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The madams and young ladies inside the palace hall weren’t unfamiliar with the female members of the Jiang family.

The Jiang family was considered an outstanding official family in Yanjing.

Whichever madam was going to entertain guests in their residence, no one would forget to invite the Jiang family’s madam.

Aside from Yang-shi, Ji Shuran and Lu-shi often gathered together with these madams.

The second branch had no daughter, and in the main branch, there had only been Jiang You Yao in the eight years since Jiang Li left.

Many had forgotten that there was still a Jiang Li.

They had seen Jiang You Yao here many times, but the number of times they had seen Jiang Li was very few. 

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The deepest impression they had was of Jiang Li’s two successive examinations, one being music, and the other being equestrian riding. 

Without any noise, but soon amazed the world with a single brilliant feat.

That was outsiders’ impression of Jiang Li.

However, those who didn’t personally watch the examinations declined to comment, thinking that it was nothing more than rumors.

Jiang Li didn’t seem to be as good as said.

Thus, the palace feast became an opportunity to confirm these hearsays. 

Everyone stared at the people behind Ji Shuran. 

Behind the old madam, there were Ji Shuran and Lu-shi, then Yang-shi, followed by the girls.

The girl walking at the very front was Jiang You Yao.  

Jiang You Yao had a smile on her face, totally sweet and refined.

At a glance, her dress and bearing reflected her good life, a young lady who had never eaten human’s suffering.

Apart from this, Ji Shuran also put effort into making Jiang You Yao appear upright and steady.

It should be known that when a male looked at a female, he looked for beauty and intelligence, which were on the female’s own body.

But the household of a great family chose their daughter-in-law, apart from these qualities, also depended on the daughter-in-law’s temperament and ability.

Whether they could manage the peace in the backyard.   

In particular, Zhou Yan Bang’s attempt to break the marriage arrangement a few days ago had made Ji Shuran very angry.

If it were not because Ningyuan Marchioness personally visited to apologize soon after, plus Jiang You Yao truly adored Zhou Yan Bang, Ji Shuran certainly wouldn’t have let the Zhou family have such an easy time. 

The more outstanding Jiang You Yao was, the more it proved that in this marriage, Jiang You Yao deserved Zhou Yan Bang and was in no way trying to climb up, rather, she was more than enough. 

Jiang You Yao was like a blooming flower bud, wavering gently and gracefully as she entered.

Her looks were magnificent and somewhat enhanced the beauty of Yu Ming palace hall.

Some young ladies whose looks were mediocre looked at Jiang You Yao and couldn’t help feeling inferior. 

Growing in an enviable official family, having an incomparable appearance, doted by the family, innocent and unaffected, her marriage was just as she wished, her future husband was gentle and handsome, families were well-matched, wasn’t this the envy of everybody Even though most of the young ladies present came from wealthy families, every family had their own problems.

Wealthy families’ daughters’ lives were not as well off as seen on the surface, the hardship was in their hearts. 

Jiang You Yao saw everyone’s envious gazes and was proud of herself, her steps became much more lively. 

Walking behind Jiang You Yao was Jiang Li. 

Actually, in regard to rankings, Jiang Li ought to walk in front of Jiang You Yao.

But no one told Jiang Li and Jiang You Yao used her own initiative to walk in front.

Jiang Li also didn’t mind these.

As she saw it, whoever went first or after was not important. 

Everyone stared wide as behind the flower-like Jiang You Yao, a girl like water walked out. 

Compared with Jiang You Yao’s splendid attire, she appeared extremely simple, too simple.

But in the midst of her simplicity, her clear features resembled prominent colors in landscape paintings, giving people an infinite charm.  

Jiang second miss’s steps were gentle, calm and unhurried.

Compared with Jiang You Yao’s briskness, she appeared even more gentle and steady.

If Jiang You Yao was Yanjing’s brightly colored official young lady, this girl was like the mountain’s delicate, spirited and intelligent little fairy.

The former was likened to splendid beauty while the latter was an indifferent immortal. 

Some people with good eyes saw there wasn’t any jade bracelet or jewelry on Jiang Li’s slim wrist, rather a string of black Buddhist prayer beads was hung.

The gentle and sleek prayer beads lined her skin, making her wrist appear bright as jade.  

Some people recalled that Jiang Li had stayed in the nunnery in the mountain for eight years.

Though that nunnery was now known as a place concealing wicked deeds, it seemed that it didn’t affect Jiang Li.

Among the pollution, she still had a Buddhist nature and clarity. 

She was very “spiritual”.

The corner of the girl’s lips were also raised into a smile.

Different from Jiang You Yao’s smile, Jiang Li’s smile seemed to come from the bottom of her heart, very gentle and comfortable.

It was as if she had no worries and made those who saw her feel their heart and mind soothed. 

Ningyuan Marchioness, who was chatting with Ji Chen-shi, raised her eyebrows.

Ever since Zhou Yan Bang mentioned rescinding the marriage agreement with Jiang You Yao, Ningyuan Marchioness was sore in her heart.

Although she was good friends with Ye Zhen Zhen at that time, Ye Zhen Zhen had passed away for so many years.

As the daughter left behind by Ye Zhen Zhen, naturally she wasn’t as doted on as Ji Shuran’s biological daughter.

In addition, afterwards, Jiang Li harmed Ji Shuran and caused her to miscarry.

With a bad reputation, Ningyuan Marchioness also stopped thinking of having family ties with the Jiang family.

Even if the Jiang family had a big business, such a vicious and merciless young lady, whose reputation had swept rock bottom, no other family dared to accept.


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