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Chapter 80 Part 5: Tricks

Jiang Li’s heart suddenly beat quicker.

Incidentally, she caught sight of Shen Ruyun and mother Shen chatting not far from her.

She was alarmed and within a split second, several scenes flitted through her mind.

Suddenly, she knew where she had seen Ji Shuran’s meaningful gaze and why her gaze made her feel very familiar.

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Ji Shuran’s expression, that sort of exerting effort to restrain anticipation but still feigned nonchalance, like the gaze of a poisonous snake laying in wait, was just like the time at mother Shen’s birthday feast.

Mother Shen’s gaze, and also the smile when Xiao Deyin urged her to drink!

Jiang Li’s complexion nearly changed in an instant.

Although the suspicion couldn’t be described, Jiang Li could almost be sure that Ji Shuran, this mother and daughter’s plan, was the same as those people’s plan at mother Shen’s birthday feast.  That was to make her lose her reputation! 

From being the daughter of a small official to being the noble daughter of a chief assistant and reborn, she was unexpectedly faced with the same scenario. 

Jiang Li couldn’t tell if she felt more angry or ridiculous.

In the end, she only wanted to sneer. 

It was due to this matter that her previous life was tragic.

Now the person had been changed, yet the same trick was repeated.

Since it was so, she would deviate from the wishes of these people. 

Jiang Li looked at Jiang You Yao and smilingly said: “Third younger sister also does not drink this wine.”

“You Yao cannot stand anything made with apricot blossoms,” Ji Shuran said: “As long as she touches them, her whole body will have rashes.

Don’t be deceived by the fact that she doesn’t touch them, perhaps she’s craving it very much in her heart.”

Jiang You Yao pursed her lips and didn’t speak.

However, Jiang Li was well aware that Ji Shuran was being safe.

She’s probably afraid that an unforeseen event might occur midway, let Jiang You Yao mistakenly drink the wine and cause a disturbance.

So she made up this excuse. 

But, could Ji Shuran maybe think that everything is fine as long as Jiang You Yao doesn’t drink and everything will follow her wishes

Then she was gravely mistaken. 

Jiang Li smiled slightly and said indifferently: “Is that so It’s the first time I heard that third younger sister couldn’t touch apricot blossoms.

As it is, many thanks mother.” She picked up the wine cup and brought it over, using her sleeve to cover her mouth as she sipped.

Then she put the cup back. 

More than half still remained. 

Ji Shuran saw but didn’t urge Jiang Li to drink the remaining wine in the cup.

She then clipped dishes for Jiang Li, totally like a caring mother, not a single fault could be picked up. 

Jiang Li’s heart was cold.

She lifted her sight towards the male seating area and immediately saw Ye Shijie in the middle of being urged to drink by others.

After all, Ye Shijie had just been appointed as an official today and many people toasted him.

So Ye Shijie also had to drink a bit.

Normally, this was understandable; but Jiang Li noticed that the palace eunuch pouring the wine was somewhat too overly eager.   

There were many noble sons, but against reason, that palace eunuch stood by Ye Shijie alone.

Li Lian, Li Jiang were clearly at one side; Zhou Yan Bang was also on another side; Shen Yurong was also on the other side.

The palace eunuch had to more or less cater to the surrounding people, yet he attentively stared at Ye Shijie alone.  

Actually, in the many years of palace banquets, nobody took notice of the mannerism of a palace eunuch as they happily drank in large groups.

On the contrary, Jiang Li immediately paid attention because when she was young, she followed Xue Huaiyuan to handle official business and he taught her some things occasionally.

The more complicated the situation was, one had to be more mindful of the particulars.  

This insignificant detail was observed by Jiang Li at this moment and everything became clear to her at last. 

As it turned out, the “male adulterer” that Ji Shuran mother daughter had arranged for her was Ye Shijie. 

From emotion to reason, it all seemed very fitting.

She and Ye Shijie had a cousin relationship, so they had things to do with each other.

She once helped Ye Shijie out of trouble on the street, which signified that their relationship could be considered as personal relationship.

Naturally, a young male and female showing interest in one another could not be considered as something major.

But if a scandal was exposed to the people during the palace feast, then it would become a huge fault.  

As a female, her reputation would be totally destroyed and all of her effort during Ming Yi Hall’s examination would be completely wasted.

As well as Ye Shijie who had just been conferred a post as an official but did something so disgusting, it’s indeterminate how the furious Hong Xiao Emperor would punish him but at the very least, Ye Shijie’s official career would end right then and there. 

The hatred between the Ye family and her would become deeper.

Being married would be with grudges, not being married would also bear grudges.

In short, in this lifetime, Ye Shijie and she could be considered as ruined. 

It was a very thorough calculation!

Jiang Li’s eyes were stricken, and she promptly lowered her head.

When she lifted her head again, her smile was pure and simple as it was before. 

Jiang You Yao turned around and saw the wine cup in front of Jiang Li.

It was unknown since when, but the cup was already empty.

She stared blankly and subconsciously asked: “When did you finish it”

“Oh,” Jiang Li replied: “it’s sweet and very tasty, I’ve finished it.

But one shouldn’t drink excessively, it’s enough to drink just one cup.” She smiled. 

Ji Shuran let go of her heart. 

Jiang Yu’e on the other side put down the wine cup in front of her.


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