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Chapter 84 Part 3: Chaos

Do you guys realize the common plots in novels/dramas

K-drama = amnesia while c-drama = whenever there’s a banquet/gathering, someone will either fall in a lake/pond or a couple caught in a tryst.

Is it like a must have for it to be authentic XD

Jiang Li suspected that she had seen wrongly and looked at her again.

This time around, she didn’t see the expression shown in Shen Ruyun before.

However, she discovered Shen Ruyun’s entire messy clothes, her disheveled hair, all seemed deliberate.

Furthermore, which person, after being harassed, had her whole body cut a sorry figure, but her shoes were not touched by any bit of dirt, her hair clip was also proper and her earrings were intact.

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It’s very strange indeed.

Jiang Li suddenly thought of a possibility.

She looked unbelievably at Shen Ruyun.

Supposed that her guess was right, even if she was Shen Ruyun’s older sister-in-law, she would also be shocked by Shen Ruyun’s boldness. 

Shen Ruyun kept on saying that Zhou Yan Bang was being disrespectful towards herself.

Jiang You Yao burst with rage after hearing her, without waiting for Ningyuan Marchioness to open her mouth, she stood up and said: “Nonsense, how could Zhou heir be disrespectful to you! Zhou heir is straightforward and upright, it must be you slandering Zhou heir!” 

In everyone’s eyes, it was truly impossible.

Although Shen Ruyun could be regarded as having above average features, compared with Jiang You Yao, she was much more inferior.

Not caring about such a beautiful and tender young lady but being frivolous towards Shen Ruyun whose looks were not as good, in other people’s eyes, unless Zhou Yan Bang was a fool, it could not be comprehended. 

Shen Ruyun saw Jiang You Yao behaving as Zhou Yan Bang’s primary wife and was irritated.

Jealousy bubbled forth and without a second thought, she coldly said: “Hmph, he wasn’t just being disrespectful towards me, your family’s fifth miss too!”

Jiang Yu’e!

Ji Shuran’s brain froze, she subconsciously looked towards Yang-shi.

Yang-shi was also frozen.She was originally anxious when she couldn’t find Jiang Yu’e’s silhouette.

Now hearing Shen Ruyun’s words, it was as if being struck by lightning.  

It’s different with outsiders, if what Shen Ruyun said was true, using the identity of top scorer Shen Yunrong’s sister, it’s not difficult to marry Zhou Yan Bang. But how can Jiang Yu’e be compared with Shen Ruyun Could it be that she has to become Zhou Yan Bang’s concubine Even if she became one, how could the main branch forgive her

Yang-shi muttered: “Impossible…….”

“How is it impossible” Shen Ruyun promptly said: “The emperor and all the cabinet ministers have seen it with their own eyes.

Jiang fourth miss has been…….

has been…….” She didn’t continue. 

Ningyuan Marchioness only felt the sky spin. Heavens! What is actually Zhou Yan Bang doing! Why suddenly getting involved with two strange ladies, why must be seen by the emperor!

Zhou Yan Bang was ruined!

Jiang You Yao retreated two steps back, feeling her whole body losing strength.

Even though her mouth still shouted “impossible”, she already believed seven points in her heart. 

Since Shen Ruyun had said that the emperor and all the ministers had seen it with their own eyes, it’s clear that it wasn’t a lie.

Instantly, Jiang You Yao felt her heart ache terribly.

She didn’t understand why Zhou Yan Bang would do this.

Okay, no need to mention Shen Ruyun; but Jiang Yu’e was a member of the Jiang family. This time, Zhou Yan Bang really hit her face! How is she going to live in the future! Do they want to let Jiang Yu’e also marry as a concubine, sisters serving the same husband Even if she is the main wife, Jiang You Yao will not allow it! 

At this time, Jiang You Yao still believed herself to be Zhou Yan Bang’s primary wife.

Perhaps Jiang You Yao also thought after this matter passed, Zhou Yan Bang would still take her as his wife.  

But Jiang Li could clearly see that it’s impossible for Jiang You Yao to marry Zhou Yan Bang.  

Solely because Shen Ruyun had also stuck her foot in. 

If Shen Ruyun wasn’t mixed inside, it would only be Zhou Yan Bang and Jiang Yu’e’s scandal known to everyone.

In the final analysis, Jiang Yu’e was just the daughter of a shu branch in the family.

With the difference in identities, it’s a very common matter for Jiang You Yao to press Jiang Yu’e down.

It’s just that it’s impossible for Zhou Yan Bang’s career to rise up in the future.

Zhou Yan Bang and Jiang You Yao’s days were long, there would always be disagreements.

In addition, with Jiang Yu’e thrown in, the two sisters would fight each other.

It’s a lucky coincidence, saving Jiang Li from troubles.

But Shen Ruyun was “disrespected” by Zhou Yan Bang. 

Shen Ruyun was an upstart in the dynasty, Shen Yurong’s blood related younger sister.

Hong Xiao emperor regarded Shen Yurong highly and would definitely take care of him.

There’s only Zhou Yan Bang in Shen Ruyun’s heart, naturally she couldn’t bear to punish Zhou Yan Bang.

The best solution was for Shen Ruyun to marry Zhou Yan Bang.  

Shen Ruyun got what she wished for. 

Jiang Li was almost certain the so-called “disrespected” by Zhou Yan Bang was a matter made up by Shen Ruyun herself.

Perhaps, Zhou Yan Bang was delirious at that time, thus the opportunity was grabbed by Shen Ruyun and she found an excuse to blame Zhou Yan Bang. 

Jiang Li had no idea how Shen Ruyun could come up with this move, but she had to admire Shen Ruyun.

Shen Ruyun wholeheartedly wanted to marry Zhou Yan Bang; before, she thought that this sister-in-law could only make stupid disturbance but now she used this method to achieve her purpose.

She discovered that Shen Ruyun still had a brain at some point. 

For instance, the current moment. 

At this time, a noise was heard from ahead.

All the madams tacitly looked towards the sound and saw many people looking like officials were crowding at the gate of an attic.

They had no idea what they were doing. 

Upon seeing this, Shen Ruyun was immediately choked with sobs and said: “You see, that’s them.”  


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