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Chapter 81 Part 3: Future Prospects

Jiang Li spoke to herself: “It’s a pity, fifth sister has both the appearance and talent, but in the future, probably could only be matched with an unknown man.

Let alone being on par with heir Zhou, maybe he couldn’t even be compared with an ordinary official son.

That’s right, being an ordinary person’s wife perhaps couldn’t be compared with being heir Zhou’s concubine.

What a pity,” she hesitated as she was about to continue speaking and shook her head.

With a sigh, “Comparing one person to another, but still inferior, it’s all due to fate.”

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Jiang Yu’e felt even more uncomfortable.

What she hated most in her life was to be compared to others.

But in the Jiang family, she felt as if anyone could come up and trample her.

There’s hatred in her heart and unwilling to concede, Jiang Yu’e said: “My life is like this, of course not as good as third sister.

But second sister is generous.

Originally, heir Zhou was supposed to be tied together with second sister, now he becomes second sister’s brother-in-law.

Second sister could actually be so calm.

No wonder people say staying in the nunnery for some time would make one have a clear mind without any desire.”  

Jiang Yu’e thought Jiang Li’s light as cloud, gentle as wind, carefree appearance was undoubtedly just pretending.

If it was her, it was impossible for her to be so relaxed.

But Jiang Yu’e often happily stabbed Jiang Li with a knife but she always returned without any achievements.

It was as if Jiang Li didn’t know how to be angry. 

Sure enough, this time, Jiang Li listened to Jiang Yu’e’s provocation until the end and merely smiled with indifference.

She said: “So what does it matter whether one is willing or unwilling After all, it’s already like this.

Moreover, in the future I still have a chance.

Though not comparable with heir Zhou, it’s still a chosen one, while fifth sister…….” She glanced at Jiang Yu’e meaningfully and didn’t continue. 

Jiang Yu’e understood the words Jiang Li didn’t say out loud.

The person Jiang Yu’e could pick would forever be incomparable to the one for Jiang Li.

Probably because her heart was full of anger and resentment, Jiang Yu’e was unable to think clearly and felt dizzy.

She momentarily didn’t know what to say.

While speaking, from the corner of her eye, Jiang Li paid attention to the expression of the palace maid that was showing them the way.

Noticing that the palace maid seemed to be listening to the conversation between her and Jiang Yu’e but remained unmoved, Jiang Li became more alert. 

After walking for a while, suddenly they came face to face with another palace maid.

She smiled at Jiang Yu’e and said: “Her Highness Li-pin asked slave servant to bring Jiang fifth miss to pick clothes first in the side room.” Then she turned to Jiang Li and smiled: “Jiang second miss first go to the room in front to sit and have a rest.

After Jiang fifth miss has picked a dress, slave servant would send miss back.” 

Jiang Li sneered inside, Ji Shuran’s people were really impatient to take Jiang Yu’e away.

A play must be acted in its entirety; she smiled faintly, her hands pressing onto the middle of her forehead.

Jiang Li spoke to Jiang Yu’e: “Since that’s the case, then fifth sister go first.

I have a terrible headache and will take a rest first.

I’ll just wait for you in the room.” 

Along the way, Jiang Yu’e had eaten a bellyful of anger from Jiang Li and naturally wouldn’t say anything abnormal.

Furthermore, she could go to pick the clothes prepared for her by Li-pin, which made Jiang Yu’e very excited.

Jiang Yu’e agreed and saw Jiang Li turned around, following the original palace maid to continue moving ahead.  

But in the split second Jiang Li turned around, something suddenly fell out of Jiang Li’s sleeve.  

Jiang Yu’e was close to her and subconsciously bent down to pick it up.

It was a strip of paper.

Jiang Yu’e was about to call out to Jiang Li when for a moment, the light emitted from the lanterns hanging at the side of the promenade fell on the slip of paper and she could clearly read the handwritten message on it. 

Jiang Yu’e’s voice was immediately swallowed back into the throat. 

She gripped the slip of paper and straightened up, then watched Jiang Li’s figure from the back as she walked farther and farther away, her heart beat very fast. 

On the note, it’s written that Zhou Yan Bang had unexpectedly wanted to meet Jiang Li in private.

Looking at it, it should happen tonight.

Jiang Yu’e’s first reaction was to give this slip of paper to Ji Shuran and let Jiang Li’s scandal be exposed in front of all the people.

With this thought, her dizziness seemed to subside a lot. 

Jiang Yu’e tucked the slip of paper in her sleeve.

Jiang Li and the palace maid’s figures had already turned the corner of the promenade, no longer visible.

Only then did Jiang Yu’e turn around, looked at the palace maid that was going to bring her to pick clothes and was looking at her, smiled and said: “My second sister was careless, she didn’t even know that she had dropped her stuff.

Could only wait while I think of a way to return this to her.

Let’s go.” 

Jiang Yu’e also followed the palace maid who had shown up halfway and turned around to head in another direction.

On the other side, Jiang Li, who was following the palace maid towards the tea room, calmly lifted the corners of her lips. 

When she dropped that slip of paper but there’s no sound at all from behind her, she immediately knew that Jiang Yu’e had taken the bait. 

In that kind of situation, when Jiang Li discarded the piece of paper, it’s impossible for Jiang Yu’e not to have seen it.

But Jiang Yu’e didn’t call her, naturally it’s because she had seen the handwriting on it.  

What Jiang Yu’e was going to do was nothing else but to look for Ji Shuran to take credit for herself.

But taking this slip of paper and showing it to Ji Shuran would not indicate anything.

That’s because in the end, Jiang Li didn’t go to keep the appointment.

However, if Jiang Yu’e had taken what Jiang Li had been talking about along the road to heart, the outcome, her choice, would be different.


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