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Chapter 82 Part 3: Attracting Disaster

Surprise! I’m trying to make up for missing chapters since beginning of the year, wish me luck that all can be covered by the end of the year.

(Jan: 1/2)

Zhou Yan Bang and Ji Shuran are selfish, self-serving pricks.

After reading many novels like these, where they dissect the motives of each character, I found that people do normally have hidden motive in their deeds and thoughts, though occasionally they are sincere or oblivious.

It’s just that we never really think much about this, even sometimes unaware that our deeds also have underlying motives.

Knowing that it’s impossible for this marriage to be destroyed, and the wish at the bottom of his heart, no matter what, wouldn’t come to realization, Zhou Yan Bang was utterly dejected.

He told himself to dispel this thought, yet when he once again saw Jiang Li at the palace feast, his heart immediately became restless.

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To him, Jiang Li was like an unreachable flower, blooming high up.

He loved the pure and perfect appearance of said flower and was afraid that other people would climb and pluck the flower first.

Thus, he wished he could pick the flower for himself at this moment.

But he never thought, if this flower was picked, its life would not be for long.

For instance, Zhou Yan Bang obviously knew that making a private appointment in the palace was dangerous for Jiang Li.

Also, it’s not conforming to etiquette.

Especially when Jiang Li was still Jiang You Yao’s older sister.

If it was discovered, Jiang Li would be pointed at by many people.

Even with this danger, Zhou Yan Bang still delivered that slip of paper. 

Zhou Yan Bang thought Jiang Li wouldn’t come, but he kept a flicker of expectation in his heart.

After all, due to his matter and Jiang You Yao, Jiang Li once flung herself into the lake while in Mount Qingcheng.

This indicated that Jiang Li was not totally without feelings for him.

Perhaps Jiang Li still had a bit of old affection.  

Now that Jiang Li had really appeared before his eyes, Zhou Yan Bang felt so happy he was rendered speechless, incapable of expressing his joy.

There’s also a trace of secretly being proud of himself, for being the first to get the beautiful woman’s heart. 

Jiang Yu’e’s hand was suddenly grasped by Zhou Yan Bang and she blanked out.

She didn’t dare to speak, fearing Zhou Yan Bang would discover her identity.

However, as Zhou Yan Bang’s hands held her hands, Jiang Yu’e only felt that her own hands became scalded and burned more and more.

A nice fragrant suffused from Zhou Yan Bang’s body, Jiang Yu’e head was dizzy and confused and she couldn’t stand properly.

Her soft body falling towards Zhou Yan Bang.  

Zhou Yan Bang became aware of Jiang Yu’e’s boiling body and spoke in surprise: “Why is your body burning Second miss, you…….”

A sigh escaped from Jiang Yu’e’s throat and her feet were wobbling unsteadily.  

Zhou Yan Bang subconsciously reached his hands out to support her,  both hands was placed right on Jiang Yu’e’s waist.

The warm and fragrant nephrite was in his arms, the aroma of the beautiful lady lingered on the tip of his nose, Zhou Yan Bang couldn’t stop the rippling of his mind.  

He originally had feelings for Jiang Li, in addition, he drank a lot of wine today.

In the end, all men were the same, unable to control their own waistband.

In Zhou Yan Bang’s mind, were it not for the accident at that time, Jiang Li would have been his person.

In this matter where both parties were willing, he naturally didn’t have to care so much. 

He took the opportunity and held the other person into his embrace as he spoke with deep emotion: “Li-er…….”

Even such an intimate appellation also came out. 

But Jiang Yu’e only felt the areas where Zhou Yan Bang’s big hands ran through were itchy.

At the beginning, she initially wanted to calculate Zhou Yan Bang; now her mind was not very sober and she only wanted to follow her instinct to stick closer to ease the dry heat in her inner being.

Thus Jiang Yu’e fitted herself snugly into Zhou Yan Bang’s body.

A comfortable sigh came out of her throat. 

Zhou Yan Bang was stunned.

When he saw the other party’s unstable posture, he understood.

It seemed that Jiang Li had also drank a lot of wine tonight and should be intoxicated; she simply wasn’t aware of what she was doing.

Zhou Yan Bang was completely delighted, luckily he was the one who ran into Jiang Li.

If Jiang Li fell onto another man’s sight with this appearance, it’s hard to avoid for the other person to give birth to errant thoughts. 

Seeing Jiang Li arched indiscriminately in his embrace, Zhou Yan Bang’s evil fire was also raised.

He wasn’t a young man who didn’t know anything.

In his home, from early on, there was already a servant girl serving as a bed warmer who taught him the ways of male and female relationship.

So, without hesitation, he pushed down the “Jiang Li” in his embrace onto the small bed behind the screen in the pitch-black room. 

The sound of creaking from the swaying bed in the room, occasionally mixed together with other sounds, made people blush.



In the palace’s water pavilion, Ji Shuran and Jiang You Yao were still appreciating the lotus peacefully. 

Madam Liu looked at the four corners and didn’t see Jiang Li’s figure.

She asked Liu Xu: “Why don’t I see Jiang second miss” 

Liu Xu said: “Said she’s dizzy, went to rest at the tea room for a while.” After her speech, she shook her head, in an incomprehensible manner, “I didn’t see her drink a lot, how is her alcohol capacity so light”

Madam Liu frowned.

She didn’t know why but she felt somewhat uneasy in her heart.

But there was nothing happening on her left and right, so she had no other alternative but to continue chatting with others.

Ji Shuran was smiling as she listened to the madams praising Jiang You Yao.

Suddenly, Sun momo by her side came forward and bent down to say something in Ji Shuran’s ears.

Ji Shuran nodded and joy flashed through her eyes.  

Ji Chen-shi also looked over at Ji Shuran.

Seeing Ji Shuran smiling contentedly, she also smiled and nodded. 

Lu-shi who was at the side observed all these exchanges and glanced at Jiang Li’s empty seat.

She somewhat understood and deliberately approached Ji Shuran and said: “Eldest sister-in-law, why hasn’t Li girl returned”

“Li-er said that her head was very dizzy,” Ji Shuran smiled as she continued: “I didn’t expect her tolerance to alcohol to be this shallow.

That’s right, she used to stay at Mount Qingcheng for eight years.

You must not drink wine in the nunnery.

She hasn’t drunk many wines, so just a little fruit wine makes her intoxicated.”


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