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I feel many people in this palace feast are drunk…

Seeing Jiang Li get up and walk away, Ye Shijie subconsciously asked: “Where are you going”

“The people guarding outside should not be there anymore.

After a while, the people who are going to ‘catch a couple in the act’ should arrive.

I must leave so when they finally arrive, they will only find you by yourself.

Only then will they believe after seeing with their own eyes.”

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“Where do you want to go” Ye Shijie was also smart and immediately asked, “if you appear in front of those people at this time, you would immediately let them know that there’s something wrong in their plan.”

“Of course I will not appear in front of them at this time,” Jiang Li smiled, “I want to go and make sure the other play is carried out smoothly.” She pushed the door open and walked lightly outside. 

Ye Shijie stared blankly at his original place.

The outside was too dark, not a trace of a single person could be seen.

The words Jiang Li spoke at the end however, made him tremble in fear.

He firmly believed that Jiang Li was going to do something, also believed that the thing Jiang Li was going to do would make the people who were going to harm them today eat their retribution.  

Although the Ye family was very rich, they would inevitably see many fighting and scheming in the business field.

Deceit and treachery, according to reason, he shouldn’t be emotionally moved by these things. 

But Ye shijie still couldn’t help shaking his head and spoke to himself.

“Really huge courage.”


Unlike Jiang Li where everything went smoothly with Ye Shijie, at this moment, Jiang Yu’e was embarrassed and at a complete loss. 

When she reached Yu Xiu Pavilion, Jiang Yu’e  groped around in the dark as she went inside the pavilion.

Yu Xiu Pavilion wasn’t very big.

Since what she was doing wasn’t a very glamorous thing, Jiang Yu’e didn’t dare to light a single light, fearing it would arouse other people’s attention.

She could only borrow the light from the distant lantern to faintly distinguish the general idea of the inside of the room. 

Zhou Yan Bang’s figure wasn’t inside the room.

Jiang Yu’e was somewhat flustered, perhaps it was because she was anxious, her body became more feverish.

She had to restrain it so as not to be discovered, while on the other hand, there was a strange heat bubbling forth continuously in her body.

Jiang Yu’e wanted to quickly take off her outside garment and use a fan to vigorously fan herself to subdue the heat and make it better. 

It wasn’t that cold in the palace, plus it was in the evening.

She didn’t know how it was so hot. 

Just as Jiang Yu’e was at the point of unable to control the fervent heat inside her, suddenly, a shadow of a person appeared outside the door of Yu Xiu Pavilion.

Her heart moved.

As she was about to move from the small chair she was sitting on, she saw the door opened.

A familiar silhouette flashed inside. 

Jiang Yu’e looked heatedly. 

Even though there was no light in the room, she could recognize Ningyuan Marquis’s heir, Zhou Yan Bang’s shadow.

Jiang Yu’e had to admit that she had, in fact, paid attention to Zhou Yan Bang since earlier.

So to say, having such a charming, handsome and talented brother in law, how could Jiang Yu’e not be jealous of Jiang You Yao and Jiang Li.

She too, in her heart, in her dream, secretly desired to trace Zhou Yan Bang’s features many times over.

What’s different now was, the previous Zhou Yan Bang was imaginary, but the Zhou Yan Bang now was truly coming out in front of her eyes. 

Zhou Yan Bang entered the room, he probably also did not adapt to the darkness inside, walked two steps forwards and upon seeing Jiang Yu’e get up, he hesitated for a while.

Suddenly he spoke, sounding pleasantly surprised: “Second miss.” 

Jiang Yu’e was about to reply that she wasn’t Jiang Li.

The words were already on her lips but at the end, she stopped.

Perhaps the heat in her body caused her minds to be unable to think clearly, an idea flashed in Jiang Yu’e’s mind. If she doesn’t say her own identity, from this point, would she have an intimate relationship with Zhou Yan Bang 

If this happens, then the rice is cooked, the wood has turned into a boat, exactly the method that Ji Shuran wanted to use.

How would the Zhou family shrink their responsibility in the circumstances where Zhou Yan Bang had occupied her body. Zhou Yan Bang could only marry her and she would enter the Zhou family’s door.!

It’s not as if Jiang Yu’e had never seen this kind of thing.

She had heard many times in the past, how young ladies and young masters met by accident and engaged in illicit relationships.

If it was a member of a big family, they didn’t wish their child to have a hard time and simply tie the two families together by marriage.

Although they would be gossipped on in the short term, after a long time, people would no longer remember this trifling thing. 

Besides, even if they were discussed for a lifetime, as long as she lived her life well, what did it matter to those people.

All were just jealous and resentful.

Jiang Yu’e calculated quickly in her mind.

Zhou Yan Bang saw the girl of his dream standing still in her place, not speaking, and thought that she was shy.

He soon approached with another step, and spoke excitedly: “I thought you wouldn’t come, didn’t expect…….” He took the initiative to hold Jiang Li’s hand, “Sure enough, your heart still cannot let go of me.”

Zhou Yan Bang had a hard time covering his excitement.

These days, Jiang Li had never given him a good look.

Even in the few times they ran into each other, Jiang Li only greeted him politely and was detached.

No matter how Zhou Yan Bang showed his intention, Jiang Li merely treated him as a stranger.  

The more he couldn’t get, the more he wished to obtain.

Zhou Yan Bang was attracted to Jiang Li and thought about her day and night.

Afterwards, he built up a huge courage and asked Ningyuan Marchioness to withdraw the marriage agreement with Jiang You Yao and let Jiang Li be together with him.

Yet unexpectedly, Ningyuan Marchioness refused without thinking it over.

Ningyuan Marchioness brought up the advantages and disadvantages of this marriage to let Zhou Yan Bang see clearly, the Jiang family would absolutely not allow Jiang You Yao to suffer grievance.   

Travel & Food Corner:


Continuing my Vietnam trip, we went to this city called Nha Trang, a beautiful city by the sea.

Apparently, it’s a tourist destination and the beach along the way and the water was so so clean.

I’ve mentioned that the Vietnamese dishes I know were restricted to pho, bahn mi, and broken rice Surprisingly, I didn’t eat any of those.

We arrived in the evening and our lovely hosts took us to this place for dinner.

Borrowing the idiom used in the novel, I almost swallowed my tongue eating the grilled beef at this place.

Seriously yummy sauce, sweet-ish with a hint of spicyness.

Everybody ordered this grilled beef and you get to grill it yourself at the table.

They gave you a small pot for grilling with brisket inside.

The smoke is not pleasant but the taste more than make up for it.

The place is not fancy, but it was filled to the brim.

We had to sit at the second floor and it was also filled by diners soon after we sat down…


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