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Chapter 80 Part 1: Trick

Ji Heng came very late. 

Even so, Hong Xiao Emperor wasn’t the least bit displeased, seemingly accustomed to it.

Not only him, even Cheng Wang didn’t dare to comment.

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Jiang Li took everything in.

Though it was said that many people were afraid of Duke Su because of his sinister and fierce, moody nature, Jiang Li felt that in the imperial court, Duke Su daring to do as he pleased must be relying on something else.

So many people were insolent and went on a rampage, but as long as they provoked someone of a higher status, naturally the other party would give them a bitter lesson and made the insolent people firmly eat sufferings. 

Yet, it seemed that the person who could give Duke Su a bitter lesson had not yet appeared.

No matter how arrogant and despotic Liu taifei’s group of people were, they wouldn’t speak disrespectfully towards Duke Su.

Including Princess Yongning, whenever she met Duke Su, she didn’t speak much.

People on earth, those in a lower position fear those in a high position.

Those in a high position fear those in an even higher position.

Although Hong Xiao Emperor was the precious son of heaven, probably his life wasn’t as carefree as Duke Su.

Jiang Li thought, to be able to do what Duke Su accomplished could be considered satisfying.

At least no one dared to take unfair advantage and no one dared to insult. 

Thinking like this, she felt her thought was really ridiculous and shook her head, dispelling these indescribable thoughts. 

After Ji Heng paid obeisance to Hong Xiao Emperor, he looked for his position and sat down.

In the palace feast, his position was actually not far from Cheng Wang’s position, practically on equal footing.  

Jiang Li noted that a large part of the many young ladies in the hall that were casting their eyes either on Cheng Wang or Shen Yurong turned their sights towards Ji Heng. 

After all, based on appearance, all of the males in the hall were incomparable to Ji Heng.

Handsome faces such as Shen Yurong and Ye Shijie seemed to be covered in dust in the face of Ji Heng.  

Such a person naturally was like the moon surrounded by stars, superior to everybody.  

But the current Jiang Li couldn’t be happy as far as appearance is concerned.

Originally, Xue Fang Fei was Yanjing’s number one beauty.

Ultimately, it couldn’t resist high position and great wealth.

Having visible good looks in the bright light was also not good. 

“Duke Su is very much valued by His Majesty.” Liu Xu told Jiang Li in a low voice.

“His Majesty doesn’t have a trusted aid,” Jiang Li smiled: “could only rely on Duke Su to settle the court.” Hong Xiao Emperor’s position was unstable, with Cheng Wang’s faction eyeing like a prey.

Previously, Cheng Wang still exercised restraint, but nowadays, the Right Minister and Cheng Wang supported each other.

Cheng Wang’s faction became increasingly more stable.

On the other hand, Jiang Li’s father, Jiang Yuan Bai, had extensive influence as the chief assistant in court.

Perhaps the Jiang family didn’t have the mind to rebel, but in the eyes of a monarch whose power was weak, the Jiang family’s strength was a threat.  

On one side was the first assistant’s faction, on the other side was Cheng Wang’s faction, on top of that there’s Hong Xiao Emperor alone.

The current Norther Yan was like the three legs of a tripod.

Jiang Yuan Bai’s influence was widespread; if Jiang Yuan Bai wasn’t around, perhaps many affairs in the court couldn’t be operated.

On the one hand, Hong Xiao Emperor wanted to count on Jiang Yuan Bai to keep the stability of the court.

But on the other hand, he must be on guard against Cheng Wang’s cold arrow on his back.

Among the three powers, Hong Xiao Emperor was instead, the weakest faction.

Jiang Li felt it was tough for Hong Xiao Emperor.  

Also, for the most part, the cabinet ministers of the court were divided into two factions.

One faction supported Jiang Yuan Bai, which was the conservative faction.

While the other faction supported Cheng Wang, which was the faction with wolf ambitions.

The people Hong Xiao Emperor could use were not many at all.

Even though Hong Xiao Emperor had established some of his own trusted aides in the seven years since he ascended the throne, seven years were far from enough time to grow and sufficient to compete with the other two factions.

Under these circumstances, Duke Su, Ji Heng, was an exceptionally good choice.   

First, there was the force from Ji Heng’s father, General Jin Wu, Ji Ming Han, whose former subordinate had troops and horses under his command and whose power was not weak.

Second, Ji Heng’s paternal grandfather, the old general, who grew up on horseback and firmly believed in being loyal and dedicated himself to the monarch, there’s no need to doubt his character.

Hong Xiao Emperor could employ him with ease.

Third, Ji Heng, this person, was moody, vicious and merciless.

This kind of person was very hard to bribe.

Moreover, his whereabouts were usually a mystery.

He did not intersect with the Jiang family’s faction, nor was he involved in Cheng Wang’s faction, clean and neat, clear and innocent.  

Thus, Hong Xiao Emperor would naturally regard Ji Heng as an important confidant.

However, was Ji Heng willing to be Hong Xiao Emperor’s confidant Jiang Li couldn’t help glancing at the red clad youth.

She always felt that Ji Heng didn’t have the moody temperament as everyone said.

The reason why he was hard to figure out was not because he had no traces, but because he hid too deeply.

Jiang Li vaguely found something a bit strange, but she couldn’t clearly tell where it was strange.

In short, in the relationship between Hong Xiao Emperor, Cheng Wang and Ji Heng, Jiang Li sensed something different, not as simple as what was seen from outside. 

Before she could figure it out, Liu Xu had already pulled the corner of Jiang Li’s jacket lightly and said: “The palace feast is about to begin.”

The palace feast was about to begin and everyone had to sit in their respective places.


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