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Chapter 82 Part 4: Attracting Disaster

Nevertheless, she mentioned the matter of Jiang Li being driven away for harming her mother and killing her brother. 

The surrounding madams spoke in low voices. 

Lu-shi sneered inside, but she wasn’t willing to look at Ji Shuran’s proud appearance.

So she said: “I think it’s still better to look for a few people to guard Li girl.

The palace is so big, in addition, this is the first time for her to enter the palace.

She must not be lost.”

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“It’s okay.” Ji Shuran smiled wider, “Yu’e is staying with her.

Moreover, there’s also a palace maid leading the way.

Younger sister is worried that it’s not safe in the palace.

There are imperial guards, it won’t be unsafe.”

Lu-shi was rendered speechless.

No matter what, she could not doubt the safety in the palace.

The Empress Dowager was present, besides, with these few sentences, Lu-shi saw that Li-pin, who was further away, was also looking at her.

Her heart trembled, and a smile was immediately shown on her face.

She politely replied: “I was just worried about the children.

What eldest sister-in-law said was right, it’s nothing.”

Although Lu-shi’s maternal family was also good, it was not on the same level with the current Ji family.

Not mentioning other things, this Li-pin from the Ji family received abundant favor from Hong Xiao Emperor. Who can compare Who dares to compare 

A wise man submits to circumstances.

At this moment, Ji Shuran was very happy, so happy that she did not mind Lu-shi’s deliberate provocation.

She received news just now that Jiang Li and Ye Shijie had both gone inside the tea room.

Ye Shijie and Jiang Li were both drugged, an aphrodisiac incense was also lit inside the room.

It could be assumed that now is the time to linger. 

After a while, with human testimony and material evidence, they could logically look for an excuse “to discover” Jiang Li and Ye Shijie’s adultery.

Let this scandal be exposed in front of the people. 

Jiang Li’s death had finally arrived.

The smile on Ji Shuran’s lips turned particularly gentle.

She softly stroked Jiang You Yao’s jet-black hair, her heart full of a winner’s happiness. 

Of course the Jiang family should not have two di daughters.

Her daughter could only be the only noble daughter of the Jiang family.

No matter what, Jiang Li was incapable of vying with Jiang You Yao.

Whether it was Jiang Yuan Bai’s love, the identity of the main branch’s di daughter, or the future husband.  

Jiang Li must be left out of everything. 


It was extremely quiet in the palace’s long corridor. 

Ceramic glaze lanterns hung from the roof, the lights slightly swaying caressed by the night wind.

The quivering shadows brought a charming fragrance.  

The imperial palace is huge, Jiang Li walked very slowly. 

She was not at all eager to see whether Jiang Yu’e and Zhou Yan Bang could be “together” because she was well aware of the situation.

Such as Jiang Yu’e who was born from a humble background yet restless, her mind was the most active.

As long as she was pushed a bit more, there’s no need to be afraid that Jiang Yu’e wouldn’t think about it.  

Jiang Li sighed slightly. 

Night in this gorgeous palace concealed too many dirty matters.

How was one to know whether there were innumerable skeletons in the flower mud under the flower beds of beautiful flowers 

She was not worried that she would walk through the wrong road.

Since she was a child, she had a highly retentive memory and could recognize this kind of road once she had walked over.

The cool evening breeze blew onto her face.

Strangely, Jiang Li didn’t have the excitement and joy of revenge, different from Ji Shuran’s hard to contain complacency.  At this moment, she was actually calm.

In the end, Ji Shuran, mother and daughter, were strangers to Jiang Li.

The love and hate between strangers naturally didn’t set much waves in her heart.

The reason why she did what she did was nothing more than crying out the injustice suffered by the pitiful Jiang second miss.

Furthermore, people with good tempers would strike back when enraged.  

But who she hated most in her heart was still Shen Yurong and Princess Yongning. 

Without thinking, Jiang Li knew at this time, Shen Yurong and Princess Yongning must certainly be borrowing the opportunity of the palace feast to secretly have their tryst.

Shen Yurong was not like Jiang Yu’e, naturally vigilant and worked cautiously.

And Princess Yongning would have countless people to guard and cover them.

Therefore, in the meantime, their scandal could not be unmasked. 

Jiang Li felt regret. 

Patiently endure and get closer to the enemy could only by planning it slowly.

But it’s really too hard to smile and restrain this sea-deep blood enmity.  

She was pondering when all of a sudden, across the flower bed, she saw two familiar figures. 

It should be an official’s young miss and her personal servant girl.

The official’s young miss was dressed extremely luxuriously.

Just that one multicolored enamel hairpin on her head alone would be worth several hundreds silver taels.

Among the young ladies coming into the palace today, this person could at least be arranged as inferior. 

But this young miss decorated with riches and honor didn’t seem to be in a good mood at this moment.

She said: “Those people’s speeches are very dull.

I’m fed up hearing their praises for me.

It’s nothing more than wanting to use me to inquire about big brother’s affair.

They didn’t look at themselves, how is my brother someone they can climb up to”

Jiang Li was originally smiling as she listened to the female’s grumbling.

Hearing this, the smile at the corner or her lips gradually disappeared. 

That woman was none other than Shen Yurong’s sister, her sister-in-law, Shen Ruyun. 

At this time, Shen Ruyun must have run out by herself to take in some air and didn’t take mother Shen along with her.

Jiang Li recalled the words Shen Ruyun said just now, and couldn’t help sneering inwardly. 


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