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Chapter 85 Part 1: Vying For a Husband

Jiang Li stared unwaveringly at Shen Yurong. 

As Shen Ruyun’s older brother, it’s impossible for Shen Yurong not to know his own sister’s thoughts.

Princess Yongning remembering this feeling discreetly, helping his own sister to settle her lifelong affair with Shen Yurong personally saw it, would he not be moved

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Shen Yurong’s eyelids moved slightly, but he didn’t speak. 

Jiang Li ridiculed him in her heart, actually being so indifferent.

She still thought Shen Yurong would give thanks joyfully. 

On the other hand, Ji Shuran could clearly feel Jiang You Yao’s excitement from her embrace.

For a time, she felt it was difficult.

If they were talking about Zhou Yan Bang’s request to break the marriage contract with Jiang You Yao a few days ago, Ji Shuran was simply angry, but wasn’t very worried.

After all, as long as Ningyuan Marquis had a bit of brain, he would not put out this matter which might ruin his future career.

But the current matter had greatly exceeded the range of Ji Shuran’s capability.  

If it was only Jiang Yu’e alone, Ji Shuran could find a way and plan slowly.

However, this still involved the younger sister of Shen Yurong, the assistant minister.

Shen Ruyun wasn’t someone who could easily be dispatched.

This time, Ningyuan Marquis’s heir was also helpless.

Ji Shuran glanced at Jiang Yuan Bai’s ugly complexion and knew Jiang Yuan Bai’s thought, this marriage would not be completed.

Ji Shuran also didn’t wish for Jiang You Yao to marry Zhou Yan Bang.

Once this matter passed, Zhou Yan Bang’s official career was no longer possible. 

No matter what, Jiang You Yao liked Zhou Yan Bang. 

Ji Shuran only felt her head ache.

This was truly a sudden and unexpected disaster.

Although Zhou Yan Bang was the one out of luck, wasn’t the most broken-hearted still Jiang You Yao Thinking of this, Ji Shuran couldn’t help glancing over once again at Jiang Li.

Jiang Li was standing beside Ji Heng who had a tall stature.

By coincidence, Jiang Li was covered by Ji Heng, thus Jiang Li’s expression was unable to be seen clearly.

But Ji Shuran assumed, at this moment, Jiang Li must have that annoying smile hung on her face.

The smile that looked as if nothing could move her.

Jiang Li must have something to do with this matter, Ji Shuran thought hatefully.

Tonight, she originally thought of letting Jiang Li and Ye Shijie’s reputation to fall.

She didn’t expect that the one who met with mishap to be Zhou Yan Bang.

Moreover, without mentioning Shen Ruyun, how Jiang Yu’e and Zhou Yan Bang got mixed together made Ji Shuran angry.

But that made her convinced that Jiang Li must have a hand in it. 

But then, what is the relationship between Jiang Li and Ji Heng Ji Shuran didn’t dare to come over and ask Jiang Li.

She was actually afraid of Duke Su, that youth with a pretty face was like a beautiful viper, encompassing Jiang Li.

Incidentally, he brought Jiang Li in his protection. 

Ji Shuran was unable to do anything about it. 

For a while, the people couldn’t grasp Princess Yongning’s speech. 

Actually, Shen Yurong also had no room to advance or retreat.

If he accepted Princess Yongning’s words, even if the matter would be settled easily, the Shen family’s daughter would appear cheap, as if she was in a hurry to be married to Zhou Yan Bang.

If he declined in front of Shen Ruyun…….

Shen Ruyun definitely would not understand.  

Princess Yongning naturally thought that she understand his thoughts, but she was too stupid.

This kind of thing, it’s only right to first discuss this in private.

There’s no need to mention this right at this moment, in front of all the people, making it difficult to answer.

If Xue Fang Fei was around, she definitely would not do so…….

Shen Yurong thought in frustration. 

In the end, he didn’t take advantage of Princess Yongning’s words and merely said to Ningyuan Marquis: “Today has startled my younger sister, this official will first take her home to rest and see the physician.

Everyone present has seen this matter, in the future, still need to ask master to give our Shen family an explanation!” After speaking, he didn’t dwell much and looking very concerned with Shen Ruyun, he walked to mother Shen’s side and took Shen Ruyun to leave. 

Shen Ruyun was greatly disappointed and was very puzzled  why Shen Yurong didn’t take the opportunity given by Princess Yongning’s words.

She still wanted to make noise by saying a few sentences without listening to excuses but when she raised her head, she met Shen Yurong’s strict eyes and immediately did not dare to say anything.

Although Shen Yurong treated her very well, when Shen Yurong got angry, even mother Shen didn’t dare to provoke him. 

Shen Ruyun had no choice but left very unwillingly with Shen Yurong. 

Princess Yongning’s good intention, she never thought Shen Yurong would not accept her words so simply, and was put in an awkward position.

On one hand, she scolded Shen Yurong for not having conscience and was unable to tell good from bad while on the other hand, she hatefully blamed Zhou Yan Bang for causing trouble.

For a moment, she hated Zhou Yan Bang so much, she sneered at Ningyuan Marquis and said: “Truly disgraceful!” Then she turned and walked off. 

Today, Ningyuan Marquis had lost all his face in front of his colleagues.

Standing there, his face burned. 

A slight smile spilled from Jiang Li’s lips. 

Ji Heng asked: “Why is Jiang second miss smiling”

“The pot calls the kettle black,” Jiang Li said: “Isn’t it funny”

Princess Yongning scolded Ningyuan Marquis as disgraceful, but she didn’t see whether she had the qualification to say this word.

In Jiang Li’s eyes, Princess Yongning and Zhou Yan Bang were as bad as each other.

Besides, Zhou Yan Bang had never killed anybody, but Princess Yongning, a turtledove occupying the magpie’s nest, was even more shameless. 

Ningyuan Marchioness seemed to have come out of her daze.

She resisted the panic and anger in her heart with great difficulty, walked to Yu Xiu Pavilion’s door, first pretended to beat Zhou Yan Bang a couple of times before looking at Jiang Yu’e.

She said: “Jiang fifth miss was also startled today.

First go back home and take a rest.

After a few days, we, the Zhou family, would definitely give an explanation to Jiang fifth miss.”

The insincere smile made Jiang Yu’e a bit afraid. 

Shen Ruyun kept saying that she was disgraced by Zhou Yan Bang.

But when Jiang Yu’e and Zhou Yan Bang were discovered by everyone, she didn’t appear to be disrespected.

Instead, it was like a youngster’s passion towards a concubine.

In Ningyuan Marchioness’s eyes, it must be Jiang Yu’e who seduced Zhou Yan Bang first.

And Jiang Yu’e’s identity was not enough to intimidate Ningyuan Marchioness.

Even if they had to give Jiang Yu’e an identity, at most she would be a concubine of the Zhou family’s.

Everybody’s aware that the third master of the Jiang family, Jiang Yuan Xing, and Jiang Yuan Bai, Jiang Yuan Ping were not blood related brothers.

So there’s no need to look at the faces of the other people of the Jiang family and give more courtesy to Jiang Yuan Xing.

Giving Jiang Yuan Xing an explanation would be much easier. 


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