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Chapter 89 Part 3: Watching a Play


“Watch if the play is brilliant, and don’t watch if it’s not.” Jiang Li smiled, “everyone says Jin Man Tang is the most popular theatrical troupe in the entire Yanjing, today can be considered as gaining first hand knowledge.

The vocal of Little Peach is very easy to move a person.” 

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“What moves people is not Little Peach’s vocal, but the play itself.” Ji Heng said: “Just now Jiang second miss entered the play.”

“Me” Jiang Li gave Ji Heng an astonished glance and smilingly said: “I’m not a person in the play, how could I enter the play The duke is joking.”

“Second miss’s ability in putting on a play is very good, but the ability to lie is just so-so.” Ji Heng sighed with a smile on his face: “Your lie is really too clumsy.”

Jiang Li slightly knitted her brows.

As she was about to speak, she was caught off guard by Ji Heng’s sudden movement of hooking her chin, forcing her to raise her head to look at him.

This posture was extremely frivolous.

Kong Liu who was by the side almost screamed out in surprise, his mouth was covered by Lu Ji.

Jiang Li was startled, for a split second, she didn’t know whether she was ashamed or astonished, and was obliged to stare at Ji Heng. 

Seeing Ji Heng at close proximity over and over again, no matter how many times, every time, it’s as breathtaking as seeing him for the first time.

His pale red robe was loose, the peony embroidered on his collar was neat and exquisite.

Among the mournful, tragic vocal, he appeared more touching.

Like a red lotus blooming on a deathly white winter day, the burning color dazzled the eyes of the people.

Also resembled looking at the inverted image of a bright moon from the abyss, beautiful but terrifying.    

The color of his eyes were light, a translucent amber.

The outlines of his eyes were naturally deep, thus looking like natural eyebrow drawings, equally attractive.

The shape of the bridge of his nose was beautiful, his lips red and thin.

Even if it was mocking, it made people want to throw themselves towards him for a kiss despite the dangers.

The corner of his lips that was smirking slowly, bit by bit, leaned forward.

The closer it went, the more indifferent it was.

His pair of eyes was rippling, making people couldn’t help hold their breath.

His voice, however, was ambiguously low and husky as he said: “Eyes are the windows of your emotion.

Your eyes betray your heart.”

Jiang Li said: “No.” 

“There’s someone in your heart.” He said. 

Jiang Li said: “No.” 

“In your heart, you don’t love this person, but hate very much.” He chuckled. 

Jiang Li was stunned, and no matter what, she could no longer say that word, “no”.

The young man was like a demon proficient in thoroughly knowing people’s mind.

Everything under the heavens couldn’t be hidden from his eyes.

Jiang Li couldn’t stop her suspicion whether this person was capable of seeing through all kinds of lies, and understood all the betrayals.

Because his enchanting eyes could sink people, except himself. 

He lived with too much soberness, also bound unlikely to be too happy. 

In this split second, to one’s surprise, Jiang Li was ineffably relaxed.

Several times she had crossed swords with Duke Su, Ji Heng, and she had never once standing as the victor.

Although she wasn’t falling to a disadvantageous position, Jiang Li was clear in her heart that the kind of pressure that compels people really made her very uncomfortable.

But at this moment, she realized, a person such as Duke Su, Ji Heng could indeed possibly understand everything just by looking.

But living life too clearly, for the most part, was too exhausting for a person who understood too thoroughly.

It’s hard to be muddled. 

It looked like finally there’s one thing, Ji Heng was doomed to have no way to surpass her.

Jiang Li suddenly bent her brows, her tense body seemingly relaxed in a split second.

She looked at Ji Heng and smiled: “The duke said so, then just treat it as so.”

Didn’t anticipate that Jiang Li would suddenly compromise and said so lightly, a flash of surprise flashed through Ji Heng’s eyes. 

Jiang Li slightly struggled free from Ji Heng’s hand.

Ji Heng released the fingers holding her chin and once again caressed his folding fan.

He resumed his polite and courteous appearance, draped in his sheepskin. 

“The duke loves plays so much, aren’t you afraid that there will be a day that you will also enter the play and be watched with amusement by others”

The pupils of Ji Heng’s eyes slightly deepened.

He didn’t expect Jiang Li not only didn’t retreat a step, but also said such provocative words.

“ Jiang second miss thinks I’m a person who can enter the play” He shook his fan neither lightly nor strongly and said: “I’m not as kind as second miss.” 

Meaning, he was not as kind as Jiang Li and would not shed tears for insignificant people, shedding tears for the joys and sorrows of other people.

“Plays are plays, it cannot be real.” He almost lingeringly spat out this cruel sentence.

“People who are in the play are not aware that they are in the middle of a play.” Jiang Li said quietly: “Just like me encountering a story that moved me here, perhaps there will be a day that you will too.”

The words she spoke was gentle, but the gaze she used as she looked at Ji Heng carried a trace of stubbornness.

This made her look like a “little girl”, but her manner of speaking was still so euphemistic and meaningful. 

“Then it’s going to ruin the play,” Ji Heng laughed very amiably, “I’m not suitable to be an actor in a play.”

These simple and rough words were indeed Ji Heng’s style! Jiang Li felt somewhat stuffy.

In his bones, Ji Heng was a dictator, he didn’t have to consider other people’s opinion, and also paid no attention to others’ suggestions.

He already had a balance in his heart and he only needed to increase the weights. 

No one could turn into his standard weight so it was destined that nobody would become his weak spot.

No one could threaten him and he had no weak points, therefore people were afraid of him. 

Jiang Li said coldly: “Then wishing the duke to forever be a spectator like today!” She also didn’t know which of her veins was wrong, running here against reason to fight with Ji Heng.

It’s best not to have much association with a person like Ji Heng, if possible to hide further away then far away. 

This person could easily arouse the anger in her bones and made her unable to stop saying a few more words.

He’s really an expert in toying with people’s hearts. 

However, on earth, using an eagle to peck an eagle’s eyes was also a common occurrence. 

Jiang Li said: “What’s concentrated will dry up, but what’s weak will become rich.” She snorted in her heart, turned around to walk towards where Kong Liu was. 

Ji Heng stood rooted in place with a stump.

After thinking clearly, he nearly couldn’t stop himself from laughing out loud. 

Jiang Li was warning him, the weaker something was, perhaps in the end it would be deeper.

He doing things excessively was difficult to escape from retribution in the future.


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