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Chapter 83 Part 2: Encountering Beauty

A huge realization dawned on Jiang Li, as if she had discovered a major secret.

Ji Heng was Hong Xiao Emperor’s person, yet he chatted in private with Li Jing’s person. Is it possible that Ji Heng and the Right Minister have been in touch since long ago If that was so, then wouldn’t it be “building a passageway in the open while passing granary in the dark”, Ji Heng had already been bribed by the Right Minister

No, no, no, it’s not possible for the Right Minister to be able to bribe Ji Heng.


Ji Heng has chosen the Right Minister, he chose Chen Wang

He defected!

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As if peeping the tip of the iceberg, Jiang Li had a thrilling cognition and her steps stopped at once, her heart jumping incessantly in anxiety. 

Right at this moment, a leisurely voice suddenly sounded from behind her, seemingly having been waiting for a long time.

He said: “What did Jiang second miss discover, why do you look so afraid”

Jiang Li turned abruptly!

Ji Heng was standing behind her, she was actually unaware since when had Ji Heng been following her.

There was only a fist size distance between Ji Heng and her.

Perhaps because he was too tall, he bent down slightly as he talked to her.

Moreover, Jiang Li turned around too hastily, nearly bumping into his embrace.

She was pulled by her back collar by Ji Heng, half lifting her to look face to face. 

He had a pair of extremely beautiful eyes.

Their shapes were gorgeous, long and sleek.

The outer corners of the eyes were slightly raised, bringing out a flirtatious charm.

Their colors were also very beautiful, appearing slightly amber, penetrating like colored glass.

She could see her own inverted image in his eyes.

His bearing was also pleasing, when he looked askance at people with a slight smile, he appeared sentimental, but also unfeeling.

Yet there’s a fragrance like poppy, spreading into all five viscera and six bowels1, making the heart itch.  

However, he was extremely cold.

Even with this gentleness and mannerism which confused people, and this face which turned all living things upside down, through his face, Jiang Li could still make out that deep in the bone marrow’s coldness.

He was a monster who could see people’s hearts clearly . 

Since turning into Jiang second miss, they’d met repeatedly by chance.

However, this was their first time confronting each other. 

Jiang Li looked straight into his eyes and exerted her utmost effort to make herself appear undisturbed.

She said: “Duke Su is joking.”  

Ji Heng released his hand in disbelief and Jiang Li’s neck was let go.

Ji heng said: “You can’t see your own eyes, are you very nervous”

Jiang Li subconsciously took a step back, pulling more distance between them.

As if feeling this was a bit safer.

She said: “Duke Su was mistaken, I’m not nervous.” 

In fact, according to common sense, Jiang Li was too calm.

But if she acted like other noble ladies and lost her head out of fear, Jiang Li felt that she would definitely be found out by Ji Heng.

Ji heng’s eyes were too poisonous. 

Ji Heng lowered his head to look at her, pondered for a while before suddenly opening his mouth: “Did you perhaps know the person just now”

“Don’t know.” Jiang Li blurted out without thinking.

Xue Zhao said before, “a lie must be told in one go for it to sound like the truth.

Yet Jiang Li couldn’t help having lingering fear in her heart.

Ji Heng’s sense of smell, could he actually also guess this far  

Sure enough he was truly terrible, a beauty whose mind was hidden very deeply. 

Finally, Ji Heng no longer persisted on this topic.

He merely looked at Jiang Li and somewhat pointed out: “Every time I meet Jiang second miss, I can watch a good play.

Such wonderful plays were never seen at the ducal residence.” He feigned stroking the palm of his hands, the light from the gold thread fan in his hand glimmered in the night, “truly regretful.”

“Duke Su spoke incorrectly,” Jiang Li said: “I’m not an actor, this place is also not a stage.” 

“Is it” Ji Heng raised his lips, “But the things you did just now, helping to arrange Jiang fifth miss and Ningyuan Marquis’s heir to become an item, was indeed very clever.”

Jiang Li’s heart jumped, Ji Heng even knew about this! 

“It seems that you really have no intention towards Ningyuan Marquis’s heir, it’s a pity Ningyuan Marquis’s heir’s sincerity was handed over wrongly.” Ji Heng sighed, “even the Shen family’s young lady is also implicated.” He lowered his voice, “The play that Jiang second miss produced is not simple.”  

Hearing such words from the mouth of such a beautiful youngster, even if his voice was low and husky, with seduction to confuse people, Jiang Li still felt a layer of goosebumps rise on her back.

From setting up Zhou Yan Bang and Jiang Yu’e to running into Shen Ruyun not long ago, the matters merely took a few moments.

The palace was so big, it was not at all easy to clearly know what was happening in every nook and corner.

Yet Ji Heng practically knew everything inside and out.

What did this imply This implied that Ji Heng had eyes and ears throughout the entire palace.  

The things happening inside the palace, which of those did he not know Perhaps he was even aware of the private tryst between Princess Yongning and Shen Yurong! 

Jiang Li’s complexion was gloomy and unclear.

On the contrary, this aroused Ji Heng’s interest.

He asked: “What is Jiang second miss thinking about”

Jiang Li lifted her head and looked at him.

She instantly made up her mind and said to Ji Heng: “Duke Su likes watching plays.

Watching plays then just watch the plays, but presumably, Duke Su also understands the rules of not speaking while watching a play since ancient times.”



1: Five viscera and six bowels: fancy talk for internal organs -_- 1.


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