang Li was Jiang Yuan Bai’s daughter, the present chief assistant’s daughter.

How could she not be a noble daughter and run off to be in the cavalry.

Even if Jiang Li herself was willing, Jiang Yuan Bai would never agree.

He would probably send a folding notebook up to the top, stating that Kong Liu, this person, had abducted the chief assistant’s family’s daughter.  

Jiang Li tactfully and politely declined. 

Kong Liu was very regretful. 

Lu Ji continued to chat smilingly with Jiang Li, occasionally asking a few questions about the matters in the Jiang family.

Though his questions were all trivial matters, Jiang Li could still sense Lu Ji trying to cover his words.

Jiang Li was not familiar with this person, Lu Ji, and also not aware of his intentions.

Even if Lu Ji was Ji Heng’s person, Jiang Li also would not relax her vigilance.

To speak of, Ji Heng was also not a good person, what if by chance he wanted to set up the Jiang family from behind At present, she was leaning against the Jiang family, this big tree.

If the Jiang family was to collapse, she, as a Jiang family’s young lady, undoubtedly would have no road to walk. 

Jiang Li answered Lu Ji with a smile, but avoided the important question one by one.

After several rounds, Lu Ji also realized that Jiang Li had noticed and no longer asked any questions and merely laughed before continuing his bickering with Kong Liu. 

Ji Heng didn’t do anything, simply leaning against the carved banister and watched.

He watched “Jiu’er record” absent-mindedly, making people doubt whether or not he was really watching.  

Making people confused whether he was just putting on a play. 

Didn’t know how long she’d sat down, Jiang Li’s intuition said that the time of a pillar of incense had passed.

She then got up and said: “Few misters, I should go back, second uncle and the others would be worried if they couldn’t find me.

This time, time is also no longer early…..”

“Then will send you back!” Kong Liu waved his large hand. 

“Hold on.” Lu Ji stopped him and said: “After all, we are the people under the duke.

Although it can be explained clearly, it’s hard to avoid misunderstanding by sending the second miss like this.

Naturally we will be fine, but Jiang second miss is a young lady.

So as not to add more trouble for Jiang second miss, it’s better to send Jiang second miss to her older brother’s side.

In any case, it’s better to explain to her older brother.” 

Jiang Li understood, 

Ji Heng said: “Wen Ji.”

Wen Ji was being incessantly surrounded by Bai Xue and Tong’er’s weird glances.

After all, there wasn’t a bodyguard who was born like this in the Jiang residence.

Tong’er had been comparing Wen Ji and Jiang Jing Rui, who was born a bit better looking.

She compared the eyebrows, eyes, nose, mouth, but in the end she still couldn’t decide.

On the contrary, it made Wen Ji so embarrassed his whole face turned red as he did not know what to do. 

Hearing Ji Heng’s command, Wen Ji could finally break away from the two servant girls and immediately said: “Yes.”

“Send Jiang second miss back.” Ji Heng said. 

Wen Ji nodded, Jiang Li saluted Ji Heng: “Thank you duke, for the hospitality.” 

“You’re welcome.” Ji Heng laughed lightly, “I’m sure we’ll meet again someday.”

Jiang Li: “…….” 

Really hope that “someday” would be a hundred years later.

No, better make it a millennium later. 

At last exiting Wang Xian Lou, Jiang Li faintly relaxed her breath.

Turning her head to take a look, Wang Xian Lou stood in the heart of Yanjing’s crowded street where people come and go.

The lights flickering, it truly resembled a beautiful dream. 

Today’s Mid-Autumn, she originally thought when she went out, she would see things that would make her reminisce, yet she discovered that it was being disturbed by Ji Heng. 

Though she had the thought at the beginning, the argument with Ji Heng had unexpectedly made those unwillingness and pain to disperse for a period of time.

And now, her whole body was actually relaxed.

Could be considered as hitting the mark by a fluke. 

She said: “Let’s go.”

After they found Jiang Jing Rui, Wen Ji conveniently disappeared among the crowd.

When Jiang Jing Rui saw her, he immediately said: “Where did you go just now I looked for you everywhere but couldn’t find you, almost going to tell mother to ask her to find a way!”

“I was pressed by the crowd to a remote place and came back with great difficulty.” Jiang Li lied without changing expression, “now it’s fine.” 

“Really” Jiang Jing Rui looked at her doubtfully: “Why is it so long Your makeup is a bit…….”

“It’s too hot, the sweat is messing it.” Jiang Li said: “Now let’s first go find second aunt, it’s already this time, should be time to go back.” 

Jiang Jing Rui was a bit dejected.

He still had not gotten the white rabbit lantern but could only let it go. 

Jiang Li sighed, no wonder Lu Ji said so, Jiang Jing Rui was sure enough, very easy to fool.


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