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Chapter 80 Part 2: Trick

Shang chariot 

Jiang Li had to sit together with the Jiang family’s womenfolk and soon separated from Liu Xu.

When she took her seat, it was between Jiang You Yao and Jiang Yu’e.

The smile Jiang You Yao squeezed out for her was full of malice, Jiang Li simply couldn’t bear to see. 

If you don’t want to smile then don’t smile.

There’s no need to wrong herself under everyone’s sight 

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Hong Xiao Emperor had not yet sat down.

The Empress was standing beside him and Li pin was standing slightly behind.

In the end, it could also be considered standing by Hong Xiao Emperor’s side.

Jiang Li’s eyes flashed, the affection Hong Xiao Emperor had towards Li pin was more than what she had thought. 

Hong Xiao Emperor said: “I heard this year’s school’s red notice has come out.

The occupants of the first position of the Imperial College and from Ming Yi Hall are both here in the palace hall.

Where are they Come out and let me see what kind of good youngster and good lady you are.”

Jiang Li and Ye Shijie got up at the same time. 

Jiang You Yao’s hands that were under the table tightly wrung the handkerchief.

Jiang Yu’e stared blankly at Jiang Li as she stood up, almost unable to cover the envy in her heart. 

Ye Shijie got up and walked towards the middle of the palace hall.

Jiang Li also followed forward closely.

Perhaps because it’s the first time he faced the holy, Ye Shijie exerted a lot of effort to maintain his calm, yet a trace of nervousness still leaked out, his pace was visibly stiff as he walked.

However, nobody here would comment on his nervousness.

A person who could pass the Imperial College’s examination and get first place was, in any case, worthy of respect.  

What people didn’t expect was Jiang Li, with Ye Shijie’s contrast, her bearing appeared even more quiet and calm.

As if she wasn’t confronting the honor of the ninety five, rather as if she was just facing an ordinary family.

Hong Xiao Emperor’s gaze showed some interest.

The Shang chariot’s captain, Kong Liu, also came in attendance today.

He was wearing familiar armor and immediately sat beside Ji Heng.

He spoke in a low voice: “The little girl is not timid, quite impressive.”

Ji heng shot him a glance and mildly smiled: “No kidding.”

Jiang Li and Ye Shijie performed their courtesy and Hong Xiao Emperor ordered the two of them to get up.

He first looked at Ye Shijie and asked: “Are you Ye Shijie” 

“Return to Your Majesty, it’s precisely the common person.” Ye Shijie said deferentially.  

“Heard you came from a merchant family background, actually able to have such learning and came first in the Imperial College’s examination.

Not bad.” Hong Xiao Emperor smiled: “I very much value your ambition to improve yourself and must properly bestow a reward.

Recently, there’s been an empty post in the Ministry of Revenue, I’ll let you serve as the foreign official in the Ministry of Revenue.

Take office immediately after the palace feast!”

Hearing the emperor, Ye Shijie was both surprised and delighted.

He hurriedly kowtowed to thank the emperor: “This servant received the purpose, thank Your Majesty for the grace!”  

Jiang Li was also very surprised, she absolutely didn’t expect Hong Xiao Emperor to actually go as far as directly sealed Ye Shijie as the foreign official of the Ministry of Revenue.

To speak of, this position didn’t seem remarkable, nevertheless in Yanjing city, many people also broke their heads wishing to enter.

First, this was a government official of the capital.

There were many youngsters graduating from the Imperial College and for the first year, they had to be placed outside.

Yet Ye Shijie was able to stay in Yanjing.

Second, this official post was five ranked.

The Jiang family’s third branch, Jiang Yuan Xing had mingled in his official career for many years, relying on the Jiang family’s reputation.

Even so, he was only a seven ranked official in charge of the ancient books. 

Ye Shijie had just entered his official career and soon walked ahead of many people!

The cup Li Lian was clenching slightly trembled.

From the beginning, he could already see that Ye Shijie’s official career would go far.

He was thinking of roping him in and everything had originally gone smoothly.

However, somewhere in the middle, he didn’t know why, Ye Shijie suddenly alienated him.

Now, Ye Shijie had really turned out as what he had expected, right away having good results once he entered officialdom.

But his relationship with Ye Shijie had become further away, not like what he first thought, which was difficult to handle.  

On the male seats, the corner of Jiang Yuan Xing’s mouth showed bitterness.

A youngster who had just entered officialdom had a higher position than him.

When they returned to the residence, Yang shi would presumably quarrel with him.  

Jiang Yuan Ping and Jiang Yuan Bai looked at each other.

Each of them understood the meaning in the other’s eyes.

So to speak, Ye Shijie could be regarded as a relative of the main branch.

As officials, they liked to appoint people they favored to sit in particular positions.

If Ye Shijie was a material that could be made, with many promotions later, perhaps he would reciprocate in the future.  

Ji Shuran frowned slightly.

Ye Shijie could become a foreign official of the Ministry of Revenue in one step was something that she didn’t expect.

She naturally couldn’t let the Ye family to do well, it’s best if the Ye family was declining.

In this way, no one would recall Ye Zhen Zhen and she could be the only madam of the chief assistant.

However, thinking of the matter that would happen tonight, Ji Shuran’s frown unfurled.

Regardless how Ye Shijie was, how Jiang Li was, after tonight, this lucrative post of the foreign official of the Ministry of Revenue, Ye Shijie would not have the good fortune to enjoy.

The two people with bad reputations might not be able to live past this summer.

Why should she care about the present discomfort  

After Ye Shijie finished thanking the emperor, Hong Xiao Emperor smiled and looked towards Jiang Li: “I have, since earlier, been aware that there’s another di daughter in the taifu’s residence, but never seen all along.

You are the Jiang second miss”  

Jiang Li lifted her head and smiled: “This female servant has seen Your Majesty.”

Compared with Ye Shijie’s tenseness, she was indeed much more tranquil and unhurried, also much at ease.

There wasn’t even the slightest excitement upon meeting the Heavenly face. 

The originally somewhat nervous Jiang Yuan Bai, who was afraid Jiang Li would make a mistake, relaxed his breath upon seeing this scene. 

Jiang Yuan Ping said: “Elder brother, Li girl’s temper was surprisingly steady.”

Jiang Yuan Bai was also baffled.


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