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Chapter 86 Part 1: Resentment

Jiang Li saw Tong’er and Bai Xue’s confused looks, then told the two of them what happened yesterday evening.

The two servant girls did not follow her to the palace feast, thus weren’t aware of what took place.

After they finished listening to Jiang Li’s narration of the entire course of events, each one of them was totally astonished.

Actually, Jiang Li didn’t tell them how she tricked Jiang Yu’e and just told them that due to an unexpected turn of events, the drugged wine that was meant for her was drank by Jiang Yu’e.

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Tong’er was extremely frightened and said alarmingly: “Luckily that drug was drunk by the fifth miss.

If it was drunk by miss…….” Tong’er simply didn’t dare to imagine what Jiang Li would experience then.

She put her palms together and prayed towards the heaven, “All these were due to madam’s blessing from heaven, continuously and secretly protecting the young lady from harm.


“Madam’s heart is too ruthless,” Bai Xue actually frowned and said: “Doing so will not leave the young lady with a way to survive.

Looks so gentle and affectionate, but in fact has a snake and scorpion heart.

Miss, can’t we tell master and let master see her true colors clearly”

Jiang Li shook her head.

“I have no evidence, it was solely a one-sided statement from my side.

Naturally, they will be able to refute.

Moreover, for no reason at all, Jiang You Yao’s marriage was ruined, father of course would feel ashamed towards her.

If his heart is already partial towards her, nobody will believe whatever I say.

No matter,” Jiang Li said: “Just this turnaround of having her marriage with Zhou Yan Bang cancelled will be sufficient to cause a great injury to the mother and daughter’s vitality.

Anyhow it doesn’t harm me.

As for their true colors,” Jiang Li smiled slightly, “as long as I still stay in the residence for a day, there will always be an opportunity.”

Tong’er and Bai Xue looked at each other in dismay.

Since Jiang Li had said so, they could only drop the subject.

Tong’er asked: “Then, what is heir Zhou going to do now Is he going to marry the fifth miss I think, master will definitely not let the third miss marry heir Zhou anymore.”

Even Tong’er could tell, after going through such a thing, it’s impossible for Jiang You Yao to enter Zhou Yan Bang’s door.

Jiang Yuan Bai will definitely forbid Jiang You Yao to humble herself and insult the Jiang family’s reputation.

“It’s also impossible for the fifth miss to be the proper wife,” Bai Xue picked up: “isn’t there still a young lady from the Shen family who was involved with heir Zhou The status of the Shen family’s young miss is much higher than the fifth miss.

If they are giving an explanation to the fifth miss, it’s even more important for them to give an explanation to the Shen family.

Between the Shen family’s young miss and the fifth miss, they will certainly accommodate the Shen family’s young lady first.”  

Tong’er nodded vigorously, then immediately looked at Jiang Li and patted her chest.

With lingering fears she said: “Heir Zhou had ambiguous relationships with so many ladies, and this happened before he got married…….

It seems that this person is really not a good match.

It’s good that miss and he had cleared the relationships long ago.

It’s better to just let him be a scourge to other people.” Tong’er was extremely glad, thankfully, Jiang Li and Zhou Yan Bang had resolved their engagement long ago.

Otherwise, the one who was grieving would not be Jiang You Yao, but the Jiang Li in front of her. 

“However,” Tong’er recalled something suddenly and asked doubtfully: “It’s never been heard that heir Zhou has any relations with the Shen family’s young miss before, right How did they get mixed up together Is this really an accident”

The drunk Zhou Yan Bang saw Shen Ruyun by chance, his heart stirred, and it abruptly gave birth to an indecent act, was it like this 

Jiang Li’s smile turned a bit colder.

The husband had no feeling, but the concubine had the intention.

This wasn’t an accident, rather, Shen Ruyun had meticulously arranged this “magnificent feat”.


The Shen family.

The family’s servants lowered their heads and worked earnestly.

Even though the current master served as the secretary and appeared very lenient and benevolent, his mother and his younger sister did not speak as well as Shen Yurong.

The two females had a bit of meanness in their nature, especially now that Shen Yurong’s official path had become increasingly smooth.

The two women’s temperament had also grown, as if to make up for the past sufferings, they wanted to vent all the bitterness they’d received. 

And the way of venting was naturally by tormenting the people below.

The servants in the Shen residence were all aware of the two female masters’ harsh treatment.

As a result, they didn’t dare to get distracted even when doing tiny teeny little things, and were a hundred percent attentive. 

In the house, Shen Ruyun was confronted by Shen Yurong.

“You’ve gone too far!” Shen Yurong said.

Shen Ruyun objected and replied: “Elder brother, I’m not the one making the mistake, it was Ningyuan Marquis’s Zhou Yan Bang.

Why are you blaming me, are you truly my elder brother”

Shen Yurong, who instead of being angry was actually smiling, looked at Shen Ruyun and asked: “Oh Did he really make a mistake”

His gaze was sharp, as if directly piercing into one’s mind and thoroughly peering into one’s heart.

Shen Ruyun shrank all of a sudden, but she hardened her scalp and said: “Correct!”

Shen Yurong fixedly looked at her. 

Shen Ruyun had a bit of a guilty conscience. 

That evening at the palace feast, everyone saw what happened.

Ningyuan Marquis’s heir, Zhou Yan Bang, and his fiance’s younger sister, Jiang Yu’e, had a private meeting in the palace and had an illicit affair.

In addition, he intended to disrespect the secretary’s younger sister, Shen Ruyun.

Ningyuan Marquis’s heir was not at all the elegant nobleman he looked like from the outside.

Rather, his lust seemed to cover the sky. 

Everyone saw the end, but no one knew the specifics of that evening.

To get to the bottom of the matter as to what had actually occurred, even Zhou Yan Bang and Jiang Yu’e were probably not very clear.

The one who understood most thoroughly was none other than Shen Ruyun.


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