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Chapter 14 Part 1: Return to the residence

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The way from Mount Qingcheng to the capital city of Yanjing wasn’t considered a far distance.

Without being too hasty or slow, by travelling normally they could reach it within ten days.

The weather and the scenery changed incessantly as they travelled from the top of the mountain to the base.

As they journeyed forward, the weather gradually turned hotter.

Despite the blistering heat, it could not deter Tong’er’s excitement and curious frame of mind.

The closer they approached the capital city of Yanjing, the more frequently she carelessly opened the corner of the carriage’s curtain and stealthily looked at the scenery outside the carriage’s window.

Yu Xiang sat by Jiang Li’s side.

Although Sun momo was sent to pick up Jiang Li, not knowing whether it was deliberate or accidental, she didn’t bring any servant girls to wait upon Jiang Li.

Therefore, during the whole journey, it was still Yu Xiang and Tong’er who stayed close by Jiang Li’s side.

Contrary to expectations, the carriage was actually a good carriage and a soft mattress was set up in the inside.

Tong’er, who was sitting within arm’s reach of the carriage’s curtain, turned her head and looked at Yu Xiang: “Yu Xiang jiejie, we will soon enter the capital.

Young lady and I haven’t been to the capital for so many years already, we don’t know what’s popular in the capital nowadays, also what is the situation there Yu Xiang jiejie, can you teach me so I won’t cause any disturbances and become a joke when I go back”

There was not much difference between Tong’er and Jiang Li’s age.

When Jiang Li was sent to Mount Qingcheng, Tong’er was at most also still an ignorant young servant girl.

Her impression of the capital was actually very fuzzy.

Yu Xiang broke into a laughter and replied: “Throughout the whole journey, if you haven’t spoken these words ten times, at least you’ve said them eight times already.

I have already told you everything I know and can be said.

Besides, it is just returning to the capital and nothing more, what are you so nervous about Look at second miss, she isn’t nervous in the slightest.”

Tong’er looked at Jiang Li, who was reading a book at the moment.

Didn’t know what she was thinking about, but she suddenly laughed: “That is of course.

Our young lady is not your average household young lady.

It’s only natural that she won’t be nervous.”

Hearing what Tong’er said, Yu Xiang followed her in laughter.

Nevertheless, she couldn’t help taking another look at Jiang Li.

All the way, Jiang Li was either reading a book or relaxing with her eyes closed.

It was very different from Tong’er’s growing curiosity.

Regarding the matter of returning to the capital, Jiang Li did not pay any attention and displayed an especially tranquil appearance.

Yu Xiang did not understand, regardless of the reason why Jiang second miss was sent to Mount Qingcheng at that time, whether it was planned by the stepmother to frame her, or it was indeed a plot to harm her stepmother, she had left the Jiang residence for so many years.

Now that she was returning to the capital, at least she should show a bit of reaction, right Excited, nervous, curious, or perhaps anger, unwilling, or even something like homesickness

However, there was none.

Jiang second miss simply sat inside the carriage quietly, peacefully going on the journey.

As for the matter of being about to see the capital, or having not seen her relatives for a long time, she showed no concern at all.

Merely showing a meek and peaceful appearance.

Sometimes when looking at her, it was as if she was cold and indifferent.

The carriage wheel produced a “gululu” sound as it travelled along the route.

It was almost noon when it reached the city gate.

The garrison in the city walls saw Sun momo’s party and issued the order to let them pass.

Once they entered the city walls, bustling noise could be heard.

Sun momo’s smiling voice sounded from outside: “Second miss, we have entered the city.”

Jiang Li raised the carriage’s curtain.

As it opened, she faced the curious glances of the people outside.

Tong’er was surprised and did not expect these many people to be outside, and she stared blankly for a while.

Yu Xiang explained with a smile: “The chief assistant’s carriage is refined and gorgeous.

When the common people see it, they must have taken note of it.

It seems that the matter of second miss coming back to the residence is already known outside.

Today, the people behaving this way is probably due to the news they have received.”

Jiang Li smiled: “Thank you very much Yu Xiang jiejie for mentioning this point.”

Yu Xiang hurriedly avoided the praise.

The sun was right on top of the head and shone down harshly on the people.

Jiang Li only glanced quickly, and soon after put the carriage’s curtain down.

Tong’er still wanted to look outside but had no choice but to refrain herself.

There was a feeling of unease in her heart as well as the thought of comforting Jiang Li with a few sentences.

Who would have thought, Jiang Li simply leaned on the carriage’s cushion and neither slowly nor hurriedly sipped her tea.

As if there weren’t any worries at all.

Tong’er pulled Jiang Li’s sleeve, and said in a small voice: “Young lady, when we arrive at the residence, this servant will definitely protect young lady well.”

This anxious vow pleased Jiang Li.

