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Chapter 85 Part 3: Vying for a Husband

Inside Wan Feng Hall.

Old madam Jiang looked solemnly at Jiang Yuan Bai. 

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She had lived for so long, seen so many things, heard many times of a couple caught in affairs under the public eyes, and it’s not as if she had never seen them personally.

For instance, the previous top scorer, Shen Yurong’s wife, Xue Fang Fei.

At that time, when she was caught engaging in an illicit affair at mother Shen’s birthday feast, old madam Jiang was also on the scene. 

She despised people who didn’t have self-respect, loathed children who destroyed their family’s reputation, yet she never expected that one day, this kind of thing would occur in their Jiang family. 

“Indeed the morality and conduct of a bastard!” Old madam Jiang spoke coldly: “The daughter taught is also the same!” The one who got into an accident was the third branch, who wasn’t her own son.

Old madam Jiang also didn’t know whether she should rejoice or be angry.  

It’s very rare for Jiang Yuan Bai to see his mother this angry.

He also stayed silent and didn’t say a word.

“What is your plan” Old madam Jiang asked.

“Son plans to immediately dismiss You Yao and Zhou Yan Bang’s marriage.” Jiang Yuan Bai said grimly: “This thing happened, You Yao cannot marry into the Zhou family.

No matter how Yu’e and Zhou Yan Bang are, You Yao is the daughter of my wife.

Marrying into the Zhou family, she will be reduced to a laughingstock in the entire Yanjing.” Jiang Yuan Bai sighed: “Moreover, Zhou Yan Bang, this child, his intentions are not right.

He was obviously betrothed to my child, but had an unclear relationship with other members of the Jiang family, his character is dubious.

I don’t believe these people will treat You Yao well in the future.” 

“I think so too.” Perhaps upon seeing that Jiang Yuan Bai and she had the same thought, old madam Jiang’s complexion eased up.

She said: “This time, the Zhou family will not have any face to mention the marriage with You Yao anymore.

Anyway, You Yao is still young, these coming days, pay closer attention to any suitable families.

No matter how our Jiang family’s daughter is, finding a better husband than the Zhou family’s boy is also an effortless matter!” 

Jiang Yuan Bai nodded in agreement.

The mother and son had just talked to this point when the sound of a girl crying came through from outside.

Jiang Yuan Bai turned his head to see it was actually Jiang You Yao charging in, despite Ji Shuran’s prohibition.

Once Jiang You Yao entered, she immediately pulled Jiang Yuan Bai’s sleeve.

While crying she said: “Father, I cannot cancel the marriage with heir Zhou!” 

Receiving the news, Ji Shuran rushed over without delay and pulled her up.

Old madam Jiang’s brows wrinkled: “Ji-shi, how did you raise You Yao, how could you let her in” 

Ji Shuran had no other way and could only say: “Mother, master, You Yao is too broken-hearted.

She had fainted a few times…….

You Yao is also too pitiful.

Everything was perfectly all right, heir Zhou did this kind of thing, isn’t that sticking a needle into our You Yao’s heart”

Jiang Yuan Bai lowered his head to look at his young daughter.

Jiang You Yao was evidently genuinely heart-broken.

Her usual nature was to cherish her appearance, but now her tears fell like flowers, not caring about her looks.

Her lips were even paler than paper.

Jiang Yuan Bai also inevitably felt distressed.

To him, the person who was most injured in this matter was Jiang You Yao.

After all, Jiang You Yao did not do anything wrong, yet suffered her sweetheart’s betrayal.  

Jiang Yuan Bai spoke patiently: “You Yao, don’t be willful.

Zhou Yan Bang did such a thing, how could he become my Jiang family’s son-in-law.” He looked at her again and saw Jiang You Yao’s unwilling appearance.

He hardened his heart and continued speaking ruthlessly, “Since Zhou Yan Bang could be together with Jiang Yu’e, he clearly doesn’t have you in his heart.

If he had you in his mind, even a little bit, he wouldn’t do the kind of thing that will humiliate you.

As a father, I must not let you marry such a man who has no responsibility and no you in his heart!”    

“No——”beyond expectation, after Jiang You Yao heard Jiang Yuan Bai, not only was she not convinced, she instead became even more stubborn.

She refuted: “Heir Zhou has me in his heart, the reason why he was with Jiang Yu’e was, was because…….

was because Jiang Yu’e seduced him! It’s Jiang Yu’e who harmed him.

Right, it’s Jiang Yu’e playing tricks.

Jiang Yu’e wanted to snatch heir Zhou for a long time and could only use this disgusting trick.

It’s not heir Zhuo’s fault.

Father, it’s Jiang Yu’e’s fault.

What you should do is not to dismiss the engagement between heir Zhou and I, but to severely punish Jiang Yu’e, that cheap person!”

When these words came out, Ji Shuran secretly screamed “not good”.

Jiang Yuan Bai looked at Jiang You Yao in shock. 

In Jiang Yuan Bai’s heart, Jiang You Yao was always an innocent and naive little girl.

But this person in front of him, whose condition seemed insane, the girl who opened her mouth full of obscenities, was really too unfamiliar. 

Ji Shuran smiled and hurriedly said: “You Yao, she’s too angry.

She heard some rumors before, saying that Yu’e…….” She intentionally wanted to pour dirty water on Jiang Yu’e body.

Perhaps it could be regarded as not pouring dirty water as the way Ji Shuran looked at it, in the end, Jiang Yu’e might not have necessarily resisted when she was together with Zhou Yan Bang.

Or she might have even simply colluded with Jiang Li.

“Troublesome!” Old madam Jiang, who had been watching coldly, reprimanded sternly.

She said: “Jiang Yu’e took the initiative to seduce Zhou Yan Bang, then what about Shen Ruyun The secretary’s younger sister, she wouldn’t actively seduce Zhou Yan Bang!”

If Jiang Li was here, she would have certainly been unable to stop her laughter after hearing old madam Jiang’s words.

Because just like the absurd theory of old madam Jiang, hadn’t the secretary’s sister had exactly actively seduced Zhou Yan Bang She even didn’t hesitate to sacrifice her own reputation and released words that Zhou Yan Bang had “disrespected” her so as to marry into the Zhou family. 

Jiang You Yao froze. 

Indeed, Jiang Yu’e could be accused of seducing Zhou Yan Bang, then what about Shen Ruyun Shen Ruyun and Zhou Yan Bang could previously be said as strangers.

Moreover, Shen Ruyun was not Jiang Yu’e, if the Shen family stated that they wanted Zhou Yan Bang to take responsibility, without a doubt, as Princess Yongning said, Zhou Yan Bang must marry Shen Ruyun. 

Although she was precious as the chief assistant’s daughter, what can she do Unless she was also being disrespected by Zhou Yan Bang on that day, perhaps she could still compete with Shen Ruyun and see which one would Zhou Yan Bang choose in the end. 

Seeing that Jiang You Yao seemed to be moved, old madam Jiang said again in a cold tone: “Furthermore, no matter how Jiang Yu’e ends up with Zhou Yan Bang, our Jiang family will never allow any cases of siblings serving one husband to happen.

It’s impossible for Zhou Yan Bang to be your husband.” 

Jiang You Yao’s body was limp and directly slumped on the ground.

She couldn’t say anything and could only weep. 

She knew that what old madam Jiang said was true.

There nothing could be done for Zhou Yan Bang and her! 


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