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Chapter 83 Part 4: Encountering Beauty

Late post! This is supposed to be Thursday release.

The madams and ladies present were immediately in a cheerful mood, one after another went along with Ji Chen-shi’s words wanting to go see the twin lotus flowers. 

Liu Xu didn’t want to go; it was really difficult for her and those noble girls to integrate with each other.

However, Madam Liu still had to socialize with the colleagues of Chengde Minister.

She patted Liu Xu’s head to signal her to go together. 

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Ji Shuran also smiled and stood up: “Li-er is also in the tea room at the end of the promenade.

She seems to have rested for a while and should not be so dizzy anymore.

Just in time for me to also fetch her, wait a while and we can leave the palace together.”

Jiang Yuyan opened her mouth timidly: “Fourth sister also hasn’t returned.”

Jiang Li went to rest, Jiang Yu’e merely went to change her clothes, yet she hadn’t returned at this moment.

Yang-shi noted and grumbled: “This girl, did she walk around blindly Why hasn’t she come back up till now”    

“No need to worry,” Jiang You Yao said: “Fourth sister and second sister left together, perhaps fourth sister is staying with second sister at this time.

We will be able to see them when we go to the tea room in a while.”

Yang-shi didn’t dare to refute Jiang You Yao’s words.

However, her heart wasn’t convinced.

She understood her own daughter clearly, Jiang Yu’e and Jiang Li always disagreed with each other, how could she stay together with Jiang Li Moreover, today was the palace feast, how would Jiang Yu’e be willing not to show her face and hide in the tea room.

Based on Jiang Yu’e nature, she should have come out and made other people take note of her from long ago. 

Even though anxious, she couldn’t show it.

Besides, Yang-shi truly didn’t know where Jiang Yu’e had gone.

So she thought to first follow and go together to the tea room, to see whether Jiang Yu’e was there or not.  

The group of people soon headed towards the tea room at the end of the promenade. 

It was not known when the moon disappeared and burrowed itself under the clouds, only spilling a small amount of rays.

The lotus leaves and the lotus on the water were blown by the wind and made slight rustling sounds.

The swimming fish saw people passing by and one after another hid under the lotus leaf.    

Sparkling water and turbulent undercurrent. 

The promenade looked very long, as they walked and chatted, they arrived in a flash.

When they reached the end of the promenade, sure enough, they caught sight of the twin lotus on one stalk.

Just, this twin lotus was not as fresh, beautiful and dazzling as the other blooming lotus.

There were merely two small flowers, not eye-catching at all. 

Everyone was somewhat disappointed. 

But perhaps because of the legend that it could bless “harmony at home”, the ladies took a couple more look at it.

However, after looking at it, they instead felt that it was not as good looking as the water pavilion’s landscape.   

Ji Shuran smiled and said: “Li-er is inside this tea room.

I’ll go in first to look at her.

Whoever is thirsty and wants to drink a cup of tea can also go in together.”

After walking for a while, there were some madams who felt thirsty and wanted to drink tea.

At once they followed Ji Shuran and walked in together.

Ji Shuran walked to the tea room. 

There was only a faint light inside the tea room, in the night, it appeared especially ambiguous and lingering.

Separated by the window, not a shadow of anyone inside could be seen, it was just exceptionally quiet. 

Jiang You Yao smiled and said: “Is second sister asleep Why is it so quiet inside Not even a slightest noise could be heard.” 

“Most likely,” Ji Shuran opened her mouth in concern: “She said she was dizzy just now, this time falling asleep, hope she didn’t catch a cold.” However, she was extremely proud of herself in her heart.

Presumably, at this time, Jiang Li and Ye Shijie had just done what husband and wife do, extremely tired and fell asleep.

How could they hear the sound from outside When the effect of the drug was the most potent at this time, along with the many “witnesses” behind her, tonight was destined to be Jiang Li and Ye Shijie’s unforgettable night.   

As a result, Ji Shuran didn’t hesitate at all.

While softly calling out “Li-er”, she reached her hands out and pushed the door open. 

The doors of the tea room didn’t seem to be locked and opened with a light push.

The lights flickered all of a sudden.

Ji Shuran strode inside. 

When she entered, Ji Shuran’s heart stirred, feeling there was something wrong.

Yet she didn’t have time to reflect upon it and immediately saw, in front of the table in the tea room, under the lights, Ye Shijie was supporting his face with his hands as he frowned while looking at her.  

His clothes were neat and tidy, there was tea and snacks on the small table, there was no reflection of Jiang Li in the room. 

This was completely different from Ji Shuran’s imagination of messy ecstasy. 

There’s darkness in front of Ji Shuran’s eyes.

The other madams behind Ji Shuran had also caught up, among them was Jiang You Yao who deliberately raised her voice and called out: “Second sister——”

The sound stopped abruptly.

The madams outside suddenly saw Ye Shijie, a male, appearing here and were surprised.

But soon someone recognized him as young master Ye, the top scorer of this year’s Imperial College’s examinations who had just been assigned as a minister in the Ministry of Revenue.

Someone asked: “Why is young master Ye here”

Jiang You Yao was delighted from the bottom of her heart and stepped forwards, wanting to watch Jiang Li’s devastation.

Seeing Ye Shijie sitting properly over there, she at once spoke loudly and sharply: “Why are you sitting here What about my second sister——”


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