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Marriage of the Di Daughter

Chapter 79 Part 4: Swagger

If Jiang second miss had a powerful outer grandparents’ family, it would be great in regards to her future. 

Ye Shijie was flushed with success.

Following behind him was the runner up in this year’s Imperial College’s examination.

That was the one who ought to be the first but was replaced by Ye Shijie to be number one, the Right Minister’s eldest young master, Li Jing.

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Li Jing was born with an average appearance.

Compared to his younger brother, Li Lian, he really wasn’t popular among the ladies.

But the heavens were fair, Li Jing wasn’t handsome enough but his talent was not shallow.

Li Lian was handsome and charming, but the fact was, he was someone without learning or skills, a hedonistic son of rich parents, ignorant and incompetent. 

The two brothers, Li Jing and Li Lian, came in together with the Right Minister, Li Zhong Nan.

Many bold young ladies followed and sized up both brothers. 

After all, nowadays, the Right Minister’s power was getting bigger and bigger, almost on par with the Jiang family’s.

If previously the Jiang family was the head of the court official, now this Jiang family’s position of the head of the court official was also in danger because of the strengthening of the Right Minister’s power.

Li Jing and Li Lian, these two brothers, were naturally in high demand. 

Jiang Li’s eyes only stayed on the two brothers for a very short time before she moved her sight away.

She didn’t have the intention to have any dealings with the Li family at all.

What she must remind Ye Shijie had been expressed to him.

Also, it seemed that Ye Shijie did very well and did not have any interaction with Li Jiang and Li Lian.

Clearly he had listened to her reminder. 

No matter what the Li family was planning, Ye Shijie didn’t care.

In any case, it’s important for him to be safe. 

In the Imperial College’s red notice, the first was Ye Shijie, the second was Li Jing, and the third was naturally Ningyuan Marquis’s heir, Zhou Yan Bang. 

Very soon Jiang Li saw Zhou Yang Bang. 

It wasn’t because she wanted to take note of Zhou Yan Bang, rather, Zhou Yan Bang’s sight on her was really undisguised and too ardent.

If there were less people, afraid that everyone would find the clues.

Jiang Li was a bit annoyed, Zhou Yan Bang being this way was really making people feel disgusted, extremely difficult to bear.  

Others did not pay attention to Zhou Yan Bang.

Although Zhou Yan Bang was a handsome and talented young man, he was already betrothed.

However, Ningyuan Marchioness and Ji Shuran mother and daughter pair, kept their gazes on Zhou Yan Bang’s each and every move from the moment he came in. 

Seeing Zhou Yan Bang immediately searched for Jiang Li’s figure the moment he came in, the few people felt anxious. 

Ningyuan Marchioness’s mind buzzed and she immediately felt unwell.

Like this, Zhou Yan Bang wasn’t afraid of being seen by people, his display was too obvious and would inevitably provoke Jiang You Yao and block her heart, making Ji Shuran unhappy.  

Ji Shuran mother and daughter pair felt extreme hate.

On one hand, they hated Zhou Yan Bang’s weak temperament, easy to be pulled by others.

On the other hand, they hated Jiang Li, the originator, even more.

If Jiang Li didn’t seduce him, how would Zhou Yan Bang be this obsessed!

Jiang Li got up decisively and changed her position, concealing where she was from Zhou Yan Bang’s sight.

She truly didn’t want to have any unclear interaction with Zhou Yan Bang.

Her reputation had just gotten better after Ming Yi Hall’s examination, she absolutely didn’t wish for her reputation to go up in smoke because of Zhou Yan Bang.  

Zhou Yan Bang couldn’t find Jiang Li’s silhouette and was a bit disappointed.

He recovered in a twinkling of an eye and resumed his elegant, noble son style, chatting and smiling with others. 

Jiang Li passed through the layers of people and eventually saw Shen Yurong. 

Today Shen Yurong was wearing an official uniform, Jiang Li had never seen this kind of Shen Yurong.

When they were still husband and wife, Shen Yurong was a warm, gentle and tolerant person.

After mother Shen’s birthday feast, the number of times she saw Shen Yurong was only a few.

She was feeling ashamed at that time and Shen Yurong was simply keeping quiet. 

But the current Shen Yurong was totally different from that time. 

He was wearing a third ranked official government uniform.

From previously being a commoner, he became famous in one stroke.

The official gown worn on his body seemed to add unlimited brilliance to him.

He appeared to be as gentle and cultivated as before, but in his eyes, there’s maturity and sophistication. 

Jiang Li saw him conversing with his colleagues who were fawning on him while he remained aloof.

In a split second, Jiang Li felt that this Shen Yurong resembled Princess Yongning a lot.

The same thoughts that they were above others, the same in not taking others in their eyes. 

Jiang Li moved her sight to look the other way towards Princess Yongning. 

Princess Yongning didn’t mask her admiring gaze at Shen Yurong, practically following Shen Yurong’s movement.

However, when seen like this, it was like falling flowers and flowing water was not as affectionate as imagined.

Shen Yurong didn’t even glance even once at Princess Yongning.

Jiang Li laughed grimly in her heart.

Naturally, under the staring eyes of the crowd, of course he would cover up.

Princess Yongning had her princess identity, but Shen Yurong was a cautious person.

He wouldn’t let anyone grab his handle.

He was used to doing things cautiously, just like that time when he fooled her. 

But, Xue Fang Fei had passed away.

Princess Yongning used every possible means to make her, the original mate, to vacate her position.

Why, up until now she remained unable to enter the Shen family A trace of elation flashed in Jiang Li’s mind.

However, it disappeared in a flash.

Truthfully, the current Jiang Li really wanted to see how  Princess Yongning was after she married into the Shen family.

It’s unknown whether they would be happy and delighted as they had expected or the two people would have complaints.


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