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Unexpectedly, Ji Shuran took the initiative to look for her. 

Ji Shuran seemed to completely understand her thoughts and only said that she hated to part with this marriage arrangement.

Even more reluctant with such in-laws like Ningyuan Marquis’s family.

After thinking about it, though Jiang Li would not do, the Jiang family did not just have Jiang Li, this daughter, right

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Ningyuan Marchioness was overjoyed at the turn of events.

In her opinion, there wasn’t any other family better than the Jiang family to become in-laws in Yanjing.

Moreover, compared to Jiang Li, Jiang You Yao was not bad.

First, she was also Jiang Yuan Bai’s biological daughter.

Second, Jiang You Yao was satisfactory in regards to her appearance, talent or temperament.

Zhou Yan Bang also saw her later on and had no objection to the marriage.

Ningyuan Marchioness thought that this marriage was already settled.

Who knew that not long after Jiang Li returned to Yanjing, Zhou Yan Bang would suddenly put forward such an absurd thing.

Ningyuan Marchioness was shocked.

The matter of Zhou Yan Bang wanting to break the marriage agreement was somehow known to Ji Shuran.

Afraid of Ji Shuran’s blame, Ningyuan Marchionesshad no choice but to come for a visit and apologized.

Also let Ji Chen-shi come over to help her speak.

Using emotion at first to then tell with reasons, Zhou Yan Bang no longer mentioned this shameful request.

Ningyuan Marchioness was aware of her son’s character and knew that Zhou Yan Bang never stopped thinking about this.

Angry and annoyed, Ningyuan Marchioness was afraid that Zhou Yan Bang would attract disaster.

In the palace feast today, she planned to see the appearance of the initial betrothed Jiang Li.

Ningyuan Marchioness didn’t go to either of the two examinations, thus she didn’t know Jiang Li’s limelight.

Even though she’d heard many praises from the people around her about Jiang Li’s examinations, Ningyuan Marchioness snorted disdainfully.

Now she finally saw what the girl who had made her son head over heels in love looked like. 

To be honest, Jiang Li’s eyes and brows were like Jiang Yuan Bai, clear and delicate.

However, her outline was like Ye Zhen Zhen, courageous, honest and innocent.

But her expression and her smile, both neither resemble Jiang Yuan Bai’s unrestrained and rigorousness nor Ye Zhen Zhen’s simplicity and liveliness. 

That gentleness made people defenseless, yet also made people feel she knew everything. 

Ningyuan Marchioness’s heart felt heavy.

With this appearance, it could be totally expected that it could steal Zhou Yan Bang’s heart.

But she couldn’t let this matter happen.

Supposed that Zhou Yan Bang didn’t give up, sooner or later Jiang Li would become an obstruction in Zhou Yan Bang and Jiang You Yao’s two people’s world.

Animosity must not be forged in a marriage.

It’s better not to have this marriage rather than truly forging hatred with the Jiang family.  

Ningyuan Marchioness only felt a headache. 

Nobody knew Ningyuan Marchioness’s thoughts and was preoccupied looking at the Jiang family’s girls.

Jiang You Yao was beautiful and charming, Jiang Li was pure and spiritual, then Jiang Yu’e , on the contrary, looked too tacky, Jiang Yu’e looked mediocre, absolutely didn’t arouse anyone’s attention.

As a result, the two daughters in the Jiang family’s main branch each had her own merit.

At least based on appearance, they were all equally excellent.

This was a fact that entered deeply into the people’s hearts.

Once the Jiang family’s female members showed up, due to their identities, many people came over to actively greet them.

Ji Shuran naturally wanted to sit together with Ji Chen-shi.

Lu-shi also stayed with the madams she was familiar with.

Since Yang-shi had no good friends, and no one came over to praise her, she could only sit by old madam Jiang’s side together with Jiang Yu’e and Jiang Yu Yan, looking somewhat desolate.  

Without consulting anyone, Jiang Li straightaway went to look for Liu Xu. 

She only had this close friend, and Liu Xu had long since been extremely gloomy being alone from earlier.

She couldn’t contain her joy seeing Jiang Li come over.

Waiting until Jiang Li finished greeting Madam Liu, she then pulled Jiang Li to her side and said: “I heard Zhou Yan Bang and Jiang You Yao’s marriage has been set” 

Jiang Li was astounded for a moment, didn’t expect the news to spread this fast.

She smiled and nodded.

“It’s okay.” Liu Xu held back for half a day and no longer held back her words of comfort.

She finally clapped her hands: “There are many males better than Zhou Yan Bang in the capital.

In the future, the person you’ll find will certainly be 10,000 times better than Zhou Yan Bang.

If you had truly married Zhou Yan bang, you’d be at a loss.” 

Jiang Li almost broke into laughter.

She sensitively perceived a gaze sizing her up and down from another place.

She raised her eyes to see and was stunned as the person who was staring at herself was no other than the previous sister-in-law, Shen Ruyun.

Shen Ruyun’s gaze was as mean as ever, carrying pickiness, making Jiang Li a bit distracted.

Similar to the first time she followed Shen Yurong to the Shen family in the capital.

The Shen Ruyun at that time was sitting in the room, and also used the same gaze, as if seeing goods, to size her up and down.

Jiang Li still didn’t understand at that time, but today Jiang Li understood.

That gaze was pondering what kind of advantage could be taken from her, and how much benefit could the Shen family get.   

Actually, Shen Ruyun and Xue Fang Fei weren’t in the same situation.

Jiang Li remembered, when Shen Yurong had not yet taken office as the top scorer, Shen Ruyun, despite her reluctance, she still kept up appearances on the surface.

Also affectionately called her “elder sister-in-law”. 

But ever since Shen Yurong became the top scorer, Shen Ruyun no longer put her in her eyes.


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