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Chapter 85 Part 2: Vying for a Husband

It’s not that Jiang Yu’e didn’t hear the ridicule and carelessness in Ningyuan Marchioness’s tone, she was half humiliated and half ashamed.

But she didn’t have any other way and could only use her eyes to request help from Yang-shi.

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Both Yang-shi and Jiang Yuan Xing were bitter at the moment.

Although usually Yang-shi didn’t like her daughter to fawn over Ji Shuran mother and daughter, as a Jiang family member, she also understood the pros and cons.

Jiang Yu’e existence as Jiang You Yao’s attendant was the result of Yang-shi’s plotting.

Now that Jiang Yu’e had done so, it had undoubtedly offended the main branch.

Even if they wanted to speak for Jiang Yu’e, in this situation, the third branch really had no position to speak up. 

Most of all, Jiang Yu’e and Zhou Yan Bang seemed to both be willing.

Since it was mutual consent, there shouldn’t be any “explanation” or “no explanation. 

It’s not good for Yang-shi to say anything, she could only resolutely step forward and supported Jiang Yu’e from one side, then hurriedly spoke a few sentences to Jiang Yuan Bai.

She even didn’t dare to look at Ji Shuran’s expression before leaving in a rush. 

The people present saw that the two female protagonists of the scene had departed, leaving Zhou Yan Bang alone by himself.

Ningyuan Marquis also wanted to immediately take Zhou Yan Bang back.

The spectators saw and knew there was no more wonderful scene to enjoy.

Soon, one by one took their leave and went home.

Actually, they were preparing to continue discussing this earth-shaking love affair when they returned to their residences.    

The Jiang family also had to return home. 

Jiang You Yao most likely still wanted to question Zhou Yan Bang as to why he wanted to treat her like so.

But Ji Shuran had continuously and firmly pulled her.

Besides, there were still a lot of people watching around and she could only drop it.

It’s just that her heart was extremely dejected and she looked more haggard compared to Zhou Yan Bang who was caught in the affair.   

Jiang Li was also following behind the Jiang family’s members, preparing to return to the residence together.

As she was about to leave, she suddenly thought of something, stopped her steps and turned around. 

Ji Heng was still standing in his original place and was surprised to see her turning around. 

Jiang Li lightly performed a courtesy to him and said: “Today’s matter totally relied on Duke Su coming to give a hand.

Jiang Li feels extremely thankful.”

“Don’t.” In the night, Ji Heng’s fan emitted a ray of dark splendor.

He said carelessly: “The one performing a play is you, the one watching a play is me, second miss don’t be mistaken,” Ji Heng laughed strangely, “I’m just watching a play, not performing.” 

Jiang Li was slightly stumped, her heart a bit discouraged.

She deliberately spoke this way, precisely to let Ji Heng think that the matter today was done by the two of them.

In the future, if Ji Heng thought of betraying her, he would have a bit of apprehension.

Who knew this person wasn’t even willing to do this and was actually very alert. 

Truly extremely devious.

Jiang Li’s smile faded a little.

She nodded and drifted away with the Jiang family’s group.

“Oh, females are indeed frightful,” Ji Heng laughed lowly from behind.

He then spoke to himself: “A little girl is also a female.”


When they went back, Jiang Li didn’t ride on the same carriage as Jiang You You and the others. 

Perhaps Jiang You Yao wanted to complain tearfully to Ji Shuran, this broken-hearted look absolutely must not be seen by others, especially Jiang Li.

So Jiang Li rode in the same carriage as the second branch. 

Along the way, Jiang Jing Rui had a weird expression on him, seemingly making a supreme effort to restrain his urge to gossip with Jiang Li.

Thinking about it, he must be eager to carefully discuss today’s secret affair between Jiang Yu’e and Zhou Yan Bang with Jiang Li.

It’s just that his parents and elder brother were all in the same carriage.

It’s not good for Jiang Jing Rui to start talking.

So throughout the journey, he kept winking at Jiang Li.

Without asking, Jiang Li knew what he wanted to say——when they arrive home, he will talk in detail in Fang Fei Garden. 

Jiang Li was too lazy to deal with him.

Today, Ji Shuran mother and daughter wanted to harm her and Ye Shijie.

As a result, Zhou Yan Bang and Jiang Yu’e were tangled together, even Shen Ruyun exploited the gap.

The water in this pond was stirred til it couldn’t get any muddier.

Honestly, even Jiang Li could not foresee the result of this effect.

Who would have known Shen Ruyun could produce such a stroke

It looked like what Princess Yongning said, ‘it was to everyone’s delight and satisfaction’.

But in fact, this had just begun. 

Sooner or later, Ji Shuran would find out that Jiang Yu’e and Zhou Yan Bang’s matter was due to Jiang Li.

And after this, it’s impossible for Jiang You Yao and Zhou Yan Bang to be together.

Jiang You Yao would hate Jiang Yu’e, and would hate Jiang Li, the initiator, even more. 

And on Ye Shijie’s side, Ji Shuran’s wish to harm Ye Shijie was not fulfilled.

Now Ye Shijie had become the foreign official in the Ministry of Revenue, which attracted people’s eyes.

Who knew how much resentment he’d provoke publicly and secretly No need to mention other people first, most possibly, Ji Shuran would let her mother’s family and the Ji family members to trip Ye Shijie.

Although Ye Shijie had received a bit of Hong Xiao Emperor’s admiration, he had just entered officialdom, without any relationship to rely on.

The Ye family had never served as an official before, there were really few people who could shelter Ye Shijie. 

Her and Ye Shijie’s road was bound to be even more difficult to walk after this.

But that’s fine.

Jiang Li thought joyfully.

In any case, being able to let the enemy in front of her suffer losses could be considered as not treating her unfairly.

No matter how many difficulties in the future, it would be like tonight, just resolve them one by one. 

Her path would get smoother as she walked. 


After returning to the residence, Jiang Li didn’t greet Jiang Yuan Bai and the others and directly returned to Fang Fei Garden as it’s already very late.

Bai Xue and Tong’er saw her come back safe without any worries and loosened their breaths.

Jiang Li didn’t tell the two of them what occurred in the palace feast today.

She had been busy for the evening plus dealing with Duke Su, now she just wanted to take a good rest.

No matter what happens, it’s not too late to put it off until tomorrow. 

As for Jiang Yuan Bai and old madam Jiang, Jiang Li smiled slightly, this evening they would naturally not attend to her.

There’s still a more important matter to take care of.


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