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Chapter 86 Part 3: Resentment

Shen Ruyun was scared by the gaze Shen Yurong fixed on her.

She changed the topic and said: “Brother! What do you mean by asking these things now Ningyuan Marquis already said that he is going to give us an explanation.

Now Ningyuan marquis’s heir and I are already in this kind of relationship, no other would dare to marry me anymore.

Aside from him, I don’t have any other way!”

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“No other way” Shen Yurong snorted, “At the time you did this, why didn’t you think you won’t have a way now!” 

Shen Ruyun was shocked.

Shen Yurong had guessed it.

That’s right, based on Shen Yurong’s thinking, it would be strange if he couldn’t guess. 

“I know you like him, but he is the son-in-law of the Jiang family!” Shen Yurong said: “Now the Jiang family could only break off the engagement and you’ve caused animosity between the Jiang family and Zhou family.

Do you think the people in Ningyuan Marquis’s residence won’t hate you The Jiang family will also put this on your head!” 

Shen Ruyun most hated to be reminded of the Jiang family.

Although now she was currently the younger sister of the secretary, when compared, she was not as noble as the daughter of the chief assistant.

She couldn’t help ridiculing: “Jiang family, Jiang family, you only know the Jiang family.

In the final analysis, you only care about your official career.

Now Her Majesty the princess is siding our Shen family, there’s no need for you to fear the Jiang family, you——”

“Pa”, when that sounded, Shen Ruyun’s voice stopped with a halt. 

The reason was because Shen Yurong slapped her. 

Shen Ruyun’s body slanted from the slap, nearly tumbling down.

Shen Yurong’s eyes were red, his palms trembled.

Looking at Shen Ruyun, his gaze gloomy as he said: “Pay attention to your words.” 

Shen Ruyun was so scared she couldn’t even cry.

She knew this elder brother of hers was clever and he had been studying well since childhood.

The teachers in the private school all said that sooner or later, their Shen family would produce a top scorer.

Afterwards, Shen Yurong really became the top scorer.  

Shen Yurong treated mother Shen and Shen Ruyun very well, but if Shen Ruyun truly offended him, when Shen Yurong got angry, Shen Ruyun was also afraid.

It was unknown since when, perhaps after Xue Fang Fei died, Shen Ruyun felt that her older brother had increasingly turned gloomier and become more unfamiliar.

Such as now, she was extremely afraid and didn’t know what Shen Yurong would do. 

Mother Shen, who heard the commotion inside, rushed in, opening the door and entering the room.

Once she entered, she immediately saw Shen Ruyun covering her face, her eyes teary.

She hastily went over and pushed Shen Ruyun’s hand aside.

Seeing the bruise on her face, she immediately said with anger: “Yurong, how could you hit your younger sister!”

When Shen Yurong saw mother Shen entering, he immediately pressed his forehead helplessly and said: “Mother, don’t get involved in this matter.”

“How can I not get involved!” Mother Shen said: “I’m your mother! Ruyun was subjected to such a huge grievance last night, what did she do wrong She is your younger sister! I know you have great ability and I can’t control you now.

If you feel that Ruyun and I are a burden and dislike us,ashamed that we are your family, tell me now.

Ruyun and I will pack up our stuff and return to the countryside, not daring to provoke you, this master top scorer!” When she finally finished speaking, she directly sat on the ground and cried loudly: “All blame the master for passing away early, leaving behind such a terrible mess.

With great difficulty raised the son until big, but now he didn’t want to recognize his mother, truly a sin…….” 

Shen Ruyun at once followed her mother and crouched on the ground.

Both the mother and daughter cried on each other’s shoulders. 

The servants outside were even more frightened by the atmosphere and didn’t dare to come out, pretending not to have seen anything, staying far away.

This kind of scene was not strange in the Shen residence.

Whenever mother Shen couldn’t deal with Shen Yurong, she would always use this vulgar move of crying and bawling to force Shen Yurong to compromise.   

As expected, Shen Yurong was defeated at once.

He said: “Mother, when did I say that I don’t care about the two of you.

It’s this son that’s not good, this son is unfilial, this son’s mistake.

Ruyun, I’ll take a trip to Ningyuan Marquis’s residence in the afternoon.

In this matter, you shouldn’t be wronged, Zhou Yan Bang…….

Just wait at home with ease.” 

Shen Ruyun was secretly happy but she still sobbed as she said: “Don’t cheat me, elder brother; also don’t think that younger sister is unwilling to forgive.

At this time, if Ningyuan Marquis residence doesn’t give an explanation, I really don’t have any other place and could only hang my hair and be a Buddhist nun.

How the people in Yanjing treat unclean women, you are also aware…….” She abruptly held her tongue, and anxiously glanced at Shen Yurong.

Shen Yurong didn’t allow anyone to mention any sentence about Xue Fang Fei in the residence.

Everyone surmised that it was as if admitting that he wore a green hat.

In the final analysis, having his wife engaged in an illicit affair with other people, was a humiliating matter as a husband. 

Shen Yurong’s glabella jumped slightly.

He didn’t get angry, merely quieted down suddenly.

His expression also turned indifferent and he said: “I understand.

Just wait at home, I’ll go out first.” After speaking, he no longer paid attention to Shen Ruyun and mother Shen before directly going out. 

This time, mother Shen didn’t cry out anymore.

After Shen Yurong walked out, she raised her palm and slapped Shen Ruyun’s back, grumbling: “Everything was perfectly fine, but why did you mention that matter You look at your elder brother, feeling uncomfortable again.” 

Shen Ruyun also regretted.

This knot, she also didn’t wish to provoke Shen Yurong’s anger.

But her mouth was still relentless.

She said: “What’s actually wrong with elder brother Still putting on that kind of attitude when that person is mentioned.

He would not still have the person constantly in his mind right”

“What nonsense are you talking about” Mother Shen promptly said: “Your elder brother and that woman already had no relationships since earlier! She made your elder brother become the joke in the entire Yanjing.

In the whole world, which man could tolerate other people stealing his wife.

It’s good that she died, if she was still here, she would implicate your elder brother.

How would your elder brother have the current good prospects!” 

Listening to mother Shen’s strict voice, Shen Ruyun also didn’t dare to retort.

After a while, she said: “Mother, will elder brother really go to Ningyuan Marquis’s residence for my matter” 

“Of course he will!” Mother Shen held Shen Ruyun’s hand, a trace of sharpness flashed in her eyes.

“Even if your elder brother didn’t step in, in front of so many people, Ningyuan Marquis’s residence had insulted your innocence.

Naturally they have to give you an answer.

If it’s not possible, just let the princess lend a hand…….

In short, absolutely must not let you suffer this grievance!” 

Shen Ruyun was a little lacking in confidence.

This matter of her scheming Zhou Yan Bang, apart from Shen Yurong having guessed it, even mother Shen was not aware.

If the Ningyuan Marquis’ residence found out the truth, they certainly would not leave the matter at that.

However, after looking at Zhou Yan Bang’s circumstances, it’s unlikely for them to find out. 

In this way, the matter should be flawless and she could smoothly marry into Ningyuan Marquis’s residence.

She finally got her desire fulfilled.


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