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Chapter 83 Part 1: Encountering Beauty

*cough* surprise (。•̀ᴗ-)✧(Jan: 2/2 – Cleared)

After settling Shen Ruyun, Jiang Li was in a better mood. 

Even her pace became lively, in a trance she seemed to have returned to the small country lane in Tongxiang, Xiangyang.

She couldn’t help wanting to sing songs. 

At last, Shen Ruyun was also drawn into this chaos. 

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She was worrying about which method to use to draw everyone to Yu Xiu Pavilion when Shen Ruyun coincidentally came up and met her.

Based on Shen Ruyun’s infatuation with Zhou Yan Bang, to see helplessly as her beloved man was engaged in illicit relationship with another woman, Shen Ruyun must be feeling unbearable.

Knowing this younger sister-in-law’s impulsive and brainless nature, Jiang Li believed the moment Shen Ruyun ran into the affair, Shen Ruyun would certainly think of a way to make a lot of noise so that everyone in the palace feast would be aware of the scandal. 

In this way, everyone would know that the Jiang fifth miss slept together with Jiang third miss’s fiancée.

A younger sister snatching the older sister’s man was a betrayal, but Zhou Yan Bang as the fiancée would also be despised.

Jiang Li thought, Jiang Yuan Bai, who regarded reputation highly, would surely not let Jiang You Yao marry Zhou Yan Bang.

No matter how, Jiang You Yao was deeply attached to Zhou Yan Bang, as such, it was the same as gouging a piece of Jiang You Yao’s heart alive.

Jiang You Yao must not be able to keep the pain off.  

And what about Jiang Yu’e At most she would be married with Ningyuan Marquis’s heir as a concubine.

But, is it really good to be a concubine Ningyuan Marquis husband and wife would not regard this woman who had ruined their son’s reputation well.

Regardless of who Zhou Yan Bang would marry in the future, the future mistress would also not think twice to torture Jiang Yu’e, this woman who had used seduction. 

As for Shen Ruyun, this matter was discovered and exposed due to her.

Without a doubt, it would start a feud with Ningyuan marquis’s residence.

It would be even more impossible for Zhou Yan Bang to have any feelings of admiration towards Shen Ruyun.

In this life, it’s not possible for Shen Ruyun to get Zhou Yan Bang’s heart.   

In this play, everyone had their own place, Jiang Li was very satisfied. 

In the middle of her thought, she suddenly saw two people talking ahead of her.

One of the people was extremely eye-catching, even in the darkness, that person was like a gathering of the most dazzling moonlight, attracting people, unable to resist looking at him. 

The youth wore splendid red clothes, like a stunning demon in the night.

His head was lowered as he spoke to the other person.

Because only one side of his face faced Jiang Li, and the light was dim, she couldn’t make out his expression. 

She didn’t expect to meet Duke Su here.

Jiang Li was apprehensive.

Her good mood after she pitted Shen Ruyun was immediately cleared off. 

Every time she saw Duke Su, Jiang Li had an uneasy feeling all over.

Perhaps it’s due to Duke Su’s too gorgeous appearance, too aggressive, or perhaps it’s due to his pair of eyes, clearly appearing slightly smiling and indolent, yet those eyes made people feel as if he was observing you with clarity.  

Jiang Li stopped her footsteps, the two people also sensed that there was someone else, turned their heads and saw her.

In her heart, Jiang Li screamed “bad”, but there was no anxiety visible on her face.

She calmly sent a courtesy to Duke Su, turned around and walked in another direction. 

It appeared as if she had unintentionally walked here and had a chance encounter with Duke Su.

Since there was no interaction, it’s normal to just leave like this. 

But in the end, her heart was still not at ease. 

She always felt the person talking to Ji Heng looked very familiar.

When the person turned his head around to face her, that familiar feeling turned more intense.

Even though she didn’t know where she had seen him before, Jiang Li was sure she must have seen this person. 

She didn’t understand, Ji Heng was a complete stranger to her, merely meeting a few times and didn’t have too many interactions, like in her previous life, they were estranged from each other.

There was no way that she would know the people by Ji Heng’s side.

That person must not be Ji Heng’s person, then who is he

She racked her brain but couldn’t think of why Ji Heng would be here; attending the palace feast and walking all over the place.

Only Duke Su could do something like this.

This was also because the current Hong Xiao Emperor was especially tolerant towards Duke Su.

That was natural, on one side was the Jiang family, while the other side was the Right Minister and Cheng Wang in a faction.

In order to compete with these two, Hong Xiao Emperor could only count on Ji Heng alone.

Eh, Right Minister

Jiang Li’s mind stirred and suddenly recalled, the person who was talking to Ji Heng just now, wasn’t he the Right Minister’s eldest son, Li Jing’s subordinate

The eldest young master of the Li family had both integrity and talent, and was also fond of making a lot of friends.

When Shen Yurong passed brilliantly and became the top scorer, Li Jing had, surprisingly, not cared about his identity as the Right Minister’s son and proactively congratulated Shen Yurong.

At that time, Jiang Li treated the guest together with Shen Yurong and remembered there was this person among the imperial bodyguards that Li Jing brought with him.     

If it was a bystander, even if they’d come across Li Jing’s bodyguards, with such a long period of separation, in addition, it was merely a passing meeting, even if they met again, perhaps there would be no recognition.

But Jiang Li’s memory was outstanding, that person’s appearance was as clear as if they had just met yesterday, she absolutely would not be mistaken. 

He was the Right Minister’s person!


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