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Chapter 86 Part 2: Resentment

That night, she had a chance encounter with Jiang Li while in the garden and found out Zhou Yan Bang’s whereabouts.

After struggling for a while, in the end, she couldn’t help her longing and also headed towards Yu Xiu Pavilion.

She planned to “accidentally run into” Zhou Yan Bang and exchange a few sentences with him so he would remember her, to know that here’s such a person and no longer be strangers.  

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Even now, Shen Ruyun was even more rejoicing that she had made this decision. 

When she pushed the door of Yu Xiu Pavilion and saw Jiang Yu’e and Zhou Yan Bang pressed against each other in a lingering, shameful situation, she nearly screamed.

Anger and envy instantly flooded her.

Shen Ruyun almost didn’t hesitate to run out and make the scandal known to the world, to ruthlessly retaliate against this man who had broken her heart and this woman who had no honour and shame. 

Just before she left, not knowing due to which state of mind, Shen Ruyun retreated.

She wanted to ask Zhou Yan Bang why he would do something like this.

Previously, she had no choice but to give up and could only look at this man she deeply loved from afar because Zhou Yan Bang and Jiang You Yao were already engaged.

But why did the engaged Zhou Yan Bang want to be together with Jiang Yu’e Could it be that the one he liked was actually Jiang Yu’e 

Shen Ruyun could recognize Jiang Yu’e at a glance.

Jiang You Yao’s younger sister, a dog had always annoyingly fawned on Jiang You Yao.

Shen Ruyun summoned her courage to question Zhou Yan Bang, but he didn’t reply.

He seemed to have heard Shen Ruyun speaking, lifted his head and looked in Shen Ruyun’s direction.

Yet he had a dazed expression on his face, as if he was drunk, carrying an abnormal flush.

Shen Ruyun immediately recalled what Jiang Li said, that Zhou Yan Bang was going to take a rest because he was drunk.

Thinking that Zhou Yan Bang was perhaps drunk, her heart gave birth to a fluke feeling. Is it because Zhou Yan Bang is drunk that he unconsciously did this

She boldly drew nearer, resisting the disgust in her heart and looked at Jiang Yu’e.

She then discovered that Jiang Yu’e was just like Zhou Yan Bang, not sober and was in a daze. 

But even someone who’s drunk should not look like this. 

Shen Ruyun faintly had a sense of familiarity, feeling that she had seen this kind of scene before.

She caught sight of the half burning incense in the corner of the room, the other half had already turned to ashes and fell to the ground. 

Shen Ruyun suddenly realised!

She understood why the scene before her was so familiar, making her think back whether she had seen it somewhere.

She finally knew at last, this was exactly the scene when her elder sister-in-law was caught together with a “male adulterer”. 

Almost an exact copy!

The Xue Fang Fei at that time was also like this, in a daze and not sober, not realising what situation she was in.

She was woken up with great difficulty, while the madams similarly stood outside in a circle, wanting to see the scenery.  

It was the same sleepy, not sober, two people.

Also the same incense, the same thought-provoking smell. 

The longer Shen Ruyun stayed in the room, the drier her mouth and tongue felt.

A wave of unfamiliar dry heat from inside her body rushed forth.  

If she hadn’t gone through Xue Fang Fei’s experience, according to Shen Ruyun’s not so smart mind, naturally she wouldn’t be able to figure out what happened.

But since she had gone through this before, this time Shen Ruyun was smart and immediately guessed what happened. 

Zhou Yan Bang and Jiang Yu’e were schemed by someone! 

The matter was already up to this point, yet Shen Ruyun hesitated. 

If Zhou Yan Bang was calculated against, it wasn’t his original intention so she naturally didn’t need to retaliate.

There’s no need to call people to come over and watch the scandal.

But if she didn’t call anyone to come over, after they woke up, would Jiang Yu’e seize the opportunity and use this matter to blame Zhou Yan Bang The more she pondered about it, the more she thought it was possible.

Shen Ruyun even thought, perhaps Jiang Yu’e was the one calculating Zhou Yan Bang. 

With this conjecture, Shen Ruyun increasingly felt that her thinking was right.

It should be known that with Jiang Yu’e’s status, it’s impossible for her to marry the son of an official.

Moreover if it was with Ningyuan Marquis’s heir, who every female in the entire Yanjing adore.

Even if she married Ningyuan Marquis’s heir as a concubine, Jiang Yu’e could be considered as climbing up. 

Thinking as such, Shen Ruyun immediately felt stuffy inside and found Jiang Yu’e to be even more unsightly.

If she left at this point, wasn’t it as Jiang Yu’e’s wish Letting Jiang Yu’e pick things up in vain, letting her off lightly.

That’s something Shen Ruyun wasn’t willing to see.   

Thinking back and forth, Shen Ruyun couldn’t think of a good method and became extremely angry. Why wasn’t she the one entangled with Zhou Yan Bang If the one laying on the bed together with Zhou Yan Bang at this time was her, this thing would be much easier to manage. With her identity as the secretary’s younger sister, Zhou Yan Bang could just marry her.

Both families were well-matched in terms of social status, an extremely appropriate match.

Since they had done what a married couple do, no matter how unwilling Jiang You Yao was, her engagement with Zhou Yan Bang would definitely be broken.   

The Jiang family would not allow Jiang You Yao to be a flat wife. 

Originally it was a random thought, but after thinking back, Shen Ruyun was stunned. 

That’s right, since if she was entangled together with Zhou Yan Bang, Jiang You Yao would not be able to play any drama, then why not do this 

Anyway, the current Zhou Yan Bang was drugged and unable to recognize people.

Even if there’s one more person “entangled”, Zhou Yan Bang also would not know. 

Shen Ruyun was also clear that her current identity was unlike the past.

There’s also her elder brother as the secretary.

What she did was too unsightly.

Shen Ruyun’s face dimmed, perhaps this might affect Shen Yurong’s official career.

She couldn’t be like Jiang Yu’e, sleeping beside Zhou Yan Bang with her clothes not complete.

She’s a female and had to worry about her own reputation. 

In this matter, Shen Ruyun has probably exhausted all her intelligence in her life to come up with this story of “being disrespected”.

So, first, she became the victim everyone pitied, but she had skin contact with Zhou Yan Bang which made Zhou Yan Bang responsible for her.  

Things progressed very smoothly, even Princess Yongning was standing on her side and speaking up for her.

Based on Ningyuan marquis’s tone, he was bound to give her an explanation.  

Shen Ruyun fell asleep and had a beautiful dream of marrying Zhou Yan Bang and becoming the heir’s madam. 

What she didn’t expect was that her own elder brother, Shen Yurong, would not stand by her side.

On the contrary, he criticised her for doing such a thing.


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