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Chapter 87 Part 2: Mid-Autumn Festival

In Fang Fei Garden, Tong’er sat on a small stool in front of the room while playing together with Bai Xue.

“Third miss is not here, the weather in the past few days has been much better.” Tong’er stuck her nose out and inhaled deeply, the osmanthus fragrance in the air was especially strong.

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Bai Xue nodded her head seriously: “Yes.”

“Just don’t know how long third miss will be grounded,” Ming Yue and Qing Feng had just finished sweeping, hearing her, they smiled and said: “It will be good to ground her for three to five days.”

Jiang Li smiled and looked at the servant girls in the courtyard.

These days, they were also much more relaxed.

No idea whether it was because Ji Shuran mother and daughter didn’t have the time to pay attention to Fang Fei Garden.

Jiang You Yao was forbidden to go out.

That day, Jiang You Yao and Jiang Yu’e fought in Wan Feng Hall.

From what people were saying, Jiang You Yao scratched Jiang Yu’e’s face.

Jiang Li didn’t see it, but a servant girl said that at that time, Jiang Yu’e was bleeding like a current.

With Jiang Yuan Xing’s identity, he naturally couldn’t request anything from Jiang Yuan Bai as well as unable to hold Jiang You Yao responsible.

However, old madam Jiang was very angry and confined Jiang You Yao. 

Jiang Li felt that old madam Jiang confined Jiang You Yao not for the matter of hurting Jiang Yu’e.

Probably she was afraid Jiang You Yao was still unwilling to give up Zhou Yan Bang.

After knowing that Zhou Yan Bang was about to marry Shen Ruyun and Jiang Yu’e, if she were to put out any folly, she would directly sever her path. 

Old madam Jiang doing so had truly saved Jiang Li’s strength.

Without Jiang You Yao’s provoking disgust in the Jiang residence, Ji Shuran was probably also lacking in strength.

Without the strength to deal with her, these days, the Jiang residence was extremely tranquil.

Heard that Jiang Yu’e was sent to the villa to recuperate and the marriage in the Ningyuan Marquis’s residence had been set.

Jiang Li quite admired Ningyuan Marquis’s family’s resolution.

Zhou Yan Bang’s marriage was decided so easily.

If calculated, Zhou Yan Bang could be considered as a person who had experienced three marriage affairs.

It’s just that the last one could be assumed as the most unsatisfying for Zhou Yan Bang.

Zhou Yan Bang was dissatisfied, but Shen Ruyun and Jiang Yu’e were most certainly satisfied. 

Shen Ruyun got what she wished for, married to Zhou Yan Bang who she had long admired in her heart.

Jiang Li felt that Shen Ruyun would not have an easy time in the coming days.

She was narrow-minded with a domineering temperament, yet there’s Jiang Yu’e who’s good at scheming and flattering to compete with.

Moreover, Zhou Yan Bang himself really didn’t admire Shen Ruyun, in the long run, he would definitely blame Shen Ruyun.

Afraid, with these few people together, the Ningyuan Marquis residence would be in chaos. 

Evil people only had evil people pestering.

It’s really perfect to have Shen Ruyun and Jiang Yu’e gathered together.

Thinking of the farce in the Ningyuan Marquis’s family in the future, Jiang Li couldn’t help wanting to laugh.

As she was thinking, a young man’s voice came over from her side: “Are you in love Or in love” 

Jiang Li raised her eyes and saw Jiang Jing Rui was in the middle of mischievously looking at her as if he had caught Jiang Li’s little secret.

As if not enough, he moved closer and said: “Say it, which family’s son has our residence’s second miss showed interest in This young master will help you to scout his situation.”

“What’s this nonsense” Tong’er stood up all of a sudden and said: “Our miss is pure and innocent and hasn’t met many males.

What’s with being in love, second master talked randomly, be careful second madam would lecture you!”

“Still threatening to tell my mother,” Jiang Jing Rui spread his mouth widely, “Jiang Li, the servant girl you raised is too fierce.”

Jiang Li was too lazy to bother with him.

All day long, Jiang Jing Rui seemed to not be doing anything, yet he mysteriously passed his time wandering over here.

Lu-shi was also strange, Jiang Jing You was taken care of very well, but why was Jiang Jing Rui be indulged so much.

Could it really be the case of ‘the child who cries gets the candy’ Jiang Jing Rui was increasingly undisciplined and out of control, but the more people didn’t dare to worry about him This was also not right, if Xue Zhao dared to do so, Xue Huaiyuan would have punished him long ago. 

“Why did you come” Jiang Li asked.

“Three days later is the mid-autumn festival.

There will be a carnival at night, do you want to go and see”

Jiang Li: “Don’t want to see.”

“Don’t want to see” Jiang Jing Rui widened his eyes, looking at Jiang Li as if looking at a monster, “Why don’t you want to go There are many delicious food and many interesting things to see in the Mid-Autumn night’s carnival.

You’ve never been there before……. cough, you’ve only gone there many years ago.

Now it is even more lively than before, why don’t you want to go”

Jiang Li said: “Don’t feel like going.” She then got up, about to go inside the room.

She didn’t anticipate that Jiang Jing Rui would follow like a rascal.

He also promptly stood up straight and going in while entangling her, he asked: “Jiang Li, you really have a problem! Other misses all long for the bustling noise during the Mid-Autumn carnival every year.

You are actually good but don’t want to go.

In the end, what happened That’s the one day that all the people in our family are looking forward to going out to.

If you don’t go, what will you be doing in the residence Playing leaf card with the grounded Jiang You Yao Or accompany grandmother in copying Buddhist scripture” 

Even the good tempered Jiang Li was somewhat impatient with him.

She said: “No reason, just don’t want to go.”

Jiang Jing Rui stood rooted in place.

Tong’er and Bai Xue also looked at Jiang Li together.

Only then did Jiang Li feel that her tone was a bit too heavy.

She slowly adjusted her frame of mind before speaking to Jiang Jing Rui warmly: “I don’t like noise and it’s hard to avoid bumping with so many people around.

I’m really afraid.

If you want to go, just go by yourself.

It’s okay for me not to go.” Though her tone was gentle, it was firm and didn’t allow any rebuttal.

Jiang Jing Rui dilly dallied for a while before finally discovering with frustration that Jiang Li didn’t seem to want to change her mind.

So he could only leave dejectedly.

After he left, Jiang Li no longer basking under the sun in the yard and entered the room by herself. 

After Jiang Li entered the room, Bai Xue asked Tong’er doubtfully: “Why is miss unhappy”

Tong’er shook her head: “I don’t know, maybe second young master was too annoying.”

Inside the room, Jiang Li sat by the windows.

There were tiny yellow flower buds blooming on the emerald green leaves of the osmanthus tree.

Although they looked unremarkable, they were more fragrant than other blooming flowers.

Many flowers falling under the tree, from light yellow to golden yellow, before finally changing into a fragrant flower pulp.

Dust to dust, soil returning to earth. 

It’s the Mid-Autumn festival again, Jiang Li thought silently.

She recalled the time when she first followed Shen Yurong to Yanjing.

The first time spending the Mid-Autumn festival in Yanjing.

Mid-Autumn festival was a time of reunion; she missed her father and Xue Zhao who were far away in their hometown and was especially frustrated.

At that time, Shen Yurong pulled her hand and said to her: “From now onwards, this is your home.

You must have not seen Yanjing’s Mid-Autumn carnival.

It’s very different from Tongxiang’s, I’ll take you to see it.

In the future, I’ll take you to see it every year.

You will like it here.”

Shen Yurong then took her to see the lantern festival.


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