She shook her head and replied: “There’s nothing scary.” The carriage’s curtain separated them with the curious gazes from the people outside, yet it made Jiang Li’s mind turn even clearer, just like a mirror.

Chapter 14 Part 2: Return to the residence


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After the incident at Mount Qingcheng, the matter of the Jiang family’s second miss being sent to the bewitching Buddhist nun was known by everyone.

It seemed that Liu Yuan Feng did not let go of the opportunity to smear the Ji family.

Naturally, there was also the help from Madam Liu.

To prove that she was a caring and virtuous stepmother, it was necessary for Ji Shuran to block people’s mouth.

Not just showing up to welcome her, she also needed to make the entire people in Yanjing know that she ordered the return.

There was no option but to do it grandly.

Whether it was the carriage or the bodyguards, all were done by Ji Shuran to show her face, however, it inevitably had also raised Jiang Li’s status.

This move let the people in Yanjing know that even though Jiang second miss had a poisonous heart and had harmed her stepmother and brother, even though she was sent to the nunnery and there was no news of her for seven years, she still was the Chief Assistant’s golden branch and jade leaves1 di daughter and must not be neglected.

However, it was not known whether the current madam, Jiang Li’s stepmother, Ji Shuran, was annoyed when doing all these.

Jiang Li slightly raised the corner of her mouth.

She was not at all afraid of the coming days living in the chief assistant’s house.

Even if ahead of her were mountains of daggers and seas of flames2, wolves and tigers3, she didn’t dread them.

As a person who had died once, her courage had been casted into strong irons.

Becoming the Jiang family’s second miss, from now on, she would assume the responsibility of Jiang second miss’s past and future with the best of her ability.

And for her ultimate goal, she needed the support of Jiang family’s power and influence to approach that person.

To get on the road for revenge for that pair of people.

The carriage travelled along a route and it was unknown how much time had passed before it finally stopped in front of a residence.

The outside that was bustling with activities seemed calm down in a moment.

Then, Sun momo’s voice was heard from outside: “Second miss, we have reached home.”

Reached home.

This, was Jiang Li’s home.

At the doorway of the residence, outside the carriage, there was a crowd of people watching.

Since a few days before, the news that Jiang second miss was about to return home had been known to everybody in Yanjing.

Seven years ago, the matter of Jiang second miss harming her stepmother caused some noise for a while.

Moreover, currently Jiang Yuan Bai held an important position in court.

Jiang family’s affairs naturally attracted the attention of the people.

It was the Jiang second miss who had never returned home in seven years.

In front of the Jiang residence’s huge gate, a huge group of people were standing straight.

A beautiful and gentle madam with considerable charm was at the head of the crowd.

Standing at one side of her was a young girl, a delicate and charming lady.

She had fine facial features, just like the ladies in paintings.

In the middle of the two women was a man.

With a tall figure, he looked handsome and pure, very refined.

This was precisely Jiang Yuan Bai, as well as his wife, Ji Shuran, and their daughter, Jiang You Yao.

The common people’s whispers were transmitted to their ears.

“Jiang third miss grew to be so pretty, how about Jiang second miss”

Another person spat out: “Jiang third miss resembles her mother, can’t you see Madam Jiang’s immortal beauty and exquisite appearance I heard that Jiang second miss’s birth mother, the previous Madam Jiang, her looks were just average.

If Jiang second miss follows her mother’s looks, yi, the difference will be too wide.”

“That also can’t be said, you have never met her.”

“So what if I’ve never met Leaving appearance aside, Jiang second miss stayed at the nunnery for seven years, she will not know the rules and etiquette.

How could she reach Jiang third miss’s accomplishments What’s more, that nunnery is filthy.

Maybe she has been infected by something.

Then, she will be even more unsightly…….” The voice grew fainter, apparently the speaker was afraid that if someone were to investigate, he would suffer the disaster from gossiping.

When Jiang You Yao heard this discussion, she almost couldn’t restrain the curve of her lips.

However, looking at Ji Shuran at the side, she still remained composed, her appearance was fitting to the situation.

So Jiang You Yao’s inner feelings soon disappeared.

Sun momo had called out some time ago, yet there was still no movement from inside the carriage.

At the side, Jiang Yuan Bai frowned slightly.

At the time when the crowd had grown impatient, suddenly, a crisp voice came out from inside the carriage.

“Young lady, this servant will support you to go down from the carriage.”

The carriage’s curtain opened and someone lent an arm to support Jiang second miss to come down.




1: 金枝玉葉: golden branch and jade leaves, idiom that means a treasured, valuable offspring, nobility or high ranking female family member. 

2: 刀山火海 :  mountains of daggers and seas of flames,  idiom meaning extreme danger.

3: 豺狼虎豹: wolves and tigers, idiom meaning fierce and cruel people


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