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Chapter 83 Part 5: Encountering Beauty

“Your second sister” Ye Shijie knitted his brows and said: “Jiang second miss I didn’t see any Jiang second miss.

I drank too much wine at the banquet and the palace maid showed the way here for me to rest for a while.

I haven’t arrived for long, but didn’t see your second sister.” He looked at Jiang You Yao: “Maybe Jiang second miss has left long ago.”

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“Impossible——” Jiang You Yao went crazy and said: “She must be hiding, where is she” Just like this, she went all over the place, flipping things over, trying to find her.

The madams around immediately held a peculiar gaze as they looked at Jiang You Yao.

Jiang You Yao’s appearance at this time showed that she was certain Jiang Li must be here.

It was honestly a bit obsessive. 

Seeing the expressions in the other madams, Ji Shuran’s heart thumped.

Fearing that Jiang You Yao would let the cat out of the bag, she reached out and held Jiang You Yao’s arm, then smiled while looking at Ye Shijie and said: “You Yao is also too worried about Li-er. You see, it’s already late at night, yet Li-er is nowhere to be seen.

Could something happen to her” Showing the appearance of a worried mother. 

Ye Shijie had understood long ago that this evening’s matter was from the hand of this poisonous woman in front of him.

He also knew under Ji Shuran’s affectionate face, there was a snake and scorpion heart.

He sneered inwardly, yet on the surface, he still respectfully waved his hands and said: “It’s understandable that Madam is confused out of concern.

It’s just…….” He spoke while giving courtesy: “next time, when entering a room, please knock on the door first.” 

At once, Ji Shuran’s face was flushed with embarrassment. 

She was thinking of letting everyone see Jiang Li’s disgraceful situation.

How could she deliberately knock on the door However, what happened in the end Ji Shuran had a doubt.

The tea room was so small, Jiang Li definitely wouldn’t hide inside.

In addition, Ye Shijie’s clothes were orderly, and there weren’t any traces inside the room.

There wasn’t even a different fragrance.

Everything indicated that Ye Shijie and Jiang Li didn’t even start at all. 

The person reporting clearly said that she saw both Jiang Li and Ye Shijie enter this tea room.

Ye Shijie’s current appearance didn’t seem to be under the influence of drugs.

Then what about Jiang Li Where is Jiang Li

Ji Shuran was alarmed.

Not able to see Jiang Li, she always felt that something else was overlooked, as if something was about to happen. 

After Ye Shijie and Ji Shuran finished exchanging words, he stood up to leave.

He cupped his hands to salute all the madams.

He, as a man, standing in the place where everyone else was female, was somewhat inconvenient.

It’s better to avoid. 

He suddenly stopped when he reached the door. 

“Madam, Jiang second miss is coming.” Ye Shijie spoke from inside the door. 

Ji Shuran was stunned and hurriedly walked to the door.

She saw a person walking leisurely from the distant promenade. Who else is it if not Jiang Li

Beside Jiang Li, there’s a red-clothed, beautiful youth.

It was actually Duke Su, Ji Heng. 

When Jiang Li saw the group of people, she was completely puzzled.

She stepped forward and said: “Mother…..

How did all of you come here”

“Li-er,” Ji Shuran asked: “Weren’t you resting inside the tea room Just now, why didn’t I see your shadow, there’s only young master Ye”

Jiang Li smiled in embarrassment: “I was in the tea room for a short while before wanting to go to the clean room.

When I went out, I didn’t know the way.

Walking back and forth and unexpectedly got lost.

From the beginning I kept going around the garden in circles.” Jiang Li said: “I didn’t know the way and nobody passed by, so I was held up in the garden for a long time.

Fortunately I ran into Duke Su.” Jiang Li smiled and said: “Duke Su saw it was difficult for me and brought me out from the garden.

I was originally thinking of waiting for mother in the tea room, thus going back to the tea room.

Didn’t expect all of you to come over.

Why” Jiang Li looked at Ji Shuran, “Is there something wrong”

Ji Shuran was speechless.

Duke Su, Ji Heng, just stood by Jiang Li.

It’s unknown which sentence was the truth spoken by Jiang Li but Ji Shuran couldn’t express her suspicion.

Because if she doubted Jiang Li, that was the same as doubting Ji heng.

Since Ji Heng didn’t say a word, then he tacitly agreed that Jiang Li was speaking facts. 

Ji Shuran nearly broke her teeth.

Jiang Li leaned her head to the side, seemingly just noticed Ye Shijie.

She was a bit puzzled: “Young master Ye, why are you here in this tea room There are many tea rooms in the palace, and the tea rooms for male is not on this side…..” She did not continue speaking, but the idea behind her sentence made the other madams think deeply.

If Jiang Li didn’t go to the clean room, didn’t lose her way and was delayed, Jiang Li and Ye Shijie would be staying in the same room.

In an outsider’s eyes, even though there was nothing, more or less it would be vague.

It wasn’t a good thing for this minister of the Ministry of Revenue who had just been appointed.

Naturally, in regards to Jiang second miss, it was also a blow to her reputation.   

However, Jiang second miss was very lucky to have avoided it.

Recalling the unusual action of Jiang third miss just now when she entered the room, it seemed that she had known from earlier that Jiang second miss would be inside the tea room.

And Ji Shuran didn’t even knock on the door and directly pushed the door to enter…….

It’s really worth thinking about. 

Ji Shuran saw Jiang Li turn the spearhead towards herself with just a few words and felt extreme hate.

But at this time, she couldn’t think of any words to counter.

She had no choice but to look at Li-pin and Ji Chen-shi, requesting for help. 

Li-pin was about to speak when she suddenly saw a person running and staggering from outside.

The person actually went straight to Ningyuan Marchioness , it should be Ningyuan Marchioness’s servant girl. 

The servant girl yelled in panic: “Madam, young master got into an accident!”


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