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In the tea room, the lights were faint and it was extremely quiet outside.

Jiang Li and Ye Shijie sat facing each other, her hand holding the cutlass was already withdrawn.  Nevertheless, Ye Shijie’s sight fell on the cutlass on the table, lingering for a moment, seemingly incredulous.

Finally, he set his sight on Jiang Li and said: “You even brought a knife into the palace”

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At this time, Jiang Li really didn’t have the time to explain to him why she had brought the knife into the palace.

She asked him: “Why aren’t you drunk”

The youngster snorted and said: “How many people have I met in our Ye family business.

Today those people came over to toast and express their congratulations.

Some people were to toast, some people were clearly thinking of fishing in troubled water.” He continued: “I didn’t drink that much wine, but pretended to be drunk to see the intention of the other party.

Unexpectedly, there was really a move behind.

Taken into this room, I was still thinking of what they planned to do.

I didn’t expect you to be here either.” At last he frowned and asked: “What does this mean”

Jiang Li simply wanted to be angry at Ye Shijie, yet also found it laughable.

To say he was stupid, Ye Shijie clearly still had cleverness.

Otherwise, how could he tell that those people were harboring malicious intentions Even so much so as to beat them at their own game and pretend to be intoxicated.

But saying that he’s smart, in the present situation, he still couldn’t make out what the other party was planning. 

She calmly opened her mouth: “A single man and a single woman together, naturally becoming confused and disorderly after drinking.”

Ye Shijie nearly fell off the stool.

After getting his soul back, his face turned red.

He pointed at Jiang Li and said with a stammer: “You, how could you be so shameless”

“Can this be called shameless” Jiang Li replied carelessly: “I merely told you the idea that other people had, that’s all.”

“Why do they want to do this” Ye Shijie appeared uncomfortable.

He still controlled his discomfort and sternly said to Jiang Li: “In order to destroy your reputation”In his opinion, the Jiang family had a room of messy things in their mind.

Jiang Li’s identity had probably become a thorn in many  people’s side.

These people did this thing, for Jiang Li, a girl, was naturally a method of ruining her reputation.  

Jiang Li coldly said: “Young master Ye, don’t speak so happily so quickly, as if I’m implicating you.

Don’t you think, if you had a scandal with me, could the position you had just taken up as the personnel of the Ministry of Revenue still be held Can the Ye family still enter officialdom” 

Ye Shijie was silent.

With Jiang Li’s words, he was able to think straight away and cold sweat came out of his whole body.  Everyone said that bureaucracy was ruthless.

Previously, he was still unaware as he was outside of officialdom.

Now he finally understood.

He had just got appointed, not yet taking office, yet was already stabbed from behind.

He had no idea which deity’s road he had obstructed. 

He was angry on the spot and said: “This is wanting to kill two birds with one stone!” 

“Right.” Jiang Li said: “Fortunately, you are not fooled, and neither do I.” 

Only then did Ye Shijie look up and down at Jiang Li and suddenly ask: “They also drugged you”

Jiang Li nodded: “Correct, but I didn’t drink.” Seeing that Ye Shijie had relaxed his breath, Jiang Li raised her lips: “I sent the drink to someone else.”

“You” Ye Sjijie said furiously: “How can you harm people”

“I gave it to the person who wanted to drink it,” Jiang Li was noncommittal, “wait until after drinking, they would also understand what is called harming others, in the end harming themselves.” 

Ye Shijie felt that the Jiang Li this evening was somewhat strange.

She was usually smiling and leisurely.

Tonight, she looked as if she was irritated by something and became fierce.

Moreover, she didn’t bother to conceal this fierceness.

On the contrary, she seemed to look forward to what’s going to happen. 

Ye Shijie swallowed his saliva and asked: “If I was really drunk tonight, how were you going to act” He perceived something off in advance, thus more aware of the impending danger.

But Ye Shijie was also curious, if tonight he didn’t sense that something was amiss and fell into the plan, how would Jiang Li react Since those people gave them medicine, it’s obvious what was the effect of those medicines.

If he couldn’t control himself…….

Ye Shijie blushed deeply.

How would Jiang Li solve the situation.   

“Doesn’t matter,” Jiang Li mildly said: “If that truly happens, I will stab you with the knife and leave.

Let others discover after and thought that there’s an assassin in the palace.

Since you’ve been stabbed, naturally you would be sober.

After you’ve realized what happened, you could act in concert with me.

When this came out, ‘a single man and a single woman having a tryst in the palace’ would turn into, ‘the newly appointed official was attacked by an assassin in the tea room’.” 

She spoke flatly, her tone was level with no nonsense.

Ye Shijie didn’t know which expression he should make.

He was so unbearably angry as he said: “You planned to stab me, can you really move your hand”

“It’s no big deal to move the hand.” Jiang Li stood up, “though it’s not good to sustain injury, it’s always better to be alive than dead.”

As she said this, her tone was extremely cold, making Ye Shijie couldn’t help but shiver.

In his heart, he understood, Jiang Li could really move her hand. 

As long as she could protect herself, would not suffer any harm, and not fall into the enemy’s trap, Jiang Li could come out with any methods.

She’s too rational and her heart would not be soft.


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