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Chapter 81 Part 4: Future Prospects

Copper Ice (Ice basin made from copper)

With Jiang Yu’es competitiveness, her temper of unwillingness to bend down and submit to others, it’s very easy to be blinded by the benefits in front of her eyes.

Jiang Li’s words of “being Zhou Yan Bang’s concubine is better than being an ordinary family’s wife”, as long as it was a female with brains and dignity, they wouldn’t approve of this.

But Jiang Yu’e might not necessarily think so. 

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For now, it’s better to just solve this one problem. 

Jiang Li, following the palace maid guiding her, turned a corner once again before finally arriving at a tea room at the very end of the promenade.  The palace maid said: “Jiang second miss please go in and rest first, there’s tea and light refreshment inside.

Slave servant will move some copper ice over to disperse the heat.”  

Jiang Li said: “Go.”

Jiang Li calmly sat down.

After the palace maid walked away, Jiang Li stood up in a flash and walked to the front of the incense burner in the room.

The corner of her mouth was raised and soon snapped the fragrance stick in two. 

Probably due to having experienced this kind of matter once, this time, Jiang Li felt surprisingly and exceptionally calm.

Her hand touched the tiny cutlass inside her sleeve, which was the one Jiang Jing Rui gave her before, when he heard that she wanted to study at Ming Yi Hall.

At this time, the cutlass was hidden inside Jiang Li’s sleeve.

No one in the palace would think that Jiang Yuan Bai’s daughter would bring this type of sharp weapon into the palace.

Otherwise, though Jiang Li had a mouth, she would never be able to explain.  

She also wasn’t in a hurry and once again sat down by the small table.

Using her hand to support her face, seemingly taking a nap, yet her other hand lightly knocked on the tabletop.

The knocking fell on the light from the oil lamp, creating dazzling patterns. 

The palace maid outside would not leave, Jiang Li pondered, at least until Ye Shijie has also gone inside, but it’s unknown to what degree Ye Shijie’s confusion be.

However, supposed that Ye Shijie was truly delirious to a serious degree, Jiang Li didn’t mind drawing blood in order to let him be sober.

Again, she stroked the cutlass in her sleeve.  

It’s unknown how much time had passed, the oil in the lamp in front of her had reduced to almost halfway when the sound of people talking were suddenly heard from outside.

After a while, the door creaked open and a person entered. 

Jiang Li still supported her chin as before as if asleep.

“Young master Ye, rest here first for a while.

Slave servant would get more tea and some refreshments.” A female voice sounded. 

Jiang Li didn’t move and the door was softly closed.

Abruptly, there’s a sound of staggering footsteps. 

Jiang Li’s heart tightened and soon found the smell of wine assailed and lingered on the tip of her nose.

She endured, wondering whether the palace maid outside was still there when she felt someone shoved her. 

At this moment, the memory from her previous life all of a sudden poured into her brain.

Even though the Xue Fang Fei at the time couldn’t remember anything, she remembered that she was drunk.

After she woke up, she received countless people’s loathful and criticizing gazes.

But in her heart, the things that might have taken place repeated again and again in her mind.

The more she thought about it, the more disgusted she felt.

The more she thought about it, the more terrified she became. 

Even if at last it was proven to just be a conspiracy, the she at that time who was weak, powerless and taken advantage of made her unable to forever forgive. 

Jiang Li swiftly took out the cutlass from her sleeve and accurately pressed it against the other person.

Her voice was slightly cool, restrained, with a ruthlessness that she herself couldn’t imagine.

She said: “Ye Shijie.”

All of a sudden, the other party’s breathing became calmer. 

She opened her eyes to see the tip of her blade was pressed against Ye Shijie’s throat.

Ye Shijie’s cheeks were blushing red, the wine stench was overpowering, undoubtedly the appearance of someone drunk.

He was stunned when he looked at her.

Jiang Li frowned slightly.

Ye Shijie wasn’t drunk, he was sober.


Jiang Yu’e was taken by the palace maid and showed the way to another side room to change her clothes. 

Actually, she was somewhat impatient, wanting to go and show Ji Shuran the slip of paper tucked in her sleeve.

Thus, she didn’t even have the patience to even wait for the person to deliver clothes.

When she was feeling fidgety, she couldn’t help taking out the thin slip of paper that Jiang Li dropped to examine it closely.  

Jiang Yu’e thought, on the surface, unexpectedly Jiang Li said that she no longer cared about Zhou Yan Bang, but it was unforeseeable that in the dark, she and Zhou Yan Bang are still longing for one another.

To be honest, Jiang Li was also Jiang Yuan Bai’s daughter.

If this matter came out, “both the palm and the back of the hand are made of flesh”, the Zhou family couldn’t afford to offend both di daughters. In the final result, who would Zhou Yan Bang take as a wife

He should still be marrying Jiang You Yao.

After all, Jiang You Yao is the person who is now betrothed to Zhou Yan Bang. 

Anyway, Zhou Yan Bang would still be becoming in-laws with the person in the main branch.

For some reason, what Jiang Li said just now abruptly floated into Jiang Yu’e’s mind.

“Fifth sister has both the appearance and talent, but in the future, probably could only be matched with an unknown man.

Let alone being on par with heir Zhou, maybe he couldn’t even be compared with an ordinary official son.

That’s right, being an ordinary person’s wife perhaps couldn’t be compared with being heir Zhou’s concubine.”


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